Unlocking The Meaning of a Dream

Do we understand our dreams? I had one the other night. It wasn’t a scary dream or exciting dream. No beautiful blondes or gorgeous ladies were included. It was alarming and dreams can be that way.

People who are older have dreams, so do youngster’s dream and those in mid years seem to be equal when it comes to having dreams. Dreams can and do express some of our fears, they seem to have claws and most people are scratched by those dreams or night mares.

We live, dream, work, hope and struggle with life’s events and that old adage, to (“ride your dreams where ere they flow”) is always in our subconscious mind. The longer we live the shorter our dreams become.

We all grow old without knowing what dreams mean and a strong and healthy person becomes weak and pudgy, as our body’s figure slips from an hour glass shape into a paper weight. Our dreams become less glamorous and less frightening. We have missed the great joy of the ride dreams can give us.

One person has said, “My golden years have turned into my lead years;” Author unknown.

Not many people can interrupt another person’s dreams. To be honest some of my dreams I don’t want anyone to even try to interrupt them. Most dreams are never remembered and whatever a person does try to unlock the meaning of a dream, don’t go to a dream dictionary.

I have learned from my experience there are three types of dreams. The ones I don’t remember, those which are vague and meaningless, and those that strike me as important. The important ones are the dreams I depend upon? Not many dreams do I take into my conscience mind or try to remember but there are a few in my life that have meaning to my goals and directions to follow or ride.

I have enough faith to understand that God does guide our lives and much of dreams are ways to communicate to us things present or past or in the future (coming). I have had dreams that show me a person, one I didn’t know…

Twice now a person of my dreams came into my life. Ever have deja vue? Well each time this has happened that feeling hits and the mental search begins.

I have had events that were in my dreams come to reality. I remember one time I had an automobile accident. Another car hit me from the side (T-bone)and caved in my door. I remember when it happened, my memory said, I had a dream of this very thing.

Then one night I had a dream about a white Van. The next day I was always looking for a white Van to pull in front of me. I was on my way home from work and then it happened. A white Van crossed in front of me and because of my dream, an accident was avoided.

If you are one who dreams often and remembers your dreams make sure you take time to write it down. If there is a special message in the dream make sure you keep it close. To ride a dream one must remember the dream and ride upon (use)its virtues.

If the dream seems meaningless but it sticks in your memory, try to understand what it is saying about you, your life or fears.

I had several reoccurring dreams in my life. One was about my returning to the Marine Corps. I was in Boot Camp again going through the vigor’s of basic training. Tough stuff and I didn’t want to be there again.

I remembered the dream and concluded I needed to understand this dream.

Each time I had this dream was when my life was facing difficult situations and the stress was high. The dream was speaking to me. You made it through boot camp and you can make it through this period of trial and tribulation.

Another recurring dream was I am back in high school and late getting to class. The rule was 3 late tardy excuses and you were out of that class and sent to the Dean’s office. I realized this dream was telling me about fear.

What something was I fearing right then in my life. I figured it out and conquered the fear.

Take time to remember your dreams if they are important and you are struck by their force. The Lord and your own mind are telling you something. What was the basic emotion of the dreams? What is the dream telling you? Seek and answer and find it then take the ride.

Fear, confusion, passion, love, fright, wonder, and then examine where you are in life and how that dream applies.

It works for me and I ride (use) my dreams.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.