Who Will Replace Farrakhan?

After The Fall of The Nation of Islam

I want to examine the future of the Black Muslim Movement in America by asking the Question “who will replace Louis Farrakhan?”

Minister Farrakhan, now 83, seems to have not planned for the future of the NOI by selecting his replacement in the event of his passing.

But many blacks and whites alike are wondering what will happen to the Nation after he is gone? Without a charismatic leader, most black organizations, particularly religious groups, usually fade away, as the NOI previously did after the death of its former leader Elijah Muhammad.

And looking at the roster of ministers in the NOI, there seems to be no one that will be able to capture the attention of the masses after Farrakhan. So because of this, one has to ask the question “are we witnessing the last days of this controversial group?”

The Next Generation of Black Power

louis farrakhan
louis farrakhan

Luckily, another black power movement is quietly growing on Facebook that could possibly replace the NOI. The Religion of Power is a group modeled after The Nation of Islam but it is surprisingly pro-America.

The group’s founder, Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad, has crafted this new religion in a way that would be acceptable rather than opposed by non – blacks. As Farrakhan teaches that America is a sinful and doomed nation, King Muhammad has high hopes for his homeland that it would become “The New Holy Land.”

The Rise of America’s Prophet Muhammad

As Farrakhan blames white people for the condition of black people, King Muhammad blames black culture for the overall condition of blacks. And many see this new religion as an evolution of The Nation of Islam, or a more practical version. And because Louis Farrakhan has spent years in love with his own celebrity. The Nation of Islam will most likely disband after he is gone because there is no one in the organization to take his place.

So the many that know this rising Prophet – King Muhammad, seem to think that he will take the place of Farrakhan as the voice of Black Muslims in America – although he calls himself a “Mystic.” But unlike the NOI, which has scared away the majority of blacks because of its hate rhetoric. Muhammad’s teachings show that his group has learned from the NOI’s mistakes, and may actually prove to be the only black power movement that has ever been acceptable to white America.

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