We Can Blame Globalization

I remember a biology experiment I was a party to conducting years ago. Put 20 rats in an undersized box and they will stop breeding, double the space and they will breed to overcrowding again. Rats and religious slug-heads have a problem understanding this dynamic.

Non-specific labor has never been so oversupplied. Socialism has never been so challenged, primarily by the demographics of globalization. Even with the collapse of real estate worldwide, capital has never had it better. Foreclosure is for the gullible class that agreed to leverage they did not understand. The wealthy are actually benefiting. The capital class is picking up the real estate carrion at bargain prices and at low interest rates.

These are great times for the winners, but “winner-take-all” social Darwinism is bad for the United States long term. It only assures that the equilibrium of the global market will devalue labor further. There will be fewer, richer winners and millions more losers. This is actually the historic norm. Rome was powered by conquest and slavery, Medieval Europe by the feudal system; we are on our way back. Those societies exhausted themselves.

Hate the word, but “redistribution” is good for a society. I am not advocating equal pay for unequal contributions to the society, but the security of certain functions within a society produces optimism, spending and a buoyant economy. The rich can afford to pay more for public education for all, infrastructure and universal health care. They can still have their yachts.

Many would say I’m rich. I’m an MBA, I’m a capitalist and I have concluded it is in my best interest to either help pay for social programs that benefit all or start building guard walls around my house. “Et tu Brute?” or should we just suggest they eat cake?