Sean Connery Advocating to Free Scotland From Great Britain

Traditionally, most Scots never wanted to be tied to England in any way. They had a separate identity. Within Scotland, there were big differences between the Highland Scots and the Lowland Scots.

Whether it was called Great Britain or the United Kingdom, Many Scots just wanted to be in Scotland. Now they have the chance to split away and govern themselves. The upside is that they wouldn’t have people in the south of England deciding what was good for them and what was not. The downside is they would have to fund themselves.

Amongst the well-known names advocating for an independent Scotland is movie star Sean Connery, a Scottish native. Connery urged all Scots Saturday to vote to cut the ties that bind them to England, Wales and Northern Ireland – Great Britain – in the ground-breaking referendum in September.

sean connery
Sean Connery at the 2008 Edinburgh International Film Festival

It is well known that Sean Connery, who turns 84 this year, has a “Scotland Forever” tattoo, showing his patriotism. It is perhaps obvious that he would take this view.

Even though he is so pro-Scotland, he accepted a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth in 2000. The Scottish actor and producer has won an Academy Award, two BAFTA Awards and three Golden Globes.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper on Sunday, Connery said an opportunity to separate from the United Kingdom is “too good an opportunity to miss.”

“Independence would galvanize the film and creative industries, creating new jobs in Scotland.” – Sean Connery

Although he no longer lives in Scotland, Connery said his decision was made for the “people who choose to live and work in Scotland.” He also said he is convinced, “Independence would bring renewed focus on Scottish culture, heritage and creative excellence.”

Searching back to find other instances of Sean Connery’s nationalism, he wrote a widely reported column in the Scottish Sunday Express in 2007, in which he said “I’ve always been hopeful about Scotland’s prospects. And I now believe more than ever that Scotland is within touching distance of achieving independence and equality.”

Another Bond, Roger Moore said he was proud to be British and opposed the split, but said he wouldn’t take on Sean Connery, because he was too big to fight.

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