The World Is In the Hands of Children

The mind of man wants to soar, to be as free as the wind that blows. Artists and creators of every kind, in all times, speak about the need to let their creativity “flow” like the wind, or a stream flowing without hindrance over the Earth. In Nature, if you try to block the “natural flow,” the pressure builds up behind the block until you risk destruction of all that you have built on the other side of it; a poignant example of this is what happened to New Orleans – below sea-level, and protected by levees – during Hurricane Katrina: Washout City, literally.

In the 1630’s, the mind of Galileo was blocked by the Church, as he sought to communicate a new knowledge of the world. He was eventually tried (by the Church, mind you, not a civil court), forced to recant his claim that the Earth moves around the Sun, and sentenced to house arrest for the remainder of his life. Does the phrase, “there’s no law west of Dodge” ring a bell?

That’s right; Galileo had ventured, as an innocent scientist seeking the truth, into a lawless frontier, full of bullying, sacrosanct ideas, and was simply shot down in the street, in a manner of speaking. Scientists ever afterward have celebrated him as one of the key figures, if not the very father, of modern science. And the war between science and religion, like the war between the sexes, is a perennial (and often laughable) spectacle to the innocent layperson, who is no expert and feels no real loyalty on either side.

Which brings us to myself. I am the Galileo of this age, and like him I am an independent scientist. Only today, the bullying authority that opposes and suppresses me is the scientific consensus itself, which the public largely accepts without question. Its sacrosanct idea is that there are only undirected physical forces behind all that we see, on the Earth and in the universe beyond, and that deliberate design of the world cannot be considered in science.

As an innocent scientist, however (just like Galileo), I have found and verified just such a world design. (You can learn about it in my books, and in my blog, “Earth and Man: Setting the Stage.”) It is a fact, which I cannot ignore, nor can I be silent about, for it goes to the very heart of an unrecognized crisis of competence in science today, a science that upholds naive myths of “plate tectonics,” “ice ages,” and other accoutrements of a supposed “evolution” of the Earth itself, from primitive ball of matter to “living world.” The “explanations” of science today – particularly, but not only, in the earth and life sciences – are increasingly the stories of children, made to entertain children, and more darkly, to protect unquestioned and unsupported dogma.

You might think I would be protected (in this modern intellectual version of the Wild, Wild West) by the “creationists” and “intelligent design” claimants, since I’m talking about design of the natural world, but you would be wrong. The design I found is not the design of life, nor the one-time creation of the world, by a supreme God. What I have proven as fact – and I know many think we can’t speak of “proving” anything; but tell that to all the engineers and inventors who have built our modern world upon proven knowledge, or to physicists like myself whose professional business it is to prove what we say about the world – what I have proven is a late and wholesale re-formation of the surface of the Earth (between 20,000 and 10,000 years ago), by those known to ancient man worldwide as the “gods” of myth and legend. The “gods,” not God, once walked the Earth, and taught man all that he knew, thousands of years before the beginning of known human history.

The debates of today over the origins of the Earth and the life on it are intellectual wars between the followers of the categorical Absolutes: God versus Chance. The reality is that, somewhere between creation of the material universe and the beginning of human history, a race of godlike men remade the surface of the Earth and the entire solar system, and imparted to it all a complex design intended to communicate a coherent message to man on Earth. That complex message became the early religious belief of mankind, the progenitor of every field of human thought. But it was passed down by a mankind in childhood, in fragments descriptive of the images wrought in the design and imbedded – in disguise, as fantastic characters, objects and lands – within the exciting stories known today as myths.

But what does this all mean for us today? It means, first of all, that the science programs you see on TV about the origin of the Earth and the life on it, are modern myths. The Earth did not evolve, mindlessly – it was made, as deliberately and as precisely as Walt Disney World was made.

The “expert” scientists you see on these programs have themselves been educated in myth, masquerading as science: the myth that the relatively weak and undirected geological processes of the last 10,000 years, if given four and a half billion years to work, and aided by the occasional “killer” asteroid impact or other catastrophe from space, and any required number of other convenient cosmic accidents (the list keeps growing), can account for the creation of the Earth as we know it. These are bedtime stories – or “Ask Mr. Wizard” Saturday morning fare – and the scientists who tell them are inept at best.

Religion too, worldwide, has been the victim of the misplaced concreteness of ancient myths, in which mere likeness of an image to something both familiar yet fantastic was taken by man to be a sacred assurance of the existence of that fantastic thing. Thus, the outline of Africa on the globe looks like a man’s face in profile, only with a horn growing out of his forehead; and thus it was that the “Horned One” was born, in all his mythical guises, whether as the Devil or as the god Thor, who once got a “hone” imbedded in his forehead in a fight with a giant, or any number of other mythical horned characters.

Modern scientists don’t want to hear that Africa looks like a horned man, but it does. They don’t want to admit there was intent behind it, but there was. This and a thousand other evidences of design of the world they absolutely refuse to countenance as scientific evidence, because they don’t know the overall design into which they all fit. They are children, you see, easily tired out by a world more complex than they are prepared to acknowledge, a world which contains things far beyond the bounds of their childish theories.

Put this knowledge alongside the childishness you have witnessed in recent years in our political and financial systems, and there is only one conclusion: The world is in the hands of children.

Dale Huffman is an independent research physical scientist interested in the truth behind the UFO mystery. He is the author of The End of the Mystery.