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Gary Isaacson is a writer/producer/publisher in various media. He founded Isaacson Communications, Inc. in 1976 and the Internet stock footage division www.WorldClips.TV in 1999.He has authored several books and his author page can be found at Amazon

Let’s Get Serious about Syria

Let's take a fresh look at the 'Arab Spring'. Like the revolution in Iran, it has been a disaster for civilization. As a nation, we need to be more discerning about what we support, democracy or modernity.
opinions of workers. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We Can Blame Globalization

Non-specific labor has never been so oversupplied. Socialism has never been so challenged, primarily by the demographics of globalization.

Is It a US President’s Role to Be a Friend of...

It's not a president's role to be a friend of business; it's a president's role to keep American business in-line and razor-sharp.

Stand-Up for Comedy

Stand-up comics have been the voices of their generation since they were court jesters who could tell the truth about the king and live.
Greek Parliament

Reorganize Greece

The Greece government owns in excess of 75,000 properties. Estimates of their value are as high as 50,000,000 Euros. Does the Greek government really need to own an old unused airport in Heraklion or a casino in Athens?

Time to Take Down The Euro

Sarkozy has been defeated in France. Greece, Italy, Spain and others are about to lurch to the political left as well. Germany will soon stand alone in the union against devaluation. They will have to give in to save the Euro. How can we make mo

What Would Steve Jobs Have Done?

Apple is still a value buy on the basis of forward earnings but it's time to look at what is happening to the brand.
St. Maarten Sunset

Still Heavenly St. Maarten/St. Martin

Those who remember the old St. Maarten/St. Martin are often distressed to see what has become of the exclusive hideaway they used to know. The beautiful little ingenue has grown up to be a loud, gaudy broad, but most Americas like her better now.

The Wall Street Journal Reviewed

I have now come to the conclusion that the Wall Street Journal is full of stuff that is not remotely interesting to an investor. It reminds me of the old days when Playboy ran articles about quadraphonic 8-track stereos.
Banff in Summer

Beautiful Banff in Summer

Summer in Banff is spectacular. By the way, it is not really summer in Banff until after June 22. We were there once in early June and while the snow caps on the Canadian Rockies were breathtaking so was the temperature.
Rosia Street

‘Gibraltar’ Incredibly a Fun Tourist Destination!

Though most of the locals refer to themselves as 'Spanglish', Gibraltar is more English than England. Most of the shops, pubs, churches and public spaces seemed to have been transported through time from Victorian London.
Athens Streets

Give Greece a Chance

Amusing anecdotes and a photo tribute to the amazing antiquities and the excitement of immersion in Athens, Mykonos and Delos. Why October is the time to go.

‘Worlds Apart’ Documentary Review

WORLDS APART Documentary Film, Directed by Jon Kalina and Researcher-Nancy Marcotte, from CANADA, on International Borders Of The World & Incessant Illegal Immigrants/Refugees

Look Out Down Under

The economic flu that started in the United States and last year spread to Europe will roll up on the shores of China this year. Australia may be acutely affected if it does not take immediate action.
Yelling opinions.

Waiting for The Sun

The tsunami of deleveraging is washing up on European shores. The eruption started in the United States but there are fault lines all across the globe that are reacting to the initial shock. That the destructive wave is just now hitting Europe give

Taking It to Wall Street

For those of us old enough to remember our successful protests for civil rights, women's right and against the Vietnam War, the 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters make us proud of our children.
opinions of workers. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Greece Needs to Make New Trade Partnerships and Friends

I look to history for the answer and a new economic reality. As far back as the Roman Empire, Mediterranean sensibilities and economics have been incompatible with Germania. The Euro is controlled by modern Germany.

The Economic Hangover

Maybe we realize we've all been drunk on too much liquidity for too long. Americans are feeling hung over after a big party on credit and paper profits and now we're staying in bed. We're saving rather than spending.

Apple Bite May Not Be Right

Having now read more reviews in depth, the comment that most caught my attention was an editor complaining that Final Cut X is like 'iMovie Pro'. To me, that sounds awesome. Looks like I was taken in by the early reviews and the 'experts'.
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Has Apple Turned Rotten?

Publishers, writers and e-book retailers are not willing to wear the same yoke and pull the Apple cart under the same whip. Rebellion is in the air.