The Right to Speak Freely

Where are we headed in this nation when we allow the media to determine what is right and what is wrong? It appears people have forgotten to think with their own brains and just listen to what others say before they make up their own minds.

The past few days have been just an example of how the media is guiding this nation into hell. I mean exactly what I say, into hell. When people quit using their brains and begin letting others think for them, it tells me we might already have our foot on the door step to the hot house.

I keep away from people who break the law and I am aware of this fact. I keep away from people who do not understand the difference between good and bad or right from wrong. I avoid those who regularly commit adultery or other adultery-related bad habits. I don’t drink alcohol or strong drinks, or take drugs of any kind, or any mind and mood changing chemicals.

It is my intent to remain faithful to my wife and family and not stray away into areas of life that could or might destroy my family relationships. If I err it will be on the side of right not wrong, and hope those with whom I associate will respect my rights.

I will not condemn any person for their race, color, creed or religion but will not give away my right to religious freedom and to love God and worship him how I please and desire nor will I give away my right to free speech.

The last time I read the Constitution, it guaranteed freedom of speech. I went to my copy of the constitution again before writing this article and read it again.

In the very first Amendment, along with religion, comes no abridging the freedom of speech. They didn’t go so far as to guarantee the freedom of using one’s brain, but maybe they didn’t realize how stupid this nation would eventually become.

We read the constitution and think it says one thing but then the brain busters read it and decide it says something else, and the news media tells everyone it says something different, and then we have no idea what it says at all.

Why? We know how to read.

The word abridgment means to shorten or condense, if you read the first Amendment of the Constitution.

Freedom of speech shall not be abridged meaning it shall not be shortened or condensed. That is simple to understand, but what is happening in this nation right now? I am not a racist nor do I care what color a person’s skin is or what religion they are but when did we say a man can’t be a racist if that is what he wants to be.

A nation that tolerates a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, and now says they can’t tolerate Mr. Donald Sterling? What? Come on folks, we are just making excuses for people because they are certain colors. What in heaven’s name do we do every night – put our brains on ice and wake up in the morning to a frozen brain and can’t think?

What all of this comes down to is, we watch and listen to the Media and allow them to think for us and whatever they say the direction of the political wind is blowing, we are expected to follow blindly along – and some people do.

What happened to the free thinking American?

What happened to the American spirit? When did this society decide to let others do their thinking? When did we just give away our rights so we can follow the herd of others who can’t or won’t think?

Bigotry has a simple definition. Racists may not be bigots, but their detractors may be bigots.

I am not guilty of what happened 50 years or 100 years ago in this society. I have never been a racist nor do I dislike anyone because of the color of their skin. I do however dislike people who tell me what to think and how to live.

This is my life not theirs. I associate with the people I desire to associate with and could not care less what pigments their skin carries.

If you don’t agree that, it is your right, and God bless you for your honest opinion. Political correctness has gone amuck and we are as much to blame as they are for just watching and listening.

I stop short of condoning any person who makes a bigoted remark because I do not like it anymore than you might but I will not say he has not the right to say whatever he desires to say.

If the remark is bad enough he has consequences to pay for the remark and that is his problem, but I will not tell anyone he hasn’t the right to say or feel any way he desires.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.