The Hard Consequences for Breaking God’s Laws

I noticed an article about atheists on the internet last week and found myself reading it for some reason that I have yet to understand why. I seemed to be in a position of non belief how any intelligent person can believe there is no God.

I know we live in a nation of free will, the right to believe or not to believe. I agree with those terms about rights. I also agree to the fact that since I am a Christian that my beliefs are also my choice and my right to freedom.

Why would a group of atheists gather (75 people) in Salt Lake and march against people who believe they have rights to believe just as much as atheists have the rights not to believe.

Is it my desire to change an atheist to believe in Jesus Christ? Yes if they want to listen. But do I march on their do da parades in Los Angeles or picket their rights around their homes because they don’t believe?

I really don’t care if they want not to believe and can only hope someday they wake up. What really astonishes me is the gall they display against believers of Jesus Christ.

What do they fear? Maybe it is they do believe in God and don’t like the positive people who stand up for religious rights and bear testimony of Jesus Christ. For some reason people who have a standard for certain things or a certain way of life seem always to fight with people who have faith in God and his son.

If the government sides with these groups of people, atheists or Gays, why do these people fight against those who believe homosexual appetites or disbelief of religion should be kept within bounds.

If a person desires to be gay (homosexual) let them be but let me be a follower of Jesus Christ and fight wrong just like the fight what they think is right. What more rights do gay or atheists people want, more than a Christian wants? Why try to stop me from praying I don’t try to stop you from your attitudes or actions.

If they think because government gives an okay to what they do and how they live that it now becomes rule? Can a government be greater than God? If two homosexuals get married what gives them the right to ask a Christian person to marry them? In fact what gives them the right to demand a religious ceremony celebrating their homosexual marriage? Why can’t I pray anywhere I want to pray. What gives one body more right than another?

The government cannot make a homosexual marriage ratified by God or religion. When they do they now have taken their own rule of Religious government and trumped themselves and their law of the Constitution which they believe is separation of church and state. If I pray in school why don’t they just plug their ears? I don’t come to your house and protest that you don’t pray.

How far is this nation willing to go to offend God? Since our laws are based upon the Commandments of God how can a nation not defend His laws above a secular law? Is this not discrimination against Christians to force them to service or lend appreciation to those who break Gods law.

I won’t go to a gay (homosexual) marriage or will I condemn them, but why should they be treated better than any other person just because they protest. I don’t protest atheists not praying.

With agency comes the law of Consequences where in we live with the effect of our decision. If we kill and unborn child then we must face the consequences pertaining to killing a person or guilt for the act which will someday be punishment of God’s laws.

If we live in marriage or with another person in a homosexual relationship no government can pay for your disobedience to God’s laws. Just because the government says its okay doesn’t mean anything to God.

The one who breaks the law must by pass mercy if not repented of their sin and pay for their terrible judgments about God and his laws. How many guns shooting were in school when children were allowed to pray in school? Since prayer has stopped in school how many gun shooting have occurred after the atheists forced government (Supreme Court) to stop prayer in school?

I grew up in the 1950’s and never heard of a gun shooting in any school. Maybe it is time to rethink this stupid law and the idea of separation of Religion and State. What the separation mean is government cannot become a religious organization; government cannot choose one religion over another. It does not mean you can’t believe in God or ask God for help.

If an atheist wants to be against God’s way then they too must pay for their personal rebellion against God’s Laws. How can a government that has gone astray do a 180’degree turn around? I’m sure it is possible but does that pay for the price for direct rebellion against the Laws of our redeemer? No those whom broke the law must pay for the offence. God is justice and Jesus Christ is Mercy.

God will forgive only when Christ agrees it has been paid. If they never repent and are compelled (forced) to repent then justice must be paid by suffering for their rebellion of breaking God’s law, “thou shalt not kill or do anything like unto it.” Abortion is a terrible sin and must be stopped if not then what will follow?

We as a nation who profess to be a Christian Nation are responsible for how our Government treats the Laws. If we condone their actions retribution will come from on high, of which it has already begun, we (every soul) good or bad will pay the price to some degree.

It will come by storms, winds, rains, hail, snow, earth quakes, famine, and fire but it will come because we owe such a great debt for our terrible actions and apathies.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.