Was General Pervez Musharraf Another Jesus on The Crucifix?

Dictator. Chief Executive. President. Chief of Army Staff. Owner of Pakistan. Mover and Shaker. Dancer. Drinker. Friend of Friends. Golfer. Player or perhaps the played?

This is the story of General Pervez Musharraf as he faces dark days ahead of him. 14 years down the road he’s a shadow of the man he used to be.

Delusions of support and love of the masses and loyalty of the intelligentsia. Dreams of grandeur “back home” as he chose to fly back to his homeland with his much coveted self-proclaimed silver bullet that didn’t misfire. It never fired.

Musharraf’s Strength

His strength, sadly, was a very strong international image as a strategist and candid professional. Of which post the recent proceedings in Pakistan only a shadow is all that remains now.

Just how many of the decisions taken from his unexpected Knightdom in the corridors of power in 1999 till his exit in 2007 were actually “his” is a question mark. His opponents make believe that he was a “dictator” – couldn’t be further from the truth. Foolish, yes. Dumb, yes. Gullible, yes. Womanizer, yes. But dictator. Musharraf as a dictator never existed. He confided in the top brass of the army, civilian leadership and members of the so-called intelligentsia to deliberate major decisions.

Sycophants Gave A False Sense Of Reality

Naive that he often was, in spite of an illusion of “ultimate smartness” stepped up by the group of usual sycophants that surround the powerful. Had he actually BEHAVED like a dictator I have not an iota of doubt in my mind that Pakistan would have been a different nation today. I once mentioned this to his face in Dubai, where I often interacted with him in public and private gatherings, always surrounded by “yes men and women” – by those, even whilst he was his political deathbed, that chose to exploit and use him to their ends.

I was often aghast at his TV interviews wherein he was always tied up in the past “I/we did this or that” or on a justifying spree. Seldom did I hear him speak solutions that Pakistan desperately needed. Many of his own are today spoken off by the hot favorite, Imran Khan in terms of local bodies and so forth.

On the positive side, he had a vision to develop leadership amongst the rotten cream of Pakistani politicians, he worked hard at it, involved them post 2002, brought in new faces, whether for labour or for love. His foreign relations were immaculate, he knew when to bend and when to stand up.

Counsel Ignored

I counselled him often along with a few real well wishers to distance himself as a political runner and assume the role of a political developer and strategist. He paid no heed, blindly in pursuit of the corridors of power in Pakistan. Of doors closed on him with so much hate, vile and enmity that it would have taken him several lifetimes to rebuild them. Much better off was he away from his homeland, in a commanding position on what the late Dr Stephen Covey called “his circle of influence” – he chose to move into his “circle of concern” and today, sadly pays a heavy price for the same.

Ironic it is that many of those who accuse him of singlehandedly manipulating Pakistan turn a blind eye to those who counselled and worked with him on those aspects. Many of whom are comfortably living or fighting elections with various political parties of Pakistan.

There are far more corrupt living, flourishing and enjoying the bounties of power in Pakistan than he, in and out of the political circus. No one points a finger at them. All barrels are starkly on “PM” as he was fondly called among his circles.

Back in June 2001 I’d suggested to him to do away with the corrupt to the teeth police and judiciary and replace them with serving and retired, mostly honest and hardworking army servicemen as detailed at http://changepakistannow.wordpress.com. He wasn’t all ears.

Crucify Him

Crucify him, pay the price of your sins with his blood has been the mantra of his enemies. And it appears closer to realization than one would have hoped for. Ironically aided and abetted by his own choices. In or out of power. Musharraf is the man that everyone in the political circles of Pakistan loves to hate, ridicule and demean. Many of whom were supported by him in his tenure!

On a global scale just look at Uncle GWB (George W Bush) Trillions wasted in Iraq over “WMD” – weapons of mass destruction, no accountability! no courts, no summons, no charges! When you bite the hand that feeds, that protects and that cares, you essentially bite yourself.

He and his confidantes were over confident of the Army’s support for him. I was the devil’s advocate there. Why on earth would General Ashfaq Kiani, COAS or General Zaheerul Islam, ISI Chief make the blunder of partisanship when for 5 years they kept mum? Knowing fully well that any support to Musharraf would undo the fruits of their tolerance of an infectious democracy that benefited only the ruling class. Now that Imran Khan, carefully groomed over the last 3 years, is some hope for the miserable masses, perhaps treating Musharraf as the proverbial sacrificial lamb will pave the way for a call of blood for accountability from the corrupt?

Musharraf Will Pay For The Sins Of Many

Or maybe not. Fallen from power, fallen from grace, fallen from inspiration to desperation. There is more to come for and from Pervez Musharraf; and not all of it will be in good taste.

He will pay for the sins of many with his blood or his time in jail. Another Jesus on the crucifix?

Imran O Kazmi wasn’t bestowed any favors by the General, in fact due to being outspoken and very honest communication he was often “banned” from his office! Yet remains a well wisher of Musharraf, Imran Khan, and to an extent Nawaz Sharif, the three great leaders of Pakistan, whom, if they teamed up, could change the destiny of this nation in no time at all.

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Imran Owais Kazmi is a an expat Pakistani vocal on change locally and globally through good governance and tolerance.