United States Politics in 2016 – Will It Be an Anti-Vote?

I woke up this morning as usual, hoping for a new world order. However, as I began to watch the news my hopes were quickly dashed. It didn’t take more than a few minutes. As usual, watching the US National News initiated feelings of nausea. What I learned from today’s US political news cycle reconfirmed what I had already sunk to believe. Most Americans are acting like a bunch of dogs who have taken hold of bad bones and just won’t let go.

The US news cycle was busy spinning the unlikely possibility that Hillary Clinton might be prosecuted for her misuse of email during her tenure as Secretary of State. She met with the FBI on Saturday morning according to CNN to directly answer their questions regarding her use of a private email server. CNN said she was there for three and one half hours. Mrs. Clinton said “I’m not gonna comment any further on the review, but I’ve been answering questions now for over a year.” It is true that the Clinton email issue has been a top news item for the last year.

Democratic pundits said prosecution was out of the question and this ridiculous regurgitation of the “same old news” is not helpful. Donald Trump stated there is no choice but prosecution. On a totally unrelated topic, Bill Clinton spent at least an hour talking in private with the US Attorney General about grandchildren and golf this Saturday morning. Such an interesting timing coincidence, but you know what a nice guy Bill Clinton is. Bill just happened to be in Phoenix on the same tarmac as the Attorney General, and joined her in her plane for a casual chat; that isn’t out of the realm of possibilities is it?

united states politics 2016 cartoon.
United States politics 2016.

CNN reported that Donald Trump has once again found a way to passive-aggressively express his racism, yet Americans continue to allow this man to be the presumptive candidate for the Republicans. Trump has made a point that women who are working for the TSA who wear hijabs should be replaced with veterans. I have nothing against giving veterans jobs; I am a veteran myself. However, in this country – the land of the free – women have the right to be employed with the TSA and wear a hijab. There is no rule that states women or men of religious faith cannot wear a head covering, including a Jewish man, a man of Sikh faith, or other men or women with religious specifications.

Trump reminds me of a “mouth constantly spewing vomit.” I took the time to review Trump’s media bytes over the last 6 months, attempting to invalidate my own assumption. However, my resolve was only reinforced. I couldn’t find one instance where the man was able to intelligently speak about a national or international policy issue. He speaks in short clips, without ever finishing a thought and never delivers a solution to a problem. He covers his inadequacy by escalating his fan base with obscenities, misinformation and disinformation concerning issues that are twisted in the obscenest way.

Reuters published a poll in May, 2016 that indicates the vote for the United States President will be an “anti-vote.” Those who are against Hillary Clinton will settle for Donald Trump, and voters who are against Donald Trump will vote for Hillary Clinton. Reuters has Hillary winning the Presidency by 43.1% based on an anti-vote and 32.3% were ready to vote for Trump as President. Unfortunately, 23.2% of those polled said they wouldn’t or would refuse to vote.

In more recent polls, from a variety of news journals it appears clear that Hillary Clinton continues to hold the top polling position. On CNN today, however, it was reported that the American people would be willing to vote for any qualified candidate other than either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Where does that leave US politics? A better question might be, where will the United States end up on the world stage in the next 18 months?

America’s reputation is faltering at a critical time in world history … using the analogy of “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,” will the US fall or will “fall prevention” be put in place in time?

Kimberly Jones is a global nomad with a special interest in the Middle East and North Africa. She grew up in Saudi Arabia and traveled throughout the MENA growing deeply attached to the people and the culture.