What Was the Perilous Perfidy Troubling Shannan Gilbert that Dark Morn?

An uneasiness in the back of my mind. Aerial maps of Oak Beach. Suffolk County police did a superb job in finding Shannan Gilbert’s skeletal remains. Twenty times or more reconstructing Shannan’s final night. Something is still missing? How can we explain her state of mind, the fear and panic that had possessed her, a yet undetermined demon? Had she (in recent memory to May 1, 2010) been in contact with the Long Island Serial Killer?

Would it be possible to make her 23 minute fear-fueled 911 call available to the public? That way we could hear for ourselves what she says and make an assessment regarding her condition, her psychological state of mind. Unless the police would prefer to withhold it, since some vital data may be contained in the 911 transcript. No one calls 911 unless it’s a real emergency, especially a working prostitute.

shannan gilbert xv

Even if Shannan did take some drugs that night, this would not explain the tremendous levels of fear she was experiencing. She knew someone was after her, but who? Was she afraid of her own chauffeur, Michael Pak? Does Mr. Pak know if she took any drugs that night? How about Joseph Brewer? What would explain her sudden paranoia when she runs out of Brewer’s house and goes over to Gustav Colletti’s house?

One doesn’t usually ring the doorbell of a complete stranger, unless you are in a real jam. Shannan was in a real jam. I might put forth the theory that she wanders into the bramble and thicket in order to hide out from this serial predator (the Seaside Sicko), who was stalking her. Furthermore, I suspect Shannan may have had enough information on this Sadist to nail him.

This is why he was after her. He had to silence SG before she called the cops and pinned a string of killings on him. This is also why I don’t believe Shannan died from an accidental drowning in these ugly swamp waters, just off of the Robert Moses Causeway. I do have a piece of forensic science on my side. SG’s tattered jeans and shoes (cell phone and lip gloss also) were found a quarter-mile away from her skeletal remains.

shannan gilbert michael pak
Does Shannan Gilbert’s driver, Michael Pak, know anything more about her list of clients? One of them is The Long Island Serial Killer!

So how and when and why did SG take off her pants and shoes? How were these clothing items disassociated (separated) from her torso (for lack of a better word)? It’s that simple! Would she have taken off these items when stuck in the muck? This seems unlikely. A more persuasive way to explain the unexplained is to say a killer removed them from her, then tossed them in the Wasteland. He then discards Shannan’s body in this immediate vicinity.

This explanation is consistent with his MO on Gilgo Beach. Think about this for a minute. Even if SG was on drugs that murky morning, this does not explain her heightened levels of paranoia, her awareness of an imminent threat. All the drugs will do is to accentuate a feeling that is already present. This creep was after her and she knew it. And it looks like he found her too. She didn’t just jump out of her pants and shoes, somebody took them off for her.

Has Suffolk County tried to explore all the clients she saw during some several previous months to her ultimate demise? Would Michael Pak be privy to her confidential client list? Somewhere in a little black book lies our man. A twisted individual who has managed to out-smart the cops heretofore. Shannan is still the key, just like she has been all along.