Remembering The Victims of 9/11

Never Forget Our Victims of Islamic Terrorism of 9/11/2001!

There’s no doubt that September 11, 2001 was a horrific day in American history because 3000 thousand our compatriots lost their lives from barbarous acts of Islamic terrorists. “That bloody disaster we have been watched on television how the twin towers of the WorldTradeCenter burned and their citizens flung themselves to their deaths from hundred stairs up.” Genuinely that was an unexpected tragedy for all us and the United Stateswhich we will never forget in our hearts and minds.

And today, thirteen years later our hearts are still hurt, sorrowful and so painful for our three thousand innocent lives who were victims of Islamic barbarous terrorist attacks committed against our country “On Sept. 11th, 2001, terrorists hijacked four airliners. Planes were intentionally crashed into each of the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, while the fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvaniawhen passengers bravely fought to retake control of their aircraft.”

That barbaric, anti-human and anti-civilization terrorist act we will never forget, and we will never forgive those who have committed and who have planned, supported and funded to kill innocent American citizens and to destroy America.

It should be recalled that the bloody tragedy of September 11th, 2001, the former United States President George W Bush experienced emotionally and with great pain as any American who nine days later i.e on September 20, 2001, to the world, delivered this historical message: “Either you are with us, or you are with terrorists. Either you stand with civilization and good (with us), or with barbarism and evil (with terrorists). Choose. And to those nations that choose wrongly, beware.”

This means that the strategic doctrine of Georg W Bush in fighting Islamic terrorism, there will be not limited as in 1998, “When al Qaeda up two the U.S embassies in eastern Africa, causing an immense loss of life, Washington responded with only very limited retaliation. But since September 11, 2001, American leaders have taken points to remind the world (and the American public) that Islam and Arabs are not U.S. enemies.” But only those who plane, prepare, organize, finance, support and commit terrorist attacs not only against the United States and Europe, but in every country in the world. They are potential the United States enemies, not all Muslims, not Islam or Islamic countries as lying and speculating obviously extremists and terrorists propaganda of Al-Qaeda, “Islamic State” (IS) in Syria and Iraq etc.

This should not be forgotten any country, any government, any organization, any group or any individual in the world, because Washington is ready and prepared at any moment to fight any form of terrorism in the world. The United Strategy by reason will target not only terrorists, but and those countries who support them in any manner whether ideologically or practically.

This determination of the United States to fight and to destroy entirely terrorism in international dimensions, should bear in mind as terrorists, as well as all the sponsors, supporters and their supporters who would be faced with the verdict of justice.

All the enemies of America, should be clear that we are not at the time of barbarism, but in the XXI century of the development, progress and civilization of the world. Therefore, these precious values of humanity, America and its allies will not allow that raped and killed by terrorists barbarians, no matter who is behind them and what goals have to destroy the civilized and democratic world.

Regardless of who they are, there’s no excuse for any acts of terrorism.

This comment in the sign of remembrance with piety of 3000 thousand lost lives of our compatriots I will conclude with this very important and meaningful message of the former the United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, delivered in Facebook (September 11, 2014): “Today, we remember those who lost their lives when horrific acts of terror were committed against our country. Thirteen years later, we are united and stronger because terrorists could never shake our faith in one another. The United States of Americacontinues to stand for freedom and democracy all over the world. We pray for those lives that were lost and we ask God to protect those who defend us. God Bless America.”