Netanyahu and the Folly of the Disastrous JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action)

Was it Netanyahu’s smooth politician’s tongue that brought JCPOA and aided Iran to the brink of becoming a nuclear power?

During his premiership, I often called Netanyahu a speechster. In the past 12 years, Netanyahu has been dealing with Iran’s goal to have nuclear arsenal. Did he do much less than was expected of him and spoke way too much while he made the Iranian threat his most important political trajectory?

The fools of Israel with their foyleishtick – פוילעשטיק – nonsense solely blame Netanyahu for Iran being closer than ever to manufacturing a nuclear bomb that threatens Israel’s existence.

Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

However, Netanyahu did not fail with the Iranian nuclear subject. It was the United States with Barack Hussein Obama at its helm and the hate-Israel European Union (EU) that started the downturn. They did it by signing the disastrous JCPOA ( Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ) and Biden, as a marionette of Obama who is behind the White House curtain, continues it with a much worse 2nd deal. In between the Obama and Biden presidencies, President Trump put the brakes on Iran, by pulling out of the agreement for 4 years. So foolish Israelis, what now after you admit the facts herein below?

This Is How It Is

Israel’s left sees Netanyahu as the guilty party of the turn of events in the nuclear agreement with Iran. That’s because they say he did not take into account that a bunch of impersonal, lax and cowardly people would come to power in Israel and make cricket noises in front of a naive and impotent American administration. There is nothing to say, and they want Netanyahu and his supporters to admit guilt. Too many people in Israel did not believe that this gang of idiots currently at the helm of their country could be so helpless and lacking in ability.

Between the unfounded accusations that Benjamin Netanyahu is guilty of the Iranian nuclear deal, which is one of the craziest blood libels we’ve ever heard, and the gibberish speeches of Prime Minister Yair Lapid – what can we do – here are the facts and dates that cannot be disputed.

JCPOA and Yair Lapid, Naftali Bennett, Benny Gantz, and Benjamin Netanyahu. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.
JCPOA and Yair Lapid, Naftali Bennett, Benny Gantz, and Benjamin Netanyahu. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.

The JCPOA Timeline

Netanyahu against Lapid and Gantz: “We fell asleep on guard and allowed Iran to reach an agreement that endangers our future.”

May 2018 – Following pressure from Netanyahu and the presentation of the Iranian nuclear archive, President Trump withdraws from the Iranian nuclear agreement and begins to reinstate the crippling sanctions on Iran.

From May 2018 to January 2021, for two and a half years, Iran does not exceed the uranium enrichment ceiling of 5% (a level sufficient for an energy reactor but not suitable for a bomb), and does not dare to harm the work of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspectors nor touch the surveillance cameras. Iran fears a credible military threat and is shocked by the elimination of Qasem Soleimani in January 2020, carried out by the US and with the cooperation of the Israeli Mossad. All that time, mysterious explosions continue in Iran’s nuclear facilities, killing missile and nuclear scientists. At the same time, Iran’s economy is deteriorating to an unprecedented low and there is a severe shortage of foreign exchange reserves.

November 2020 – Biden was elected president of the USA (fake or not, that’s for another story) and the Left in Israel celebrated the removal of President Trump.

January 2021 – Biden is sworn in as US President. Iran passes a law that allows it to start enriching uranium to the level of 20%, on the way to a military level. Biden and other JCPOA participants in response: Returning to negotiations on a renewed nuclear agreement.

April 2021 – A massive explosion at Iran’s Natanz enrichment plant destroys Iran’s new centrifuges. The attack is attributed to Israel under the leadership of Netanyahu and according to the New York Times: Iran will need at least 9 months to resume enrichment.

April 2021 – At the same time as the explosion in Natanz, the Iranians understand what we all already knew: Netanyahu is on his way to the opposition due to the defection of Bennett and his five dwarfs to Lapid. Iran announces their intention to raise the level of uranium enrichment to 60%.

June 2021 – The Bennett-Lapid government is sworn in. Shortly after they announce that they will not surprise the Americans with secret actions against Iran and will not argue with them in public. From this point onward, the Iranians are racing towards an atomic bomb and enriching uranium, at will, to 60% and possibly more. Official Israel is silent. Engaged in Just not Bibi.”

June 2022 – Iran shuts down the surveillance cameras. Israel does not respond. The US is rushing to an agreement with Iran that will not harm Iran’s ability to enrich uranium and will also give it hundreds of billions of dollars so it can increase its international terrorist activities.

August 2022 – Israel, under the leadership of Yair Lapid, suddenly realizes that the situation is not good. In an urgent meeting, they decide to reject any blame and thus blame Netanyahu and call him “the father of the Iranian bomb” … 2 months before the election in Israel!

Feckless Bennett-Lapid-Gantz Leadership

The conclusion, draw it yourself … right now everything stinks from the head of the Bennett-Lapid-Gantz fish.

In the past year, Yair Lapid, currently Israel’s acting Prime Minister, and Defense Minister Benny Gantz have completely abandoned the public fight against the nuclear deal with Iran. During only a year in power, Lapid and Gantz allowed the US and Iran to reach a nuclear agreement that endangers the future of the State of Israel.

They did not put pressure on the American administration not to sign the current agreement. They did not appeal to Congress, did not appeal to the UN, and did not conduct a vigorous diplomatic campaign in the world’s media.

Asleep on Vacation

On the eve of the signing of the agreement, Naftali Bennett, appointed by Lapid as the minister of Iranian affairs, is on vacation in Italy, apparently in an area without cellular reception.

Lapid and Gantz have remembered to wake up now, this after the US has already concluded the main points of the JCPOA agreement with Iran. Is it too little, too late? Will Lapid and Gantz’s handicapped work be remembered in history as the Iranian nuclear failure?

Is it their lack of ability, weakness, or a terrible lack of responsibility?

This is now how you fight the existential danger to the State of Israel? This is now how you protect her?

So, who or what will prevent Iran obtain nuclear weapons? The JCPOA? Benjamin Netanyahu or the Lapid-Bennet-Gantz squad?

Soon the secret will be revealed.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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