Three Months Pregnant: Meghann Pope Run Over By Her Crazy Boyfriend!

Did Brian Feltman purposely run over Meghann Pope with his F-150 in Locust Grove, Georgia (which is just south of Atlanta)? We’ll need to rewind the tape of time a bit, to a little less than a month, that is August 19th, when this (what was first thought of as an accident) occurred on a dangerous residential curve.

News footage of this bending curve, festooned with flowers and gifts in memory of Meghann, give us a good idea about the physical aspects of this suburban street, in what the authorities are now calling a crime street. The street’s name is Golfview Crossing, which is in the Heron Bay subdivision in Locust Grove (Henry County, Ga., AJC).

I didn’t hear about this disturbing case until I witnessed it by viewing Nancy Grace last night, after returning home from a hard day’s work. Nancy did a good job in covering Meghann Pope’s tragic case, where really what we are seeing, is that she died as a result of vehicular homicide, by the doing of her boyfriend, Brian Feltman, who was under the influence at the time of the incident.

meghann pope

Meghann Pope was three months pregnant at the time she was killed, so the charges filed on Brian Feltman include murder and feticide, which I believe has to include the three month unborn baby, who also perished. What got into Brian that morning? Apparently, the couple got into an argument, Meghann left the house, and Brian went looking for her in his F-150 pickup truck (here’s a not so clear photo of Feltman’s Ford F-150).

As I researched this story, after having absorbed a good amount of what Nancy Grace gave us, I returned to the few primary articles written (and published) the day after Meghann was killed. There weren’t but a handful of them, the best of which came from the Atlanta Journal Constitution and 11 Alive, After all, this is only a local story projected from central Georgia, but maybe now Nancy has made it a national one.

Yet, these initial reports couldn’t have been any different than what they’re saying now! At first, witnesses and Meghann Pope’s father, Lawrence Pope (who Nancy interviewed last night), were defending Brian Feltman, who said at the scene it was just an accident. And a neighbor, Brent Brooks, was the one who came out and comforted a dying Meghann Pope, as she lay in the street, unable to speak.

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Brent Brooks also initially believed Brian’s shifting accounts of what transpired. Both men changed their mind, once they saw what evidence investigators had in hand. Nancy covered this, but it’s too gruesome for me to mention with words this morning. One can’t even imagine the levels of rage going through this young man’s head, when behind the wheel of his truck, which becomes a weapon when you finally consider the particulars we’re dealt in this case.

And then we’re handed Brian Feltman’s rap sheet – and the picture is clearing up considerably. A 2004 arrest for burglary tells us much, and a number of alcohol related arrests tell us all we need to know. How much did he have to drink the night of August 18th? This is a big factor too, in why he did what he did. I’m not a believer in the Death Penalty, but this case provides pause for reconsideration.

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