The Purpose of Freedom

Freedom has a purpose and that purpose is to give man a choice between good and evil, in simpler terms, right over wrong. When men fail to use the basic gift of instinct given to them from God that gives to men the ability to know the difference between right or wrong and how to avoid problems, then our society is in deep trouble.

How can a people who embraces freedom deliberately cast the shadow of Darkness upon the purpose for freedom with and by violence? A democracy allows for change but when people believe freedom allows them to use force to accomplish their own definition of freedom then we have lost the spirit of civility.

Prejudice is a disease of the heart and mind. It trumps the purposes of freedom and creates creatures rather than people. We see in our society the overpowering attitude of disrespect for law and order and how law and order can abuse the authority to defend and respect the freedoms of every member of our society

Evil lives and thrives in pride but not in the love of God.

What causes people to hate and administer force or violence upon society? Actions are so clear to understand whether it is the police or is a criminal. I’m sure it is difficult for police to treat those who constantly break the law with respect for civility.

It is also difficult for people to underestimate the purpose for police actions. There is one thing I know for a fact. That hate, looting, burning of cars, physical violence, and rioting are against our God-given instincts. It is not good but evil and that promotes nothing but hate and violence.


Laws Govern A Democracy Whether Good Or Bad

Laws are administered by men and men are not infallible. They can arrive at unjust verdicts and administer verdicts that may be unjust or are unjust. The basic principle of living in a democracy is that no one person can set themselves above the law as it is administered. There are bad calls made but we the people must be above the calls, whether they are right or wrong.

Revenge Is Pride And Evil In Action

Riots show disrespect for law and order. People must learn the process of a democracy and understand how to change the system, not to destroy it. It is possible for bad laws to be administered and for bad men to police the laws but to riot against the law is not the answer. Martin Luther King knew exactly how to change the laws. He died trying but his name and quest for peace has not died.

This short idea on instinct tells volumes about people. We must rely upon our God-given principles rather than our anger and need for revenge.

Whether the fruit is bitter

Or whether it is sweet

The first bite tells.

Instinct is a gift from God to know good from bad before we take a bite. Don’t turn off your instincts by ignoring your instinct and God.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.