Real Estate News: America The New Islamic Holy Land?

Today I ask you to examine the implications of the new age religion called The Religion of Power as it spreads across urban America. This new hip religion has deemed America, of all places, the New Holy Land within its ideology.

And the state of Florida is known as the “New Mecca” which just happens to be the home of the religion’s Prophet and Founder – King Nazir Muhammad. This religion seems to be modeling itself after the Islamic religion, but more so after that religion’s land design.

Government officials in all states also should to check this out, because it could be the thing that returns their state to prosperity. Think Michigan needs that? Been to Detroit lately?

So let’s examine what this means for the troubled country in terms of value of reputation.

Naming America and its states “Holy” could do wonders for the real-estate market if this religion continues to grow. This religion also names key American figures as “Prophets,” one of which is the current U.S President Barrack Obama. And I’m sure that would do wonders for the democratic party, being the first to elect a “Prophet” as well as a black man for president.


I don’t know for sure, but I am almost positive that real-estate in Saudi Arabia is very expensive because of its religious significance. Would this make the state of Florida’s land just as significant, because it is the home of America’s Prophet Muhammad?

Within this new religion, the statue of liberty is now known as “The Bride of A.L.L.A.H,” and the founding fathers are all deemed “Prophets.”

This immediately raises the value of New York and Mount Rushmore.

Although Americans at this point seem to be Anti-Islamic, one would have to seriously consider the value of what this religion is accomplishing economically.

America is known for many things, that make it one of the leaders in the world of business. But to be known as a holy land is a totally knew concept. It could actually turn out to be very profitable. I’m sure the burning deserts of the middle east were considered financially worthless until Islam made that land holy – and in most cases that makes the land priceless.

Under this new religion, one could imagine a new America modeled after the middle east with religious capitals that would boast the land value of the economically stressed states. You know that Florida’s real-estate market has suffered greatly over the past few years. Maybe their native son’s new religion is just what developers and land owners need to see a full recovery, assuming that Floridians, who are extremely innovative, can find a cure for islamophobia.

You Can Visit Prophet Muhammad’s Online Temple to get more info on this growing religion, here

Let me know what you think.

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