US President Obama’s Vulnerability in The Nelson Mandela’s Memorial

The Former South African President Nelson Mandela dies at 95, and as the United States President and World Leaders pay homage to the deceased civil rights leader, an emboldened delusional trickster, post-segued the memorial. Mandela’s resonating moment fades into oblivion while the modern-day era of social media spawns another clown to fame

Thamsanqa Jantjie 34, is a fraudulent sign-language expert, a justifiable oxymoron when you retrofit his subliminal-antics at the Nelson Mandela memorial, to his preceding odd hand-gestures in the African National Congress 100th anniversary of South Africa’s ruling party, a year ago.

Jantjie’s hand-orchestrated gibberish, has duped an astonishing accolade of success; interpreting for multiple dignitaries, state ministers and other high officials. A preceding body of work in subset increments, and he’s spiraled again, but this time surrounded by an entourage of world leaders, headlined by the US President also known as the “Teleprompter Specialist.”

In the US, American Sign Language (ASL) is very strict, interpreters are required to complete a certification program, possess at least a Bachelor degree, and must complete a written and sign examination. A contrast to sign language certifications in South Africa, where it’s not legally required. A sign language expert at the (DFSA) Deaf Federation of South Africa, said the interpreter’s flamboyant shenanigans are an appalling mockery that undermines the language, and the deaf community is outraged. (A silent irony) lol!

A correlation between facial gestures and sign language interpretations are key elements to conveying emotions, a major attribute to sign language, something “Jantjie’s” monotone face was a complete stranger to. (Pokerface) Sign language semantics have many variables, but the grammar itself is universally synonymous. A parallel to that is prosody, a subset of phonology, (a branch of linguistics) exploring highs, lows, rhythm, pitch and meter etc … Hence the reason a non-multilingual person can detect sarcasm, irony, condescension and other persuasive devices in dialogues, simply by understanding the universal tones. Regardless of the language.

Seeing a modern-day troll performing his sign-gymnastics on an international stage is truly an audaciously unprecedented act. However, let’s exclude Jantjie’s excelling mockery and explore the authoritative complacency that led to this uncanny negligence.

The South African Government organized the event, but Jantjie was periodically employed by the (ANC) African National Congress, although the (ANC) denied any having any affiliations with hiring him. They said the state was responsible for the memorial preparations, while several government departments denied employing him for the event. (it’s like a real life game of cat and mouse) – Tom and Jerry

If neither party questioned his qualifications, how did his merits of credulity derive? The Deaf Federation of South Africa filed complaints to the (ANC) about Jantjie’s pseudo-interpretations after President Jacob Zuma’s speech last year, but the political party never responded. (Maybe they’re deaf to?)

Jantjie claims to suffer from schizophrenic episodes, and his hallucinations do hinder his interpretative clarity; he said, “angels bestowed” him in the presence of Barack Obama. He admitted that his mental illness has propelled a myriad of belligerence in the past; from facing inconclusive murder charges to multiple felonies. Which begs a much bigger question. How does a rape acquitted, mentally unstable, unqualified signer, with pending felonies stand adjacent the worlds most powerful politicians? Where was the Secret Service?

The South African arts and culture minister did apologize to the deaf community and for his flamboyant mockery, and promised to implement an overall reform to ensure these incidents never occur again.

The US Secret Service said it’s the South African government’s responsibility for event scrutiny; Really? really? Protecting the vulnerability of the US President is not just contingent on the South African Government, But the United States as well. It’s called potential loopholes, exploits any potential-terrorist can capitalize on.

But then again, the NSA is preoccupied with other commitments; such as violating the Fourth Amendment and infringing on civil liberties. While a deranged schizophrenic juvenile felon in a Third World Country runs amuck, side by side the US President. If he had ulterior motives, our fate would not be our fortune. The NSA is too close to the forest, hence the reason they’ll never see the trees!