What Ever Happened To Lisa Stone?

“It is not about sexuality that is important to most people who care, it is what we do for our community and our family, our friends and just human compassion for others that matter in the world we live in daily.” – Lisa Stone

Whatever happened to Lisa Stone? Lisa stopped answering her cell phone, her emails and posting on Facebook on June 4th, two months ago yesterday. June 4th is a familiar date to me. I found Lisa’s case fascinating, while watching a segment on Jane Velez- Mitchell. I grew up in Dallas and felt as if I knew Lisa, even though I probably never did.

I was up in Dallas on business and after I finished with my work I drove by Lisa Stone’s house, which is located in Northeast Dallas. After some struggle in finding the house, and with some assistance from a Minimart clerk who had a Mapsco, I located the house. I took a few photographs of the house, which looked different to me from what I had seen on JVM’s Issues.

Lisa Stones House
This is the house where Lisa Stone lived her life in Northeast Dallas. Lisa was last heard from on June 4th. I could feel a definite energy emanating from the redbrick house as I stared at it. What transpired inside there in the early days of June?

Intuition tells me the trail is getting colder now. I reviewed all the articles that have been written on Lisa Stone’s case to see what I may have missed the first time around. Also, I joined the Facebook page, Looking for Lisa Stone…help us find her! Lisa has some very close friends who really care about her. Her closest friend, I believe, is Tina Wiley. Other close friends are Joni Shannon and Tammy Markle.

The most significant clue to date, since Lisa went missing, is Joni Shannon actually seeing Lisa’s partner of 15 years disposing of many of Lisa’s precious belongings in a dumpster near her house. Joni found Lisa’s birth certificate, her brother’s death certificate, personal bibles and I believe, a hand-written card to her grandmother. It’s hard to believe that Joni Shannon caught the partner (Sherry Henry) red-handed, tossing out these important documents and mementos of Lisa Stone’s.

Lisa Stone
There will be a vigil for Lisa Stone, outside her home on Friday, August 6th, in the evening. If you’re interested, I would advise you to join the Facebook page, Looking for Lisa Stone…help us find her!

For me, this is like saying she’s not going to need any of these things anymore. It suggests that Sherry Henry knows what happened to Lisa Stone. It also shows contempt for her. Lisa’s birth certificate is a fundamentally personal and valuable document. You dare not touch it. And Sherry Henry must have known how much that Lisa loved her deceased brother, Dennis Stone, who died of Aids in 1997. To throw away his death certificate is forbidden territory.

The issue with the cats is not all that clear. There were 26 cats and they were not being taken care of properly. But this was after Lisa was already gone. Tina Wiley has said that Lisa took good care of the house pets when she would visit her. The deterioration was due to the negligence of the partner, Sherry Henry. A theory of mine is that perhaps the 26 cats were a bone of contention between the partners. And why wouldn’t they be?

That’s a big expense, and if Lisa was having financial problems, the feeding and caring for 26 cats is going to be a problem. The fact that Sherry completely abandoned the cats after Lisa went missing, paints a picture of psychological afterthought. Like here’s what I think about my life with Lisa and our 26 cats! This behavior, to me, shows contempt-more for the life they led than the cats per se.

Tina Wiley has said of Lisa, she was “down on her luck.” This down-note is how we frame our scene in early June, when Lisa Stone was last heard of. We don’t have a great amount of evidence so far, but it’s looking like foul play is involved. Lisa wouldn’t just run off, according to her friends. Just what happened, the how and why, are unknowns for now.

I grew up in Dallas, and felt as if I had known Lisa. I don’t think I ever did though? But I understand what people are like up there. Friends have produced a cool video of Lisa, which has lots of photographs, some dating back to her high school days. I will link it for you here. On Friday, August 6th, there will be another vigil for Lisa outside her house. This case touches you, so get involved. People matter. Lisa was loved by so many.

Missing-Lisa Stone