Google Editions ‘Read Anywhere’ Model Launches this Month

Google announced in May that Google Editions would launch this summer, but the launch got delayed. Google is stating though that they will launch Google Editions before the end of 2010 in the United States and internationally in Q1 2011.

Some of you may ask why we need another e-book store, well Google is using the buy-anywhere, read-anywhere platform model to push their e-books. Users will be able to buy books directly from Google or from multiple online retailers including independent bookstores. They can add them to an online library tied to a Google account. They will be able to access their Google accounts on most devices with a Web browser including personal computers, smartphones and tablets.


Amazon leads the e-book industry that claims to have 80% of the e-book market. It requires to have a Kindle device or their software installed on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Google is hoping to use their “read anywhere” model to lure readers in.

I don’t think Google Editions will steal Amazons customers base though unless their e-book prices are significantly cheaper than Amazons. Even though Google is using the “read anywhere” market strategy, the Kindle software is available on most platforms for free.