Why Blame ‘Wall Street’ for US Financial Mess?

The great Wall Street protest seems to be centered on money, created by greed of the rich, and directed at the so called Fat Cats of America. What has happened all across the United States is not the fault of Wall Street but of the people of this nation. The Wall Streeters are not the real problems of America. If they bribe others to gain more control they are at fault but those who can be bought are the real malefactors of our society.

We the people have forgotten what brought us into this financial mess. We became hungry and swallowed our values and replaced them with our avaricious hunger. People, whether they are politicians or business men who sell themselves, have no integrity. Those who love money more than humanity are followers of false gods. They have taken the low road and forgot their oath to uphold the Constitution of this nation. Businessmen who sell out to get gain are larcenists. Crazy for money and power doesn’t solve problems, it creates problems for everyone. The old adage if it’s for sale buy it, applies to Washington and those who can be bribed or persuaded to sell their integrity.

Wall Street is not the real fault but the result of a nation gone wacky with want of material goods, lust and status. We desire new homes, fancy cars and showing up our neighbors; a way of life that breeds conceit and contention. We have lost our way and if we don’t change our ways we may never get back on the right path. Why don’t we look at ourselves and quit blaming others for our problems? Oh I forgot, it is this generation that can’t accept blame, so it is always someone other than ourselves who is at fault. It’s the other guy.

I understand those who are protesting in New York are costing the tax payers of NY millions of dollars to keep peace and order, and that’s not including the cost of cleanup. If those who are protesting had to pay for the price for their tantrum maybe they would do it for the right reason, but protesting oneself is difficult. Not all of the people in this nation have lost their integrity but on the scales of justices we are tilted toward moral bankruptcy.

One Nation under God, dedicated to the proposition that all men should sell themselves back into slavery. How? By giving away their inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have, and are giving away our rights to the god of government. Letting that government do all and be everything for everyone.

Our political leaders are blaming the rich and the rich are blaming the poor and the guy in the middle is trying to figure out who is to blame. The government is trying so hard to raise taxes on the rich because they are the reason for the debt problems. Then they tell us it is George Bush’s fault. My goodness when are we ever going to shout; “Stop the nonsense” and let’s get the problems solved.

The republicans are holding debates and boy how the puck moves faster on stage than it does on ice. Can you imagine Perry passing the puck to Romney, who passes it to Cain, and then it goes back to Perry, and before you realize it they practically said the same things. Oh but Perry called Romney a cult member or follower of the cult leaders. Golly, what religion is Perry? Maybe he wants to keep that a secret. He might even drive a bus on Sunday to pick up the poor and needy. That might help his image.

Since when does a religious person have to defend his right under the Constitution that protects the right to worship? Who cares what religion a person embraces? Shouldn’t we be looking for an honest, straight forward person who shows themself to have Presidential qualities? I would never vote for a man who trashes another man’s religion or his religious beliefs. Any person who attacks another one’s religion is not presidential material.

We seem to have more tolerance for creed, race, gender and sexual persuasion, than we do for religion. Maybe Romney scares people because he worships God and allows praying in his home. Maybe it’s time we get back to the basics and put prayer back in the White House and our schools.

Where do we go from here? In my opinion, Washington needs an enema. Flush out the bad and then maybe we can develop regularity toward honest and caring leaders. Life is short and what we do and how we do it matters to our children and those who follow this generation. I’m not promoting any candidate for any office. I desire that we the people use our common sense and elect those who are honest at heart and desire good things to happen.

No one can harm the man who does himself no wrong.