Transgender Terms Push Transgender Agenda

Transgender terms have overtaken the language and are driving the transgender agenda. Normal people are “cis-gender”? Gender on birth certificates is “assigned” not ascertained – and optional?

From Woke pronouns behind someone’s name (she/her) to terms like “non-binary” and “non-gender conformed” the 99.4 percent of Americans who are not confused about their gender have been coerced into using a language created by and for a mere .6 percent of the U.S. population. Like all of Woke mandates, straying from the creed risks public shaming.

Still, ten percent of the U.S. population has diabetes; 42 percent is obese. Should we refer to ourselves as cis-diabetic or cis-obese if we don’t have the conditions to spare the feelings of a minority? Should we refer to our matrimonial states as “opposite-gender marriages” so as not to convey we are the norm or, God forbid, normal? Should we refer to women as “people who can get pregnant”?

transgender terms push transgender agenda. cloud c/o
Transgender terms push transgender agenda. Wordcloud c/o and NewsBlaze

Transgender Agenda and Terms Becoming Embedded in Society

Trans activists have been successful beyond the language arena. Parents can now put an X on their baby’s birth certificate for gender; medical associations have thrown DNA science to the wind – bowing to the virulent Woke credo that two genders don’t exist. Books questioning the trans craze are blacklisted and removed from Amazon. Teachers are suspended for not using decreed pronouns. Law makers and public figures are bullied. Job applications don’t presume to ask gender.

Not surprisingly, “gender affirming surgery,” once called “gender-reassignment” surgery and, before that, “gender changing” surgery has never been more popular or lucrative.

Transgender Terms Seen in Reporting

I recently attended a government funded seminar about how “anti-transgender” bills pending in state legislatures “exclude and demonize transgender youth” and have “heightened challenges facing those of color.”* The bills in question center on preventing gender confused children from undergoing drastic medical measures until a certain age and keeping trans “girls” out of girls’ sports. According to the American College of Pediatricians, up to 95 percent of gender confused children will grow out of it.

During the seminar, one speaker said banning trans “girls” from girls’ teams denies them sports altogether because they don’t want to compete on boys’ teams – and many are also discriminated against because they are Black. Another speaker declared the pending state bills whether pertaining to medical care or sports were actually causing “murders” – yes homicides – by villainizing those who are already villainized.

The speakers agreed that trans people have serious mental health and suicidal problems beyond the general population. But the reason is not because trans people were already mentally disturbed they said but because their families and society fail to support their gender identity. It is non-transgender people’s fault – sorry, “cis fault.” Trans people would be fine if they just had support.

Transgender Questions Remain Despite New Terms

The seminar’s simplistic narrative did not address pharmacological and sociological questions that journalists, including myself, may have.

1) Do the widely used puberty blockers play a role in mental problems as has been widely reported?

2) Do the many psych drugs young people are given today (antidepressants, mood stabilizers, bipolar drugs, ADHD drugs) – increase mental problems and identity crises?

3) If non-accepting families cause trans youth distress, how should families behave when their child “detransitions”? And what if the young person changes their mind yet again? And again?

*According to Woke politics, no one suffers more than transgender youth of color except transgender youth of color who are also illegal immigrants.

trans people. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.
Trans people. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.
Martha Rosenberg
Martha Rosenberg is the Investigative Health Correspondent for NewsBlaze. Martha illustrates many of her stories with relevant cartoons. She was staff cartoonist at Evanston Roundtable.