Two Opposing Paradigms Vie for the Future of the World

With the onset of 9/11 came the escalation of a paradigm that has since become the Zeitgeist of the world’s modern geopolitical era. One must either believe that everything that has happened since that horrific moment is either a series of unconnected historical events or part of some master plan’s Evil Incarnate reality that continues to escalate.

In simple spiritual terms it could be called the Paradigm of Darkness, whose sole goal is the endless self-gratification of a very select cabal of elites, regardless of how much human misery, anguish, melancholy or fury is created.

All the: nightmarish struggles of empire-building and eternal wars of terror; the fusion of war and war-profiteers between the militarists and corporatists; the forced regime changes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and the Ukraine; the holocaust of civil war in Syria; the draconian austerity measures and enslavement of nations like Greece by the IMF, WB & EU; the ever-evolving archetype of the ‘New World Order,’ ‘One World Government,’ ‘Project for a New American Century’; the ever-longer octopus-like reach of the Rothschild/Rockefeller dynastic partnership and Wall Street’s domination of global capital markets; the brutal realities that spawn the Diaspora of immigrants, refugees and migrants throughout the world; all are either matters of happenstance or pawns of some strategic, masterfully-played global Machiavellian ‘chess game,’ conceived, financed and guided by the invisible hands of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful elites who already own over half the planet’s wealth yet still covet the rest.

Defense contractors, arms merchants and mercenary armies are paid handsomely to constantly press forward this paradigm’s expanding empire and its forced regime changes of all who dare to stand in their way; media giants like Fox Media, News Corp, The Weekly Standard, New York Times and other major world news agencies continue to watch their profits soar as they dutifully fuel the eternal wars with cunningly-crafted propaganda, passed off as ‘official news,’ that deftly manipulates a brainwashed readership and electorate; conditioned to swallow whole whatever their fed to do the bidding of carefully groomed politicians, hand-picked to carry out yet the next strategic moves of the Zeitgeist’s planetary chess match. The opposite vying paradigm might simply be called the Paradigm of Light, whose primary goal in the world is the creation of endless elan vitale and joie de vivre.

This ‘Darkness vs. the Light’ tale is the oldest one of all ever told in human history. The Earth’s periodic total eclipse of the moon – the universe’s own mystically-beautiful, omen-like morality play between darkness and light – represents a constant cosmic wake-up call to humanity’s collective memory and awareness of just how small and inter-connected we all really are.

Yet at no point in the past perhaps have so few wielded so much ruthless power and control over the entire planet’s human and natural systems. Long gone are those few brief halcyon decades, following World War II, when even the barest glimmer of prosperity and real democracy held momentary sway in America, Canada and elsewhere. What once was the hope of everyday reality now seems like so much sheer fantasy: where young veterans were just given ‘gratis’ gifts like the GI Bill and interest-free loans, that afforded them the ability to start up mom and pop businesses or obtain an all but free university education; where banks, financial institutions and the government readily invested vast sums of monies to stimulate the economy, employment, enhance the infrastructure and enable young families to purchase their own homes; where laws like the Glass-Steagall Act were put on the books to prevent greedy bankers and financiers from becoming reckless, immoral speculators with depositors savings for their own acquisition of wealth rather than that of the depositors; where manufacturers, corporations and politicians would have been deemed traitors to their countries, and summarily dealt with, if they’d been allowed to create NAFTA/TPP abominations and take offshore all the manufacturing industry, trade, business, employment opportunities and, like vampires, suck out of their own society all its economic life-blood and sustenance; or where the ultra-rich fascists couldn’t just ‘get away with bloody murder,’ buying elections with obscene amounts of monies that the courts and laws of the land not only condoned but authorized. My, oh my, if actor Jimmy Stewart’s movie character ‘Mr. Smith’ were to go to Washington today, he would be gob-smacked and wouldn’t believe his own eyes and ears!

At this pivotal moment in history, the question is whether or not the real ‘Mr. Smiths’ of the world even remotely possess the same capacity to create an equally monumental paradigm shift more in the direction towards the way things once were or could have been. A prime question facing nations everywhere is how to protect and preserve their cultural heritage, traditions, ethnic origins, national borders and integrity of the natural world against all the scheming architects of the New World Order-One World Government-Project for a New American Century who are intent upon crushing or erasing all these things and create in their place an assimilated mishmash of humanity, devoid of any national identity, slavishly-subservient to whatever they’re told to do, think and believe. These two paradigms continue to vie with one another over how every aspect of life is to be lived on Earth in the future.

Nations who now shame one another for refusing to take their ‘fair share’ of the mass exodus of refugees pouring out of Africa and the Middle East shouldn’t cast shame for whatever refused quota allotment. They should instead castigate one another for creating so much shameful political, economic, military, environmental chaos and violence that is the constant source of so much human misery, hatred and rage.

How many wars – or the manufacture, import and export of guns and WMD weaponry, or mass murders, beheadings and slaughter of innocent victims – must the human race endure before the realization dawns that if its species is ultimately to survive, it can’t keep destroying whole cultures, races, nations and the natural world, on behalf of the interests of the greedy, selfish, maniacal few? Yet the megalomaniacal-types forever remain far beyond arms reach and any shame. All the hypocrisy, horror or insanity means little to the shameless ones! The malevolent evil that lurks within the primal human mind and heart, and has dominated the human story since the beginning of time, is too overwhelming.

War simply represents too much money, power or fame that the ‘Princes of Darkness’ will do anything to amass. The trillions in profit realized by a flourishing weapons industries simply represents the moral/visionary bankruptcy, decay and mass duplicity that exists in governments that, on one hand, decry all the world violence and resulting human crises, but then support the very capital investments, defense contracts and appropriation bills for the production of WMD weaponry and armaments that fuel their economies and perpetuate the crises.

The brutal fact is that the United States, Russia and China are the largest suppliers of armaments, weaponry and the machinery of war, followed by a litany of manufacturers, importers and exporters that include, in order of their prominence: Germany, France, U.K., Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Israel, Sweden, Netherlands, South Korea, Switzerland, Canada, Belarus, Norway, South Africa, Uzbekistan, UAE and Australia. In short, the whole world is a ‘Who’s Who Lineup’ of some very evil-types. Bluntly put: everyone’s hands are covered in blood! This includes all the citizenry in the world who are either eager investors or happy, contented employees of their government or the armament and weapon industry that researches, invents and produces ever-more sophisticated, murderous weapons to be used by whatever fascist, government, army or militia willing to kill whomever for their own maniacal ends.

Human Quota’ allotments now being discussed in the West to accommodate the mass exodus of all the hapless victims of such barbarize violence might assuage a few guilty consciences but won’t ever change this reality, and so ever larger quotas in the future will have to be set to accommodate yet the next wave and then the wave after that and whatever other waves will follow of displaced peoples desperately fleeing for their lives in search of asylum, a safe harbor or ray of hope. And so remains this Zeitgeist state of the world in the modern era: One paradigm full of darkness, aggression and invasion, the other vying paradigm full of light, hope, imagination and creative ideas about what to do to offset or neutralize the utter ruthlessness of all the maniacal elites. The very survival of the human race hangs in the balance.

Problems & Solutions to a New Visionary Paradigm Shift in the World

If some new seminal visionary Paradigm of Light is ever to occur within the mind and hearts of the human species it must begin with the evil processes that constantly militarize the world: the U.S./NATO’s ongoing confrontations with Russia and China; the Western World’s continual modernization of its tactical nuclear weapons in Europe; U.S. ballistic missile defense systems placed in Eastern Europe; NATO’s re-assertion of a first-strike doctrine; Russia and China’s parallel modernization of their own nuclear capacities and development of supersonic missiles, designed to knock out whatever NATO systems; mounting tensions between Israel and Iran over their conflicting nuclear capabilities and desires, or U.S. and Russian contested hegemony in the Ukraine and Syrian crises; suggest the madness of a global thermonuclear war somewhere in the future that is not only conceivable but entirely plausible. The whole region: a nuclear powder keg, where everyone plays the absurd pointing fingers-blame game of who caused this or that war or funded this or that terrorist group. So, to even begin whatever visionary paradigm shift, NATO, the U.S., Russia, China, Israel, Iran and every other nation in the world must find ways to pull back from one another and stop all the madness.

Perhaps the simplest, most straight-forward way to confront the endemic presence of so much evil in the world, and avoid whatever hellish end game scenario from ever happening, would be for all nations to come together and declare in unison that, henceforth, the manufacture, import and export of WMD weaponry and armaments of war will be deemed to be ‘war crimes,’ and all those head of states of countries who continue to do so will be deemed ‘war criminals,’ to be charged and brought before the World Court.

For the survival of the human species, such a declaration must become part of the same radical paradigm shift needed to confront the equally cataclysmic out-of-control explosion of world population and the problems such growing hordes represent to the earth’s ever-diminishing food resources of land and sea, or the immediate pressing need to shift from a fossil-fueled way of life to a sustainable green energy way of life. Otherwise, the debate about what to do to stem whatever refugee crisis is just so much hypocrisy. Everyone might as well throw in the towel, go home and just continue to kill one another, and may the best man win!

The bottom line, of course, is the love affair that the human species has had, since the early dark ages, with the paradigm of darkness. In reality, every country and their citizenry who conduct themselves as war criminals and perpetrate war crimes are complicit in every other evil, heinous, barbarous act committed in the world: all the governmental-corporate funding that sponsors and feeds terrorism and armed conflicts that repress democratic, humane processes of government; all the massacres, torture, crucifixions, beheadings of human rights activists, homosexuals, women and other champions of democracy; all the patriarchal- totalitarian systems that oppress the masses and support slavery and apartheid in its many blatant or obsequious forms; all the invading armies who steal or destroy the world’s ancient art treasures for whatever political, religious, selfish reasons, and; all that seeks to crush or corrupt the very essence of life itself. In short, the human race has yet grown up!

One glaring example of this paradigm of darkness, that is barely one step removed from the caveman and club era of human history, is the constant use of primitive, yet deadly-effective weaponry like the incendiary, shrapnel, chlorine chemical barrel bombs that have been savagely used for years by many so-called civilized countries: Israel during the Arab-Israeli War; the U.S. in the Vietnam War; the Sri Lanka Air Force against Jaffna; Croatia against Serbia in their civil war; Syria in its Civil War in Kafr Zita; Iraq against the citizens of Fallujah, Tikrit, Baiji, Mozel & Aziz Balad; while still other so-called civilized countries like Russia refuse to condemn Syria for the use of barrel bombs against their own people yet readily supplies the attack helicopters used to drop the barrel bombs; while the U.S. and its allies refuse anti-aircraft weapons to moderate rebel groups in Syria to target aircraft used to drop the barrel bombs, while they supply Saudi Arabia with ever more deadly, sophisticated Apache attack helicopters and F-16 jet fighters to crush whatever indigenous rebellion within its own borders.

For all the good it has done, the use of WMD weapons, like barrel bombs, have already been declared “war crimes” by the UN, but the war criminals responsible are never persecuted. Unless and until the necessary will and a change of heart occurs within the human spirit, the dismal impoverished processes and dynamics of world government will continue to fail and everywhere lead to the further rapid deterioration of social cohesion; undermine national identities, fragment whole societies and contribute to the proliferation of a world full of despairing, resentful citizenries and ensuing mass Diaspora of humanity.

The latest refugee crises impacting upon countries all over Western & Eastern Europe – in the U.K., France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Greece and Germany – continue to cause societal erosion, fragmentation and mounting despair and rage among the populaces now further enflamed by the threat of dictatorially imposed “quotas” of unprecedented numbers of human victims tossed into their midst, like so many live grenades or IEDs. The immediate result has led in some places to the panicked building of walls of concrete, razor wire and steel or threats of citizenry insurrection.

Some citizenry, amidst all the chaos, declare themselves to be “patriots,” “nationalists” and “heroes,” while others accuse them of being “traitors,” “extremists,” “racists” or “fascists.” Intense propaganda and psychological warfare rages on all sides; the fanning of emotionality dominates rationality and objectivity, played to the hilt by the propagandists intent upon furthering whatever next step of their dastardly master plan that seeks to create order out of the chaos, but a perverse Machiavellian New World Order for their own ideological ends.

When it comes to the politics in the Middle East and everywhere else in the world one can only wonder who exactly are the nameless, faceless evil ones with the clean hands, manicured fingernails – wearing the lily-white mishlah, keffiyah or sharkskin suit – who remain forever hidden behind the scenes, yet constantly finance whatever 9/11 hijacker, Al-Queda, ISIL, ISIS, Taliban, Mujahideen terrorist organization; all those who forever lurk in the shadows and let their underlings do all the dirty work to bring about yet the next orchestrated bloody regime change and still so many more nightmarish conflicts and monstrous outcomes for humanity?

The dilemma of this worldwide existential crisis cries out for a creative, imaginative rethink of all the myriad stratagems that have led the world to the point where things now stand, and what it will take to change that direction 180 degrees. The facile, ‘do-gooder’ answer is to impulsively, simplistically turn every nation into a ‘host country,’ willing to accept whatever minions of displaced souls.

Yet establishing whatever new ‘quotas’ is just more “cargo-cult magical thinking” that somehow – if the human race can just repeatedly sweep under the rug enough times all the real bad stuff that drives the mass insanity that disrupts the entire flow of life on the planet, and overwhelms all the natural or man-made resources and infrastructures of whatever host country – the problem/s will mysteriously go away! It might mitigate the concerns of some in the West but not the problems that underlie the world’s mass displacements of humanity.

The moral of the story, of course, is that most humans, if they can help it, don’t willingly ever choose to flee their homeland that is the source of all their ancestral memories, familial background and spiritual, emotional, psychic roots. So instead of the world falling back on some artificial quota system, the challenge is to instead find totally new ways and means in the near and distant future to ensure that all peoples everywhere will have the same rights and afforded the same economic and community-building initiatives and opportunities to stay in their homeland and flourish and prosper where their roots are.

But for such a ridiculously ‘utopian’ idea to ever occur in reality will take a mindboggling shift in every aspect of the way the world conducts itself in the future. “Dream On!” cries the cynic, while the optimist forever pleads, “Yes, true! But why not dream of things not as they are but as they could be?”

Speaking Truth to Power in the World

To dream of things as they could be one must first answer the question upon what basis rests the latest arm-twisting of the Western World’s citizenry to be goaded into accepting every large quotas of immigrants, refugees or migrants? Especially when, for years, in nations like Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Rwanda and countless others, waves of desperate peoples have either had to flee to avoid being slaughtered, gassed or subjected to heinous, brutal savagery, and yet have been ignored by the Western world’s politicians who’ve shown little concomitant empathy, compassion or panicky concern for the plight of humanity?

For years, the only countries that were being inundated by the immigrant, refugee and migrant crises were confined to Africa and the Middle East, who’ve been all but left to drown with little outside support, but now that all the chaos suddenly is in Western & Eastern Europe’s end of the pool all hell has broken loose. Yet how does the concept of accepting tidal waves of immigrants, refugees and migrants into every Western nation now enhance the survival rate of all concerned, if each country can be looked upon as a life boat with a limited capacity for passengers and the life support supplies and materials available on board to keep them all alive?

Why a New Paradigm of Light Isn’t Yet Happening in the World

To understand why the shift to a new Paradigm of Light never happens in the world’s cesspool of darkness, it’s enlightening to review some of the many contradictions and hypocrisies in the military-diplomatic-political-propaganda realm as they affect places like the Middle East.

The most obvious fact is the blatant way that the mainstream Western Press constantly brainwashes the world to believe that Russia, not the U.S. and its allies, is the main cause of the problems in that part of the world. Western propaganda borders on panicked, shrill hysteria as it constantly cites numerous “unnamed sources” who castigate Russia for everything occurring in Syria or the Ukraine. These escalating crises due to: “Russian interventionism”; “indiscriminate bombing” operations by Russia against innocent civilians; 1,000s of Russian troops and massive shipments of military war material that “flood Syria and Ukraine”; or large redeployments of Russian combat aircraft being sent to both troubled sectors of the world.

Michael Brenner, Professor Emeritus of International Affairs at the University of Pittsburg, in a paper titled 7 Contradictions, succinctly enumerates why all the finger-pointing, contradictions, and hypocrisy abound in the Middle East and why the sheer insanity of chaos, bloodshed and mayhem continues as it does, unabated.

Professor Brenner notes that U.S. foreign policy and those of its allies receive a free pass for being meddling outsiders while they unequivocally support Saudi Arabia and Israel in the many acts of violence they commit in the region, with little concern for the consequences to humanity in places like Yemen and Palestine. Yet the irony is that though Saudi Arabia and Israel annually receive copious amounts of taxpayer monies, WMD weaponry, war materials and ideological support from the U.S. and its allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia continue to oppose or contradict the West’s policies in the Middle East. America and its Western allies international colonial empire-building interests simply dovetail nicely with the similar interests of the House of Saud and the Likkud which actually are mirrored images of one another, and so Saudi Arabia’s fascist Wahhabism and Israel’s ultra-right Judaism and their diabolical plans to create an ever ‘Greater Saudi Arabia’ or ‘Greater Israel’ in the region go forever unchallenged.

Further complicating the situation, the U.S. and Saudis avoid doing anything that will make them enemies of the Salafists or put themselves alongside the militant Sunni forces fighting the Assad regime, which also means no soldiers to fight ISIL while even looking the other way while Saudi Arabia clandestinely provides material and political support for ISIL, Al Queda and Salafist terrorist groups fighting in Syria and Iraq.

For decades, the U.S. has gotten off scot-free for the part it plays in advancing the worldwide imperialist, empire-building war machine while providing intelligence to countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia for any number of military and economic purposes; especially when it has come to helping the Saudis in their fight against the indigenous rebellions of the Houthis in Aden; allowing the use of American aircraft to refuel Saudi warplanes and provide technical military support for the Saudis’ sophisticated amphibious landings around Aden, or; pursuing multi-billion dollar war contracts, like selling armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia to be used against whatever hapless victims including their own citizens. The Ambassador from the United Arab Emirates is even often allowed to participate in meetings with U.S. senior policymakers.

The U.S. constantly defers to the fascist, autocratic, dictatorial imperialism of so many Middle Eastern governments – Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey and Egypt in particular – who also ruthlessly seek to expand their agendas of control through acts of barbarism, butchery, reigns of terror or suppression of failed states, and constantly outwit, deceive and turn into dupes and accomplices their U.S./Western allies. Meanwhile, morality, human rights and ethical principles all take a back seat to corrupt geopolitics, and out-the-window goes the West’s neutrality in whatever age-old Sunni-Shi’ite confrontation or role they might play as a force for human good in the long-term stability in the Middle East. In the polite, cynical parlance of diplomatic circles such realities on the ground are simply referred to as geopolitical pragmatism.

Prof Brenner’s 7 Contradictions point to still further inconsistencies, duplicity and the utter madness that exists in such places as Syria where the U.S. and its Western allies repeatedly insist upon the exclusion of Shi’ite militia (Hashid Shabbi) involvement against ISIl, or resist providing the necessary air support to militias engaged in attempting to force ISIL to retreat from places like Tikrit ; Fallujah, Ramadi and Mosul? In actuality, the U.S. and its Western cohorts have almost no real, reliable, competent allies in their declared war against the Islamic State? They exclude Iran, denounce the Hashidic Sunnis, label the Houthis of Yemen foes on a par with violent jihadists, blame the Russians as the source of the crisis in Syria, and abet a Saudi-led campaign to prosecute a proxy war against Iran. Meanwhile, ISIL and the Islamic State continue to become entrenched, politically and militarily, with each passing day.

By contrast, Russia, while by no means a saint, at least has attempted on several occasions in the past to moderate the tensions in Syria. It was instrumental in convincing the Assad regime to turn over its chemical weapons when the U.S. and its allies were fixated upon attacking Syria that would have led to colossal consequences for the world far more sweeping than the current refugee crisis.

As early as 2012, Russia floated, through diplomatic channels, a suggested peace offer proposal that conceivably could have led to Assad ceding power. Had this been taken up by the U.S. and its allies who were pushing for a war of utter terror, Syria might never have become the horrendous militarized nightmare it is today, and the subsequent slaughter of so many innocent civilians and the calamitous refugee crisis caused by the civil war might never have come to pass.

The U.S. and its allies also have had several opportunities to join with Russia to stabilize Syria by cooperating with the Syrian government and others in the region to quell all the terrorism and instead create the possibilities for economic and community-building initiatives. But, of course, to the rabidly-obsessed ideologue architects of the ‘New World Order – One World Government – Project for a New American Century’ mind-set, there are never any massive war profits to be had, no empire-building or regime-change opportunities to be realized by such peaceful initiatives. Prolonging the Syrian Civil War and war throughout the Middle East has simply been good for business and their ideological bent.

But now, If the propaganda organs of the West are successful in getting the world to believe that Russia all along has been the chief culprit in fueling the civil war in Syria, and is able to frustrate or cut off Russia’s military support of the Assad regime, the likelihood of a full scale invasion of Syria by the Islamic State and Al Queda’s Sunni Nusra Front would invariably lead to massive air strikes by the U.S. and its allies, and their eventual ‘boots on the ground’ along with Russia and its allies that would draw the whole world ever deeper into the maelstrom. The crisis of epic World War III proportions that conceivably could occur in the Middle East would cause many millions more desperate refugees to flee every which way in a nightmarish tsunami of humanity that would make any current concept of an asylum quota system in the West, ludicrous by comparison.

Then there’s the fifteen-year war in Afghanistan, still not over, that represents still one more element in the perennial United States and its allies psychotic “Global War of Terror.” America’s “Operation Eternity” in Afghanistan continues unabated: some 15,000 U.S. troops continue to advise, train and engage in combat; air strikes continue; CIA operatives and their “black-op consultants” continue an endless counter-insurgency campaign against ISIL, Al Queda and a multitude of other enemies; the Taliban continues to make gains while other militants also continue to gain strength as government forces continue to lose ground; radical young leaders in the insurrection movement continue to be influenced by ISIL ideology; jihadists continue to pour across its northern borders from Central Asian Republics; Opium, and the corruption it creates, continues to increase as a mainstay of the economy, and; as trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars continue to go down the rat hole, U.S. troops continue to remain trapped as does an American policy in disarray, full of contradictions, with a virtual invisible exit strategy. Yet no wisdom ever penetrates the madness, it just continues on and on and on!

Meanwhile, ISIL and the Islamic State’s sphere of influence continue to expand, politically and militarily, as the moderate forces supported by the West continue to be decimated by them both. Prof. Brenner and other experts contend that, after all is said and done, when all the bloodshed and mayhem has been let as much as it can, Syria will no doubt end up being dominated by ISIL jihadists with elements of the Assad government still in prominent places. In the end it’ll be back to square one, business as usual, with the restoration of the same de facto US-Israel-Jordan-Fatah-Saudi alliances and Afghani-Sunni-Shia warlords who originally controlled the Middle East with corrupt iron hands before the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Arab Spring ever began. Some political analysts continue to label ISIL as the world’s #1 existential threat while others label Russia enemy #1, yet no one ever labels raw human greed and unbridled evil as the real #1 enemies of the human race.

In conclusion to 7 Contradictions, Professor Brenner makes an acerbic observation that could be said for all the Western countries easily intimidated, sterile, feckless foreign policy decisions in the Middle East, but especially those of the Obama White House, when he quotes the ancient Roman historian Tacitus who once exclaimed, “Ominum consensus capax imperil nisi imperasset” ( “Everyone thought him capable of exercising authority until he tried it.” )

So the question remains: how or where is a new planetary Paradigm of Light ever to emerge from out of such chaos? How or why who is doing what to whom in the 21st century, in the Middle East or wherever else, is no different than if one were to read the historical account of some sordid intrigue in the ancient past why this or that king or queen plotted against some other king or queen, or slit the throat of some enemy of the court. One only has to change the names, faces and places, or watch another episode of ‘As The World Turns,’ to see humanity once again caught in the mire of whatever primitive, archaic human realm it finds itself.

A Paradigm of Light Must Replace All the Darkness

What is to be done about the growing numbers of refugees and asylum seekers as more countries in the world slid ever-further into economic, political, environmental chaos with the mounting conflicts of war and equally rapacious, violent practices of the corporate-business class, with their NAFTA/TPP/CETA/WTO pacts, that are just as much into warring conquest, empire-building, invasion and terroristic forms of ‘austerity’ as are the pacts of their militarist counterparts? In fact those who believe in the existence of advanced forms of extra-terrestrial life contend that the reason that more advanced life forms in the universe haven’t yet openly made contact with the human race is because of its much too dangerous, primitive warring nature that has long-since earned Earth the universal reputation of being referred to as The Warring Planet.

So the human species now needs to seriously reconsider what the native culture of each of their nations will or will not look like in the future. How much attention is to be given to the preservation of long-standing values, customs, traditions, cultural practices and national identity that each nation isn’t prepared to throw into the ‘trash bin’ of history?

Countries, like China, have long held to a “No Immigration Principle.” Japan has also subscribed to a One Culture, One Civilization, One Race philosophy that is still a widely-held perception among the Japanese. Because of that, Japanese culture has long considered themselves to be extremely homogenous and the reason why they have gotten along with each other fairly well.

To the traditional Japanese, allowing large numbers of foreigners into the country will only disrupt the traditional harmony and cooperation that characterizes Japanese society. Yet there are those in the corporate-business class who now propose, as part of their New World Order philosophy, the inundation of every nation in the world with immigrants, refugees and migrants. Some advocate bringing into Japan ten million foreign migrants over the next 50 years.

With the current invasion of refugees fleeing the Middle East and Africa, German business interests, as well, are welcoming upwards of 800,000 refugees that could further see as much as 10 percent of the German population increased. If each refugee/migrant, when once settled, were to bring into Germany or whatever host European country as many as eight family members, that would increase the current total invasion of refugees in Europe to somewhere around seven and a half million foreigners.

And even after all the current crises are all resolved, what is this going to mean for all the traditional cultures of Europe and the rest of the world? Some call it the greatest threat to the freedom and future of the world since the fall of the Soviet Union or end of World War II. It’s a human existential crisis of gargantuan proportions!

Forced or natural mass migrations are fundamentally the story of the human race from its origins to the present day. The struggle for survival in the face of danger and death, or to find reasons to hope for a better life, have long affected whole regions and nations that the migrants and refugees have left, those they pass through in transit, and those that ultimately receive them. But are mass exodus of human on the move in the 21st century and beyond now the way it will be everywhere in the world in the foreseeable future as ever-more violent military, economic, political, environmental conditions deteriorate and corporate globalization reduces national borders and identities even further? If some future military conflagration or environmental disaster in Central and South America sends hordes fleeing northward, trying to cross into the U.S. and Canada, will the other nations in Europe and the world in turn offer to become ‘hosts,’ as well. At what point will this cease to become a viable short-gap solution?

An entirely different perspective is now needed to address the potential wholesale loss of traditional world cultures as the planet is turned upon its ear. Before things hopelessly unravel, an emergency national and global debate, as pressing and demanding as if the Earth were about to be attacked by some extra-terrestrial life form or rogue asteroid, must grapple with how to define new national policies and attitudes towards national identity and those dispossessed ones deemed to be foreigners.

Rumblings of the Debate Are Beginning

In elections all ’round the world, the electorate has begun to give more serious thought to the kind of radical paradigm shift that is needed in the way future world politics must work. Vision being discussed include: the need to nationalize the banks and return to the public realm former national assets that were privatized by greedy neoliberal policies; eliminate whatever corrupt federal reserve system or privately-owned central bank cartel and place it back under the control of the people, as well as eliminate EU-type austerity measures and create more workable, equitable democratic unions. Any number of pragmatic, economic, political, military solutions are being discussed by the citizenry that, if seriously taken up by their governments, could resolve the world’s current critical economic, military, political issues that would represent a huge leap forward for humankind.

An Appeal for Action & Vision in World Government

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, of the International Schiller Institute in Germany, recently issued an urgent Appeal for Action to the world’s heads of state assembled at the United Nation General Assembly in Manhattan in late September 2015. Ms. Zepp-LaRouche’s appeal to action advocated several key points:

  • The recent worldwide “Black Monday” stock market collapse wiped out some $5 trillion dollars. The total indebtedness of the global financial system, estimated to be around $2 quadrillions, consists of around 90% in outstanding derivative contracts, which makes this global system even less sustainable than Greece’s debt.
  • Only if the world’s casino economy is once and for all shut down-that is, the virtual and toxic part of the banking sector cancelled and the section of the banking system serving the real economy is protected-can there ever be a recovery of the physical economy of the world.
  • Financial entities like Wall Street are hopelessly bankrupt. The solution requires an all-out mobilization to preemptively shut down Wall Street by passing the Glass-Steagall law.
  • Because the crisis is global, the Glass-Steagall standard must be established internationally and the global financial system put through orderly bankruptcy reorganization and a credit system established to restore the capital-intensive production in the world’s real economy, exactly as Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced it in 1933, to protect the world economy from the effects of whatever imminent financial meltdown or the finance of endless war.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt also led America out of the Depression in the 1930s with the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. This same model was used by the Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau (Reconstruction Loan Corporation) to rebuild Germany out of the rubble after World War II, and made possible the German economic miracle. The same reconstruction finance and loan model could be used to rebuild many other countries in the Middle East and elsewhere.
  • A new economic miracle is needed by many regions of the world today, and its realization is within grasp. Chinese President Xi Jinping, since 2013, has proposed the building of a New Silk Road as a new model for economic cooperation among nations with a “win-win” perspective.
  • The BRICS Nations have already proposed an unprecedented number of long-overdue infrastructure projects: the Nicaragua Canal; a transcontinental railway between Brazil and Peru; several Pacific-to-Atlantic tunnels between Argentina and Chile; extensive cooperation in nuclear energy between the BRICS nations and developing countries; and joint space projects, to name a few. The construction of the New Suez Canal in only one year is symptomatic of the new spirit calling for an explosion of potential worldwide development.
  • The construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road-“One Belt, One Road”-and its integration with the Eurasian Union is in full swing. Many states in Asia, Latin America, and Africa are already advancing their development through cooperation with the BRICS countries.
  • All the world’s problems could be solved, if the European nations, the United States and Canada will cooperate with the BRICS countries to build up the regions of the world that are breaking apart under conditions of war, starvation, water shortages, epidemics, and terrorism.
  • The framework of the New Silk Road could become a World Land-Bridge linking all peoples of the world together, and create a common perspective to rebuild their states economically that would make overcoming terrorism simpler and give people fleeing from war and terror hope in their own homelands that would stop the desperate migrations of millions of people.


It’s a given that the horrendous immigrant, refugee, migrant crises being played out in Western & Eastern Europe is the result of wars fueled, exacerbated and perpetrated by the entire world’s political, financial, corporate, military systems. The millions of uprooted refugees and destitute migrants who have drowned in the Mediterranean; are on the run, or constantly exposed to the violence of evil terrorists, human smugglers and war industry-entrepreneurs, represent a monstrous indictment of the world’s politicians, militarists and financiers who continue to foment such war crimes against humanity.

A new Paradigm of Light game starter would be to call upon the whole world to become signatories to a Covenant of Ideals that speaks to the common aims and goals of all of humankind that will inspire nations to dare to step outside the well-worn pathways of the oligarchic, totalitarian rules of the game and come to some mutual agreement on the great mega-projects for the future of humankind. If this can be accomplished then all the problems of today can be resolved and a new era begun; an era in which humankind will become truly human and bring all laws and activity here on Earth into harmony with the laws of Creation & the Cosmos. The place is Planet Earth! We The People are creation’s visionary lawmakers who must amplify the visions demanded at this point in time and space.

Jerome Irwin
Jerome Irwin is a Canadian author, who wrote The Wild Gentle Ones: A Turtle Island Odyssey. He once lived with the Crow Creek Sioux along the old Fort Thompson stretch of the Missouri River.