Transportation Security Administration’s Coke Joke Not Funny

A document was released today under the Freedom of Information Act and obtained by Subnormal Magazine, detailing a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) employee’s idea of fun at the expense of paying airline fliers.

The TSA are of course, those uniformed government folks in airports across the U.S, that search bags and watch invasive body x-rays pumping passengers with radiation on a fancy screen that your hard earned tax dollars pay for. Still somehow, those “terrorists” seem to keep racking up their frequent flier miles as many pass through un-detected.

The document today revealed an incident that happened about nine months ago, in which a hard working TSA worker was given a bag of crushed creatine (a vitamin some bodybuilders use), for his rehearsal. This wise guy thought it would be funny to punk numerous passengers, especially young females ones, accusing them of having cocaine in their luggage and showing them the bag. One young twenty two year old college woman that this jerk did this to, was reduced to tears.

The emotional, psychological, and psychosomatic damage of stress this TSA worker caused passengers should not be underestimated. The TSA should stop protecting this lunatic, who was derelict in his duties as a professional, and should reveal his name and provide proof of his termination at once, as well as issue a letter of apology to all passengers, a statement as to what the TSA is doing to rectify this from occurring in the future, and compensation to those abused.

The following is a censored copy of a segment of the report from the TSA.

subnormal magazine