President Biden and the Election – U.S. and Democrats Face Crisis

Joe Biden served in Congress for a long time working with Republicans including Mitch McConnell, “I know Joe Biden pretty well. He’s a good guy; I like him personally,” McConnell told an audience in Louisville on Tuesday, referring to the more than 20 years they spent together in the Senate and the deals they worked on when Biden was vice president.

In that time he built a reputation as a consensus builder who always put the good of the country as a whole ahead of either his own political ambitions or politics in general.

He did a fine job as VP to Obama. (Ask 15 million people who now have health insurance.)

flag painted on large barn
A typical Pennsylvania farm

He has done a magnificent job as President, cutting the growth of the deficit in half, building the strongest economy in decades, saving diabetics thousands on their vital medicine, even trying to pass good immigration bills.

Four percent unemployment is almost unheard of. It is below what economists consider full employment. You can tell because there are help wanted signs literally everywhere.

No matter what you have heard there is absolutely zero evidence he has ever played with the U.S. legal system either for or against anyone – for example, his son was just convicted in a federal court where just a suggestion from the President would have ended the case.

Crime is down in cities. Even Texas law enforcement says immigrants are not committing as many crimes of any sort than are citizens.

Without millions of immigrants the U.S. population will plunge, there won’t be enough people paying into Social Security, there won’t be enough farm workers, ditto for nursing home workers, ditto for many construction workers.

Population Decline – The Imminent Economic Collapse of East Asia

Biden Then and Now Joe Biden is Old.

I am old.

I understand old. Joe Biden is older.

Biden and Obama in white house, pixabay, janeb13
Biden and Obama in white house, pixabay, janeb13

I very occasionally have to think for a second to remember a name, but I never liked people anyway so that’s not new.

I have been a journalist and author most of my working life and authors simply have no time to party or socialize. We put our energy into study and our writing.

I never thought he should run again, now I am convinced he will contribute to the destruction of democracy if he doesn’t quickly drop out of this race.

Within 15 minutes of the start of the debate debacle I was posting my suggestion for a Shapiro/Whitmer ticket, winning two of the critical swing states and most of the independents who feel Biden is too old to be president, a job which can kill people or at least make them old before their time.

But President Biden isn’t old before his time. He is old. He could probably do a good job as the next President if he lived through it, but he can’t get elected.

Despite the fact that Presidents really can’t do more than modestly influence inflation, unemployment, immigration, crime, or much else people wish they could “FIX,” they get the blame and credit for everything people like and mostly what they don’t like.

Being a good President is a great deal about knowing who to listen to.

The job is far too big for one person, it takes a strong team and Biden is a team maker. He chooses good people and lets them do their jobs.

That is why FDR who was on cocaine, in constant pain, and in terrible shape, was able to win WWII and save the free world from fascism.

So, if he could get elected Biden would do a good enough job.

Biden Now and Future

Biden, right now, is one of the best presidents we have had, quite possibly in the top ten.

If he drops out of this race in the next week or two, he will probably be ranked by Presidential historians in the top five.

If he doesn’t quit now and ends up leaving the Democratic Party in even worse shape than the GOP, people will spit when they speak his name.

He will be one of those people who should have been great, had been great, but held on far too long and helped destroy the country.

If he stays in this race and likely loses Biden will be ranked with two others who in recent years have reversed everything good they did in decades by staying long past the time when they should have retired.

My vote for the worst Americans in recent history:

  • Hillary Clinton for running for President and losing when so many people rightly or wrongly obviously hated her already.
  • RBG, a surprise for many – Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for refusing to resign when a less fanatic President could name a moderate replacement. If people want to blame anyone for reversing Roe vs Wade, it should be RBG.

Do you have a candidate who had done so much good or at least neutral but who did more damage simply by refusing to retire?

First Lady Jill Biden is reportedly working hard to make my short list by attacking the people who urge her very old husband to keep humiliating himself in public.

Dr. Biden (NOT a medical degree) praised her husband’s debate performance which makes me question her age also.

Supporting her husband means getting him to retire not to die in office.

She is doing a disservice to her husband and the country.

joe biden in the 2024 CNN debate. youtube screenshot.
Joe Biden in the 2024 CNN debate. youtube screenshot.