Scourging Corruption Suffocates Nepal

‘Nepal Mother’ suffers from four major diseases; 1) Corruption, 2) Cancer, 3) Christianity and 4) Communist (the communist that signed the 12-point pact in New Delhi 0n 22 November 2005). Among the four diseases, corruption including Christianity have become so rampant Nepal that every segment of the society like politics, industry, commerce, business, religion, and media, has affected every individual. His ethos, his mores, his morals, his principles, his ethics, his outlook, his personality, his attitudes, his judgment is affected and compromised by the raging cancer called corruption.

The cancer is dangerous but it spreads only in the body of the individual, but corruption is viral, violent, and vicious slowly poisoning the whole country. In fact it has already engulfed the country and suffocating the very breath of the nation. Our welfare will be in ridding Nepal mother of these diseases. Every household is under the perpetual grim concern of our nation’s dark future.

Nepali Congress’ late Girija Prasad Koirala had invited these diseases in Nepal. Although Girija is already dead but the anti-nationalist crimes that he had committed will never be forgotten. Girija became the creator of anti-nationalistic activities after 2006 in Nepal. UML, Maoist including other political leaders under the guidance of NC leader Girija was directed by Indian intelligence wing ‘RAW’. They signed the 12 point pact on 22 November 2005 and by accumulation of adequate resources launched the people’s uprising in 2006, embarking on Nepal’s destruction.

The agitation came to an abrupt end when a consensus was reached with King Gyanendra. The agreement reached with the King was sidelined while anti-nationalist issues of secularism, republic and federalism that had not been broached during the agitation were imposed upon us. The betrayal of this nation starts from this point. The resultant retrogression is caused by these factors.

Whereas the Maoist party systematically killed thousands of Nepali people. Why did they launch a decade long people’s war by destroying billions worth of nation’s property? They do not have any answer. The Maoists that became the largest party in the Constituent Assembly Election lost after coming to power.

After Prachanda’s senseless resignation the cabinet was formed by those who had either lost the election or not participated and those tarnished individuals. This rabble that included Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Finance Minister, Defense Minister, Information Minister, Culture Minister were those who had lost the election.

The leaders of Congress and UML have proved themselves as corrupt in the eyes of the Nepali people. Maoist is also concentrating on making Nepal crisis-ridden. Maoist party has become a huge problem for Nepal. No one can determine as yet what the intention and views of the Maoists. Maoists utter hundred different talks. The Maoists, which in 2005 had wanted to cooperate with the King, has become the supporter of republic. Maoists call themselves communists. The communist policy is class struggle not ethnic division.

To support India, which is looking to keep Nepal under its umbrella, and advocate republic, is tantamount to playing with Nepal’s existence. After Sikkim was forcibly annexed into the Indian Territory, B.P Koirala had said, ‘Nepal will not remain if royal institution ceases to exist. May the monarch’s royalist motives and people’s democratic interest combine?’ Why the Maoists do not accept this fact?

The conspiracy is in progress gradually to end the Nepalese nationality by cutting off the hands and legs of proud Nepali people. Indian intelligence wing is using the Nepali political party’s brokers like it had once used of Sikkim’s traitor Lendup Deroje. These politicians are indulging in destruction, corruption, bribery and treading the unconstitutional path. They are taking Nepal down the ignominious depths.

The nation is reeling from general strikes, wheel strikes, murder, theft, arson and so on. Those who are able to instigate chaos become the leader and this has become the base of taking over the regime. It has become a tradition that the leader who is able to commit the biggest crime becomes the biggest leader. In Nepal anarchy is being institutionalized. What can be more unfortunate for the nation? The nation is in such a perilous state of drowning because a timely action was not initiated against such traitors.

America wants its presence in the world and this is against the interest of socialists. However, in Nepal the American motive, rather than controlling socialism, is for disintegrating China through Free Tibet. The American interest is also of foisting Christianity in Nepal. Nepal’s socialists are not able to free themselves of the ideological chaos. The Mao China’s views on Nepali communists were that although the latter were of revolutionary facade they were directed as per the Indian design. In reality Nepal’s communists are not able to free themselves of this stigma.

In Nepali politics, economy and everything else is in chaos. If this situation persists, the civil wars that destroyed Afghanistan, disintegrated Yugoslavia and Iraq, will hit Nepal and we will have to become refugees in our own nation. We will have to live as orphans. Will it be suitable for Nepal Army and nationalist Nepali people to only stare at this dangerous situation?

It will not do to only watch. The patriots of this nation must concentrate only on how to save this holy-land.