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Gary Isaacson is a writer/producer/publisher in various media. He founded Isaacson Communications, Inc. in 1976 and the Internet stock footage division www.WorldClips.TV in 1999.He has authored several books and his author page can be found at Amazon

Funny Fighting Words

I can't imagine any of our leaders in a fist fight. Boehner would cry, Nancy would hit like a girl, Harry I suspect is tougher than he looks and Obama would convince potential combatants that he just wants to be the referee.

The Anti-Social Network

Loss of 'coolness' is devastating to fads that have limited real utility or have become dangerous. Clearly, Facebook is no longer cool. A renegade blog can be cool, but once a medium is taken over by advertisers and Wall Street, there better be so

Save Yourself

Saving is better than spending, thrift is better than conspicuous consumption. This attitude is replacing spending on credit as a social value.

Gold Reigns as Universally Recognized Store of Wealth

What is it about gold that on some level every human feels the need to have some? This is a overview of the ownership options for investing in gold

E-Books Grow Madly in Popularity

Here's an investment idea too rarely considered. Why not invest in yourself? 'How?' Simple. You know stuff or maybe you're just funny. Now there's a way to monetize your wit and wisdom.

End-Users The Winners of Tech Wars, Not Equities Owners

Is technology a good long term place for equities investment?
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Introduction to the Methodology of The Financial Futurist

A rebuttal to the most common form of financial investing, that being regression analysis. A better way to pick specific equities in a changing world. It's a game anyway, I throw in lots of laughs.