Stay Away From Addictive Vices This Summer and Chill!

This summer across this great nation people are looking forward to a vacation and having fun this summer. Fun as defined by Webster is providing entertainment or amusement or indulging in banter or play that lets a person to enjoy or have fun at play.

So with this understanding of fun then what makes people enjoy, be excited, play games or be amused, so they may have fun?

Unfortunately not every person has the same level of understanding as to what fun is or how to have fun.

Fun has many faces and like humor can be seen from more than one perspective. The summer months bring warmth upon the land and the water. Many travel far distances to enjoy activities that may let them have fun and enjoyment.

Others stay close to home but still look forward to the relaxing warmth of summer. The main attraction of summer is however the great need to have fun.

The summer fun months start with Memorial Day, then Independence Day, and summer closes with Labor Day. Other activities across this nation happen during the summer and most vacations are taken in the summer months. Family fun in years past was always connected to the summer months and the summer holidays.

I’m sure with this summer many people will travel to enjoy their vacations in the summer of 2013. Gas prices may restrict the distance traveled but people will still leave home to enjoy their fun months.

In the year 2011 while this nation was suffering from the recession people spent money and lots of it just to have fun. These figures might open some eyes to how people think and what they believe is just to have fun. $166 billion was spent on alcohol, $157 billion on tobacco, $110 billion on illegal drugs, $107 billion on soft drinks, and $40 billion on gambling.

If we divide these figures by the total of months in a year we might see how much money we spend a month just to have fun. The estimate cost of vacations in 2012 was about $1200.00 for each person that went on vacation. This figure does not tell how much of that money is included on the above expenditures.

In 2012 it is estimated that deaths related to alcohol accounted for 47,000 people who died in accidents, abuse, or illnesses that are attributed to alcohol use. Deaths that are attributed to illegal drug use in 2011 are 49,000 people and from legal prescription drugs are 17,000. From this we can see how we spend our money and what the result of our seeking fun for funs sake can cost, is death….

It appears people have changed as to what they believe is fun. Does fun need to be intoxicated or dizzy with drugs just to be in a mood to have fun? Why must one need drugs or alcohol to have fun. Maybe we need to take another look a fun and decide what fun is and what is personal abuse or addiction.

People in this nation think alcohol is a pleasure drink and we find it in almost every situation. Men use it to seduce women and to influence those with whom they associate in business. It becomes the trigger to good time and to having fun. Barbeques always have alcohol included and most meals seem to include wine, beer or even harder drinks.

For some reason we just don’t believe we can have fun without alcohol in a bottle, or our blood streams or in our brains stirring up our deep seeded desires. I remember my father telling me things about the depression and if it happens again what to do and how to survive.

He told me there were three things that people always bought and always had money to buy.

One was tobacco because most people just couldn’t survive without a smoke or chew.

The second item he said was alcohol because people didn’t want to live without it, because it helped them forget the problems around them (escape) even just for a few hours.

The third item he stated was sex. People never go without sex.

I have always remembered what he said and tried not to be addicted to any of these three items. He left me with the impression that people who dealt in these items always had money and did well when recessions or depressions choke our society.

We as a people have some real character flaws that we should take a long hard look into our way of life.

Drugs, alcohol, tobacco and sex are tied to most of the crimes that happen in this nation. We just don’t stop to see why we indulge and continue to indulge year after year until our society self destructs.

How many deaths every year can be attributed to these items? How much more enjoyment could we really have if we didn’t indulge in these addictive habits?

This summer many will be killed in auto-accident involving one or more people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Boat accidents across the water ways of this nation will be filled with boaters who are drunk or drugged out and deaths will happen.

Families will suffer because we just can’t live without the fun that involves these addictive vices. Maybe it is time to return to fun that does not involve addictive substances and look at life through the eyes of joy of life and true happiness.

Holidays in today world are another excuse to either get stoned or drunk.

One suggestion I make to everyone, be safe, be sober, and have fun but not while you are under the influence.


Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.