Something Awful Fishy About Krista Dittmeyer’s Abandoned Black Nissan Sentra?

What are you thinking when you come upon an abandoned vehicle in an abandoned parking lot of a ski lodge? Oh, it’s Saturday, April 23rd, and it’s 6:30 AM. Oh, there’s a baby left alone in the back seat. News accounts didn’t mention the name of the person who found Krista Dittmeyer’s Nissan Sentra in the lot of the Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park in North Conway, N.H. Chances are good this person was utterly shocked by their discovery!

And so are we all. Another mystery is what was Krista Dittmeyer doing in Conway, New Hampshire anyway? She lived and worked in Portland, Maine; I heard she had friends in that area. But why haven’t any of these friends confirmed that Krista planned on meeting them? Her family last heard from her at 8 PM Friday, so from that time until her car was found (6:30 AM) is ten and half hours. That’s a lot of time.

krista dittmeyer
20year-old Krista Dittmeyer

Let’s see, the drive from Portland to Conway is a 50 mile stretch, that’s just about a one hour drive. But when did Krista leave? Did she leave Portland at 5 AM for Conway? That would be a little odd, unless she had a very pressing appointment. On the other hand, Krista could have departed for Conway on Friday evening. But where did she stay once she got there?

Or did she ever make it there safely in first place? Let’s return to the abandoned Nissan Sentra, our best evidence to date. The car was still running, and the hazard lights were on. The driver’s door was left ajar. Blood was found in the vehicle. Of course, her baby (Aliyah) was okay, left still buckled in the back seat. Police don’t believe it was left there very long, after they found it. Don’t know how they can determine that?

And now we know the police have found another vehicle with some of Krista’s belongings left inside. Reports have been sketchy so far on this second vehicle. We will want to know whose car it belongs to, and what they found inside, naturally enough. It sounds as if the Conway police (and the FBI is involved now also) already have some solid leads to go on.

nissan sentra
Was Krista’s abandoned Nissan Sentra at Cranmore Mountain ski lodge’s parking lot a staged scene? What would Krista being doing there at 6:30 AM last Saturday? Nothing was opened anyway!

I don’t buy the idea that the alleged abduction occurred in this Cranmore Mountain ski resort parking lot. I don’t believe that Krista would have any reason to go there. Afterall, everything was closed for business at 6:30 AM. A more logical theory (as Pat Brown explained on Nancy Grace last night) for the crime scene, is that the initial abduction occurred elsewhere, then the perpetrator left the vehicle in this isolated spot.

It’s odd to think (and a little suspenseful) that the black Nissan Sentra had just been jettisoned when our anonymous witness comes upon this abandoned vehicle, still running with the flashers blinking and signaling, here I am, here I am! No way the mishap took place here; this looks like a staged scene. What do you think?

Krista’s ex-boyfriend, the father of Aliyah, has supposedly been cleared of any wrongdoing already. Back in February, Krista paid a visit to Conway to see this boyfriend’s (they broke up just last January) other daughter. So we know this is one of Krista’s connections to Conway. But were there others? Her family is from Bridgton, Maine, which is not very far away. Need clarification.

A very troubling case, with so many loose ends. It doesn’t seem as if Krista exactly, specifically, told anyone that she was going to go to Conway, NH. At least we can not cull that information from any of the reports we are given in the news.

For all we know, the altercation (abduction, kidnapping?) could have occurred in Portland. I wonder if the authorities are looking closely at her employment situation over at the Buffalo Wings Grill & bar?