More Clues Emerge in Rebecca Zahau’s Weird Death That Point to Homicide!

More inconsistencies are leaking out (against the grain) for a persuasive, cogent scenario (painted by San Diego authorities), where Rebecca Zahau commits suicide, once she learns Max Shacknai was not going to make it. A new one I just learned of yesterday were the four injuries to Rebecca’s head, an indication of blunt force trauma.

How could she have sustained such injuries, other than by the hand of a third party? San Diego medical examiner Dr. Jonathan Lucas attempted to explain it away by saying she banged against the wall when she jumped during the hanging. This is not a fit. The bruises were on the top of the head and there was hemorrhaging. Someone hit her over the head four times.

This was done to knock her out so the suicide could be staged. Fingerprints on the knives used to cut the thick (ritualistic) red rope, utilized in binding her hands (behind her back) and twined around her feet, were planted on the receptacles by a most clever, professional killer. And what about the red rope used? Where did it come from? Was it already in the lofty Spreckels mansion?

rebecca and max

The footprints must have been planted also. The killer used gloves and tip-toed around the balconied-room lightly in socks. When leaving, he/she thought to sprinkle dirt/dust on the small quantity of foot smudges on the floor. And what about the black paint (used on the cryptic note painted on a door) found on Zahau’s breast, collarbone, and hands? Obviously smeared on her to tie (connect) her to the fake (ritual) epigram.

As petite and coordinated as Rebecca appears to have been, why would she accidentally spill so much black paint on herself, but ties herself up with red rope skillfully, comparable to the magnificent Houdini on steroids? Unfathomable, and a blunder by the killer to over-stage the scene. But what about the blood found on Zahau’s legs? A best guess is it came from the head injuries.

An obvious clue (to me), that we’re talking homicide here, is the handwriting on the door can not be attributable to Rebecca’s known handwriting. As far as I know, a professional handwriting analysis has not yet been made. But some Zahau family members already know it’s not hers. If this could be established scientifically, then the floodgates would open, REDRUM, as it was deemed in Stephen King’s novel The Shining!

The black-paint riddle or inscription is another clue that was left by a murderer, as a way of putting words in Rebecca’s mouth and sketching her psychological state as remote and quizzical, as if she’s pronouncing a substantive oracle that explains away her gossamer actions.

rebecca zahaus body

She Saved Him Can You Save Her has no punctuation, but the first character of each word is capitalized. It’s third person too. Since it’s third person, it exudes a meaning of a third party writing about Rebecca, not Rebecca writing about herself. It’s mockery and humiliation, vindictive and cunning. Pristine black irony that shocks and scares the be Jesus out of you! She didn’t save Max! Get it!

So much new evidence has come forth now. It’s time to have courage and confidence in portraying this bizarre event from July 13th as a clandestine homicide with a meticulously worked out plan. A message is projected: look what can happen to you if you mess with me. Nearly a perfect crime. If Columbo was still alive he could see the flaws. The’re there.