US Invades Costa Rica – with Permission of Course

In case you have not heard the latest that the USA is lending a “helping hand” to the Costa Rican government by assisting them with their drug trafficking problems that have been on the rise now for sometime. So far this all sounds fine and dandy however when was the last time the US lent a hand without demanding something in return? This is where things get ugly for Costa Rica. For as long as anyone can remember, the United States has pursued the opportunity to build a US Military base inside of Costa Rica. What many do not understand is that they already have one!

The US military base in Limon is an operational center for preliminary and confidential negotiations. In total, the USA holds 14 military bases throughout Latin America. Clearly this might concern countries like Venezuela.

US Warships head to Costa Rica. We’re here to help.

Considering the US is rapidly becoming quite famous for creating war on inanimate objects, it would appear that they ran through the usual BS lines like “bringing democracy,” “freedom to the people,” “war on terror,” “war on drugs,” “war on abortion” and did we mention “war on drugs”? Yeah well that’s the one the roulette wheel land on. I mean really here folks, I’m sure it kind of went like this –

Ok lets bring democracy to Costa Rica. Ra Ra! Ooops – they’ve got that already and it’s even considered more stable than our own government. Ok what’s next? Ahhh yes – .let’s bring freedom to the people of – oh really – you’re kidding me? They already are a free and happy country? Darn it. Ok what else do we have? Surely there must be some Taliban hiding in the jungles of Costa Rica somewhere right? No? Ok this is getting ridiculous now.

(((small voice from the back says))), “Ummm, hey boss. We could disguise it as “assisting” the War on Drugs. You remember that one that Nixon declared in 1971?”

BRILLIANT my dear Watson. I think we’ve found our “in.” Scramble the troops we’re setting sail for Costa Rica to free those – what are they again? Oh yeah, Ticos, from their problems with drug traffickers.

Ok joking aside now – what is sufficient “assistance” in assisting Costa Rica? Remember that Costa Rica is about the size of Rhode Island. Well as usual, the US military overcompensated and has dispatched 7000 troops, 200 helicopters and an insane 46 “grandisimo” warships to the region. That’s like saying to your wife, “Honey! I think we’ve got an ant problem in the kitchen. Can you fetch me the steamroller to take care of this?”

The internet is screaming bloody murder over this illegal invasion of the sovereign Republic of Costa Rica. News agencies throughout the country are overwhelmed with angry Costa Ricans demanding an explanation on why the USA was permitted to completely ignore their constitutional laws and enter Costa Rica with their full military might. Sometimes the cloak and dagger strategy can be so insanely ridiculous that no one believes it no matter how naive you might think they are. This is one of those moments.

Despite what Costa Rica news agencies are reporting here in the country, that they will require advanced (30 days) notice before any troops can come ashore, La Nacion quotes a document from the US Embassy that states that, “The US personnel in Costa Rica will be able to enjoy freedom of movement and the right to carry out the activities that they consider necessary to complete their mission.” Mission? What mission? Cause nobody knows what that mission exactly is as their explanations to date sound more like a blank cheque than a designated plan of any sorts.

What is the REAL reason they are coming here? Sandinistas in Nicaragua? Accessibility to Chavez?

Whatever the reason you can be assured that it most certainly isn’t to “assist” with the drug problems. It was only a month ago now that the US lifted a ban on sugar from Costa Rica as punishment for dragging their feet in finalizing the CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement) and now they’re are jumping in bed together with a country that has been marketed and promoted as a peaceful, non-military and non confrontational country. So much for that image right Costa Rica?