Polling Results on Nepal’s First President Send a Message to Politicians

The various pollsters in Nepal on its first Presidency clearly rejected Girija Prasad Koirala, Madhav Nepal, Sahana Pradhan and Ram Raja Prasad Singh as President. Nepali people instead wished to see any other nationally and internationally accepted personality who can represent the image of the sovereign and independent Nepal. At the same time, they expressed that “we should be proud to say that we have this personality as our President”.

The stooges of India – all those mentioned above do not have even a single digit in their favor. Polls taken throughout the nation by the Independent Pollsters Group (IPG) reveal that incumbent Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Madhav Nepal are neck and neck at 9.5 and 9 percent whereas Mrs. Sahana Pradhan has a little over 6.1 percent. Mr. Ram Raja Prasad Singh scored a little less than 5 percent. Altogether these four widely circulated and believed to be the strong contenders received just 29.6 percent.

In contrast, the negative votes against all these leaders stand surprisingly above 70 percent. Among 70 percent of those polled, the former Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai received an extraordinarily high score which stands almost close to 35 percent. UML’s former acting General Secretary Amrit Bohara scored 15 percent. Former UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Mr. Kul Chandra Gautam received 11 percent. Civil society leaders Dr. Devendra Raj Pandey, Padma Ratna Tuladhar, Kundan Mani Dixit and Shushil Pyakurel’s share falls slightly below 10 percent.

The web based polls conducted by the “Times” which was also placed in Nepalnews.com showed Girija Prasad Koirala is the leading contender among Madhav Nepal, Sahana Pradhan and Ram Raja Prasad Singh. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai’s name was not listed. Kul Chandra Gautam and Amrit Bohara were also not listed. Still, the negative votes stood well above 40 percent.

Another poll conducted by the Federation of Gallup Polls (FGP) run by independent international polling experts also reveals similar results to Independent Pollsters Group (IPG). Former Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai is leading with a heavy margin to his nearest rival former UML Acting Secretary General Amrit Bohara. Mr. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai scores 32 percent whereas Comrade Amrit Bohara has 15 percent. Mr. Kul Chandra Gautam is in third with 11.5 percent. The incumbent Prime Minister is in fourth place with 11 percent. Other contenders, former UML Secretary General 10 percent, Mrs. Sahana Pradhan 10 percent and all other Civil Society Leaders including Ram Raja Prasad Singh combined scored less than 6 percent. The Federation of Gallup Polls conduct covered mainly urban areas with educated inhabits.

Polling results clearly indicate that the people of Nepal wish to see a President with a clean image. Nepalese do not care about who or what party that personality represents. Around 95 percent of respondents do not want a President who in the past has shown a lust for power, been involved in corruption or scandals and ruined Nepal for their personal benefit.

It is the duty of all political leaders and parties to consider the people’s feelings while electing the First President of Nepal. A result opposite to what the people want will be a complete betrayal to the real masters of the sovereign and independent Nepal.