The Truth Always Prevails

To answer this question we must understand the difference between truth and false. Truth can be defined but may not be understood for what it represents… Truth exposes the real state of things or circumstances and gives clarity to anyone who wants to hear or wants to know truth…

False is to fail in displaying truth although it may be presented as truth… False are lies, liars, and schemes to promote ideas which are based upon lies. What this means is we as people must know how to discern truth or to know the difference between truth and false.

False is the state of temporary.

Truth is the state permanent.

Truth will always be truth but false is not truth and will try to represent itself as truth, which makes it temporary. False may appear as truth but Truth will also appear as if it is false but people must be able to define or know the difference.

These old adages tell us much. “One must know truth before he can see that which is false.’ “Truth may seem hard to understand but false comes in many colors.” “Know a lie whatever its guise.” “A lie maybe half of the truth.” “Call on faith to know if something is false.”

“The instrument of darkness tells us there is truth.” “Time will teach thee the truth.” “The vantage ground is truth.” “Feel the instinct where there is truth.” “Where there is doubt there is also truth.”

Today in this world, truth is needed more than it has ever been given or displayed by any or all who claim to have and know of truth. Our society in this nation has been manipulated, to believe in ideas, products, various societies, government’s parties, and in most every type of promotions of these ideas, slogans, and crafts we are sold on false ideas. The schemes of man are built to make money and are full of falsehoods and display them in disguise of truth.

Most politicians will tell you anything to be elected. They can lie about anything and some live their lives with forked tongues. Television is full of liars and prefabricators who will sell anything to make money or take money. We see and hear so many liars we just have a hard time when we hear the truth and think it is too good to be true.

Liars have an advantage in this society. How many people tell lies every day? A large segment of our society tells lies and lives by their lies. We see it in sports, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Golf, Cycling, Track and Field and the list continues with many men and women telling lies about taking drugs.

Eventually they get caught not because they lied but because they did partake of drugs and lied about it. We even have had Presidents tell lies to the American public but we go ahead and re-elect them. Why do we re-elect a liar?

Maybe because it is because we all lie for various reasons in our lives and we want to be forgiving. Now when athletes lie about PEDs they become aliens to the sports journalists. . But we re-elect a President who tells a big whopping lie to his nation’s people and we forgive him and let him serve again. The news broadcasters just let it ride for the most part.

What is it that motivates us to excuse one person but not the other person? Maybe we have lowered our standards to believe committing adultery is not as bad and lying… Then when one commits adultery and lies about it and we do nothing, maybe we are lying to our selves.

Is it possible we lie to ourselves and others we just really think it is okay to lie if one doesn’t get caught? Then when they get caught we want them held responsible for what they did. But if one commits adultery and lies about it he just needs to apologies for lying, because so many of us commit adultery or fornicate.

In this last election the media and religious leaders scrutinized a man because of his religious beliefs. He was demonized by the press and religious leaders because he was rich and an honest man. No one can be rich and honest too we were told or we think.

To be rich one must be a liar and we don’t like liars. People with money are crooks according to a public servant who was elected as President of this Nation again in 2012. How many people have examined our President’s new worth lately? Who is the liar now?

The need for truth is more important than eating good food is to a human. When we eat good food we have good energy. When we digest lies and accept them as truth then we change our diet from honest beliefs to accepting falsehoods as truth. It becomes difficult to know truths over falsehoods. We are blinded because we have let others do our thinking and accept what a person says as truth rather than knowing the truth ourselves.

“Know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Free from the disease of liars which attacks peoples intelligences because they know some people are too lazy to know the truth and will suffer others to give them the answers. Then they call those who know the truth liars to cast their guilt onto those who will suffer because, so many are too lazy to know for truth for themselves…

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.