President Donald J. Trump: It is Now Your Job to Save the USA from Itself

Mr. President you have become a war president; leading the war against a novel virus and now also the war of violent civil disobedience, ripping the seams of American society’s fabric.

I am a troubled citizen. The darkness that has been hovering over our land these past three months is getting darker.

It began with a novel virus for which no one in the United States had the proper tools to deal with, and thus crucial mistakes were made along the way. An attestation how ill-prepared our country is for such an event. It is also shining a bright light on how feckless and ineffective most of the country’s leadership is.

Then came the case of Minneapolis police brutality – George Floyd murdered by Policeman Derek Chauvin – that followed by nation-wide violent riots. This event not only shone an even a brighter light on how feckless and ineffective most of the country’s leadership is, but worse, we, the people are not protected by our government. The number one job of the government is to protect its citizens. The government failed miserably the job it is dutifully assigned to perform.

Justice Is Not an Excuse for Violence

Mr. Trump, I am worried and have great concern for our country.

president trump and flags newsblaze
President Trump and flags. NewsBlaze photo.

I see the riots and I see who is rioting. The rioters are young, they do not work they are not productive; they are lost souls, a social explosive with disregard for the law, full of hate for our country, for their fellow Americans.

I did not know such elements, of untold number, were living in our midst. It seems as if these rioters were educated to hate their homeland rather than cherish it. Where are the education institutes that taught them this evil?

Does the call for justice justify an excuse for violence towards the population at large? It seems that many people, most appear to be young, the future generation to lead our country, think so and they are not playing with a full deck. What we are seeing these days, in many US cities, is dreadful crimes carried out for personal gain under the guise of “justice.”

Mr. President, a crime is a crime and the criminal justice system needs to be applied, quickly and decisively no matter the number of these turned-to-be criminals, not peaceful protestors. A lesson must be taught so they do not repeat such behavior.

If not, justice that excuses violence is a self-destructive axiom that risks generating more such mayhem. I sincerely hope that George Floyd’s murder was scandalous police behavior, not the norm. We must not draw away from its implications. Still, the Left that endorses much of the thugs’ behavior must disavow its endorsement of these recent crimes lest the resonating rhetoric gives rise to fresh disorders.

I arrived on the shores of America from South Africa, a country that had a social fabric that held two types of people – white and black. The people in that country lived in a very distinct separated existence, not allowed to mix much. Like two ships passing in the night without seeing each other.

What made me so very American was the fact that everyone here was an American. But no more. What makes me so very disappointed is that I, who was not born in America will fight for the America the Founding Fathers bequeathed to us, while so many who were born here fight to undo this exceptional America.

I remember how I cringed when then-President Barack Hussein Obama apologized to the entire world for America’s sins! Obama saw America as inferior; the Left sees America as the same, inferior.

An Eye on the Fascistic Democrats

There is a new phenomenon in our country: Leftists infected with the Trump derangement syndrome (TDS). Trump is the man who stands in their way to achieve their destruction of America’s objective.

What I witness is that to get what they want, the Left-Democrats will use the “Big Lie.” If they can they will cheat in elections. They will abolish our borders in order to import illegals who will eventually vote for the Democrat Party. The Left-Democrats are experts at using the legal system and the courts to get what they can’t get legislatively. In order to gain and keep the power they seek, the Left-Democrats use emotional appeals to distract their kind-hearted, but clueless group-think followers. Black Americans in America’s Democrat-run inner cities are kept disenfranchised, poor and uneducated in order to secure their vote for the Left-Democrats.

And remember the Left’s enemy and what they fear most is facts, logic and commonsense.

The civil order in what we call the civilized West is under assault from the Democrats, progressives and socialists-fascists and their assorted comrades.

Western Civilization’s culture means, the rule of law and equality under the law, separation of church and state, human rights and liberal democracy, self-criticism, fair-minded search for the truth, freedom of thought and expression, all considered superior to any other notions devised by humankind. All of this is under assault by the Left-Democrats nowadays.

It appears more and more that the Left-Democrats are the evil-devils akin.

The Left knows that the larger the mob, the harder the test. When the mob’s field is nationwide, the Democrat-Fascists, further empower the anarchists.

We see a societal fault line that arises out of the difference in understanding of how the civilized world works.

Is it that the political power belongs to those who hold it or is it that political power comes though the will of the people?

Do we see the world through the lens of positive progress and achievements, in how it impacts the individual or do we see the world in terms of vapid words that represent feelings and emotional outcomes and generalizations about reality?

What we see in the American social fabric is a society that resembles two ships passing in the night without seeing each other; one ship is on a course to a better future while the other ship is wallowing in undoing this civil society’s betterment.

The divide is along “state-ism” lines. The Fascist-Left population want the government to decide what to do with their lives while the other side knows they are smart enough to handle their life, knows how to earn a dollar and also knows how to spend it wisely.

In almost all of the western world it is around these two polarized world-views that all political and the social discourse seem to gyrate. The difference between the individual Vs the collective’s role is the ideological core of our society today. The key factor in our society’s operation and observation.

The time has come for all good Americans to say, “Get off my property.”

It is a wake-up call to both Liberals and Conservatives Americans who care about America, ours, the people’s country. They need to start standing up to the war against the freedoms that we cherish, and not be intimidated or silenced by well-orchestrated shouts of demagoguery, racism and misogyny. The Left and its media partners’ big-picture agenda is to take away our freedoms. The attention of we, the people, must not be diverted from the objective to sidetrack our attention from the left’s evil end-goal.

looting los angeles
Looting in Los Angeles at Alexander McQueen store.

Adding the Jewish element

I am a Jew. I staunchly support the state of Israel, which I think is one of the United States’ best friends and allies.

Among the rioters there was an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel element that defaced synagogues and caused tremendous damage to Jewish property.

I now worry deeply. Because the United States, which is Israel’s main backbone in many aspects, is fast heading towards becoming a third-world country, riddled and tainted with Antisemitism and violence most difficult to restrain. I’m afraid that you, Mr. Trump, God forbid, will not be elected for a second term.

I therefore, call on you, Mr. Trump to do all that you can to be reelected for a second term, as the United States’ 45th President, in order to save the US from itself.

I will be the first one at the poll to make my voice heard and vote for you again.

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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