New Architecture of Serbian Genocide Against Kosovo Albanians

As stated on the International and domestic mass media on Friday, 13 December 2013, a mass grave was discovered at the Rudnica quarry mine near the Raska municipality in Serbia.

It is suspected that there are around 250 Kosovo Albanians who were killed in 1999 in Kosovo by Serbian paramilitary, military and police forces. The refrigerators and trucks were transported and buried in secret mass graves in different locations in Serbia.

This news was disclosed on the basis of the “Serbian authorities, EULEX Department of Forensic Medicine (DFM) and forensic experts from the Kosovo Department of Forensic Medicine during the site assessment at the Rudnica quarry in the municipality of Raska. Human remains were discovered,” European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) said in a brief statement on Friday.

The statement said other organizations witnesssed the excavation, particularly the EULEX War Crimes Investigation Unit, Serbia’s Government Commission for Missing Persons, and the International Committee of the Red Cross. It was not immediately disclosed how many bodies were discovered, although Serbian prosecutors believe the number could be as high as 250.”

The head of Kosovo’s state commission for missing persons said “at the Rudnica quarry mass grave probably there are more than 250 to 400 human remains.”

Sadly, this is a “modern architecture” in the twentieth century of the lost decade (1989-1999) of the Serbian genocide on Albanians and Kosovo. The chetnik – fascist criminals executed Albanian victims who were transferred by trucks and buried in secret mass graves in Serbia (PeruAaac near Kladovo, Batajnica within its military poligon barracks-in the heart of Belgrade capital city of Serbia, Rudnice near Raska). In addition, there are other graves cemented in the region of Southern and Eastern Serbia. They have done with the aim of concealing the traces of the crime of genocide against Albanians (1998-1999). Serbia has made genocide towards Albanians since its independence in 1878.

However, the recent Serbian genocide of 1999 stands for the “modern architecture” because the massacred Albanians were imported to Belgrade, and Gjerdap river. This industry of Serbian genocide against Albanians is symmetric with Adlof Hitler’s Holocaust. The perpetrators, planners who ordered this kind of genocide are still at large and the various functions of government in Serbia today.

The murder and massacre of over 20,000 Albanians in Kosovo both soldiers and civilians, over 3,000 missing, and the burning of over 100,000 thousand homes, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of wounded military personnel and civilians (most of whom remained for 12 years at “the mercy of time” and political leaders of Kosovo) throughout Albanian Kosovo, refutes President Atifete Jahjaga’s absurd statement that Kosovo was only an “armed conflict.” It was in actuality Serbia’s aggressive war, genocide and fascism against Kosovar Albanians in an attempt to further colonize the territory of Kosovo.

This is unjustified and unacceptable and contrary to international law, too. Serbia must be brought to justice.