The Nepalese Traitors Should Be Punished

The traitors of any nation do not have any capacity to direct the country in right pathway. Due to the traitor’s regime, since 2006, Nepal is in serious crisis economically and polically.

There is no doubt that the leaders of Nepali Congress, UML and Maoist are guided by foreigners. Few years ago, they believed that the constitution of Kingdom of Nepal, 1990 was the best constitution of world because they used to say they were committed to constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. In present, it seems they forgot that it is just a dream.

What were the pitfalls of the Constitution of 1990? Why was it suspended without reason? What kind of new constitution they require? Even they are reluctant to justify it in front of Nepalese people. Maoists used to claim them nationalist. But they are completely exposed as they signed 12 point agreement on Indian direction in Delhi.

Now, there is a painful confusion about the forward direction to be taken by Nepal. The corrupted leaders of Nepalese politics-Congress, UML, Maoist and Madeshis are being trapped in their own grand designs.

They are satanic but not political man. The traitor and opportunist Mr. Madhav Nepal of UML became the prime minister. It seems the country may face disastrous civil war. Although there is difference in Congress, UML, Madhesis and Maoist as party, they all are directed from same place.

The movement of 2006 proved this fact. Due to traitors and corrupted leaders the country encountered heavy problems. India always exhibits its interest whenever any internal problem is seen in Nepal.

Caste, language, religion, land and mines of Nepal are considered to be highly sensitive issues. If you raise these issues without your understanding and enough homework, you will be trapped in net. Since past few years, some leaders raised these issues so lightly that their Pandora’s Box has been broken and totally exposed. Some political leaders of Nepal are creating a dangerous condition of conflicts among these three groups of residents.

After the movement of 1990, Nepal became dirty playground of foreigners. The movement of 2006 was not for democracy but for making Nepal confused and failed state. So called leaders were never clear whether the movement was for improvement of parliamentary democracy or for communism.

Those who make mistake should commit it in national politics. The parliamentary parties are got fizzle out. The Nepalese people now are reluctant to see the faces of these traitors. The power hunger corrupt late Girija Prasad Koirala, Ram Chandra Paudel, Krishna Sitoula are all traitors.

In order to protect Nepal from the hands of traitors, all Nepalese people, Nepalese Army, Police, peasants, laborers, youth, women, court including the King should come out and protest. This is the right time when unified nationalist forces of Nepal should be empowered using the constitution of 1990. This can only protect the nationalism, democracy and its norms in Nepal. Therefore, let us sacrifice for the country.

Those who cannot swim will sink. Leaders of the so-called largest parties of Nepal are bogged down in the quagmire they themselves created. The bigoted leaders staged a coup gain power without first knowing what their capabilities. After grabbing the power, they failed to give the country a proper solution and now anarchy has been institutionalized.

The Maoist rebellion sparked and flared because of their bad governance and about 15,000 people lost their lives for no reason. Many more were injured and maimed and tens of thousand other displaced and physical infrastructures worth billions of rupees were destroyed and damaged.

As the parties failed to realize their faults and mistakes, they came upon the king. Although it was against the constitutional provision, the King acceded to the demand and the parliament was restored.

This behavior only pushed the country on the brink of the civil war and the irresponsible party leaders. The cabinet and the parliament has become totally directionless. America will not consider the Maoist a terrorist group if it speaks for free-Tibet. If its interests are served, American will even support and assist autocracy. America that attacked the sovereignty of Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq and killed mission still boasts about democracy.

The Nepalese people now are totally disappointed with the activities of the leaders of party. The neighboring countries are also worried that the uncontrolled terrorism and anarchy could spill across inside their border. The traitors can’t format the government and new constitution. It is now clear that this country cannot run under threat, intimidation and coercion.

If Nepal is to find a solution to the problem, there must be compromise and harmony of all forces, including the king of Nepal. Monarchy is still a popular institution. Nepalese monarchy is the most convincing identity of Nepal’s independence and its sovereignty.