Who Will Survive The Apocalypse?

The Earth has seen many natural disasters in its long history of existence. What we see today or tomorrow seems timid compared to some of earth’s previous cataclysms that ended much life. Great disasters do happen and when they do occur they usually cause mass extinctions. Who survives these terrible happenings when they occur? Well some make it through but they are few who survive.

I know what the Bible says about the creation of earth. How Adam was the first man and everything related to the creation that took six days but our earth seems to be telling another story. The two stories don’t seem to coincide with each other. Does that mean the Bible is wrong and we shouldn’t still find faith in the story of religion? If a person is religious it is hard to ignore the Bible and if a person is practical about life and science it is hard to ignore the facts.

I was watching the History channel the other day and the story of how the earth was made. I sat and watched and most of it made a lot of sense. Now science believes there was a gigantic extraterrestrial object that struck the earth around the time the dinosaurs died out. The idea was very realistic with pictures and words describing what happened.

This was 66 million years ago, give or take a few million years. They say the earth was on fire and filled the atmosphere with smoke and soot miles into the upper atmosphere and covered most of the earth’s surface. Winds of hundreds of miles an hour swept the planet for hours, drying trees like a giant hair dryer. The heat scorched and burned most of the earth living organisms including plants and animals. It even triggered volcanic eruptions and lightening in addition to the fires ignited by the two-thousand degree molten rock vapor that spread rapidly across the earth’s surface.

It is likely we just can’t ignore the earth’s history and what science has and is discovering about the earth’s history. Does this negate our understanding of God’s purpose for our existence on earth? No but we must come to the realization that life has been on the earth before modern man was here. It was not necessarily modern man but there was life and to be a stubborn Christian I believe God created the earth and it has had other purposes before He put us here. Those who take the Bible as literal probably will disagree with me but I just can’t ignore the evidence. Why was the bible written and why do we read it and love what we read?

Evidently someone didn’t want us to know the real story but to understand the ways of God and his nature. He has and does expect man to adjust to changing situations to be adaptable. If the whole story was revealed a few thousand years ago how would people back then adapt to the knowledge we are obtaining today? The Dead Sea scrolls reveal some startling information about religious history. Christianity and Judaism have more in common than they want to accept. Why were the scrolls so secret for so many years and why are so many other Coptic writings just being uncovered that reveal other facts not recognized by most churches? There is information popping up all over this earth and new and exciting information is coming forward. When it is all collected will religion adjust to the new knowledge that is revealed or will they continue to ignore truth and continue the old ways. Remember the earth was thought to be flat once and now we know better. God has done the work and we are just beginning to find out some of his secrets.

He expects us to learn about this earth, our home and what makes it tick and how to live in peace on this planet. We have a duty to God and to one another to find the truth and live accordingly. If we don’t learn we will destroy our home and never know all the answers. If time gives us the chance and we put away our hate, envy, judgments, and learn we are brothers, we can make it work.

God gives us the ideas for new machines and equipment to uncover our earth’s history because he wants us to learn and grow. There is so much we have to learn and we are wasting our precious time and resources on war and stupid contentions that result in war, famine, hunger, and death. God knows what we need and if we change our attitudes and learn to love Him we will make it but if not, the earth will repay us, as it has the others with disasters of gigantic mass extinctions of life including man. God will win and we will lose.

Our time on earth began with Adam and Eve and we must hasten and change our ways.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.