Preponderance of Ineptness and Disarray in Nepal 2006-2010

The Nepali Congress, UML and the Maoists have seized the country’s power by threat, intimidation and brandishing arms. The pious-country’s sovereignty now lies with the anarchic and autocratic leaders of so-called big parties. The leaders of those parties were never democratic, are not now and will never be. There is not even a single record of their contribution to the country.

The country is now sliding downhill because of their misdemeanor. No one can claim, now, that there is democracy in Nepal. When people are utterly fearful and their only concern is to protect their lives and save their properties, what can be expected from these treacherous politicians? The only concern of the people is that these leaders might sell off the country independence and sovereignty.

The country has fallen into confusion from the day the parties trampled on the constitution of 1990 and imposed illegally the interim constitution. What would remain of the people’s rights and national independence when the constitution itself is made into a scrap of paper?

Can anyone expect democracy from the party, which has reared armed and extremist groups? The leaders of three parties, which are ruling the roost and the others, are impotent hangers on. Like they say each cheat the other, each need the other, they are always meeting and trying to cheat the other. However, the decision of the cruel and autocratic communist has been the decision of the three parties. This is only a staged show. What have prevailed in Nepal now are impotency and ineptness, confusion and total disarray.

The foreigners have made a grave mistake by supporting these destructive elements. On the recommendation of UNMIN the Maoists have kept all their weapons with themselves. None UN representatives are working for the benefit of Nepal. The former chief (UNMIN) Ian Martin’s intention was very suspicious. From the very beginning they are trying to stage a civil war in Nepal and they are also defaming the United Nations. They should be chased away by the Nepalese people.

The Maoist party has adopted the strategy for forcing the Congress and UML party to cower before its demands by showing the threat of weapons and if things did not go to their way to obliterate the other parties. The late Girija-one of the big traitor, and his followers occupied to enjoy power by playing with the Maoists. The Nepali Congress has ended its democratic credentials by taking up course of republican. They must not have deviated from the path.

The congress cannot survive by leaving behind constitutional monarchy and multi-party democracy. Despite knowing this, the traitor- Girijas have ended the basic norms and values of parliamentary democracy. I reiterate the traitors name here again that NC leader-late Girija- former PM, The traitor-Ramchandra Paudel, the culprit- Sherbahadur Deuwa, the agent- Krishna Sitaula, Narahari Acharya, UML-Madhab Nepal-PM, Jalanath, Bamdev, Khadga Oli. Subash Nembang (speaker), Now, the Maoist leader Prachanda is confused. But, the Maoist leaders Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, Dinnath Sharma etc (almost 20-30) called as the traitors of the nation.

It is only because of them that more than 400 people lost their lives after their movement in April, thousands others are injured or maimed and the country has lost billions of rupees worth of property. Their atrocities have crossed all limits. So, the people should chase away these politicians. It is now time to search each of those people who have sunk the country into crevasse after the April 2006. It is also because of the crooked intellectuals that Nepal has faced this sorry situation.

A section of the Nepalese intellectuals is so mean, corrupt and crooked that they have grovel before power and the Mafia. These so-called intellectuals-traitors- Debendra Raj Pandey-Phd, Dr. Sundermani Dixit, Krishna Pahari, Kagendra Sangraula, Sbod Pakurel, Padhmaratna Tuladhar and such culprits made the republic, secularism and federalism as a begging bowl. To abolish the monarchy and Hindu Kingdom and to implement the republic, secularism and federalism, the constituent assembly election is a part of the grand design of Indian RAW and CIA to wipe out Nepal as an independent country. So this country must be set free from these pro-Indian and CIA’s agents.

First of all, why do they need republic? Can Nepal remain as Nepal without monarchy? If anyone wants the assurance of integrity and lasting peace in this country, one must not be confused about the country’s century’s old monarchy, Hindu and Buddhist religion and tradition.

One must seek ways to strengthen its nationalism and national integrity and parliamentary democracy instead of republic. One cannot have parliamentary democracy and communism in one country. Why do they need a dozen languages on official documents instead of a single Nepali language? Why do they need a secular state instead of a Hindu country? Which religion or race was discriminated when Nepal was a Hindu kingdom? So, far how long the Nepalese would suffer the oppression and atrocity of the so-called antinationalist- party leaders?

This country is to collapse because of its fiddling with federalism and ethnic autonomy on fluke without making even a small judgment on the country’s size, geography and ethnic-social situation. After the constituent election what kinds of achievement we gained. They can’t make the new constitution and the new government. Like the saying the thief shouts the loudest they are actually and they should be subjected to punishment. Nationalist Nepalese will not let them when there is time. It is now time for the nationalist Nepalese to sacrifice their lives for this country.