Monstrous Maoist Leader Pushes Nepal into Darkness

It is not necessary to investigate into his educational background, what kind of Nepal he wants, and on who’s backing he became Prime Minister, everyone knows Maoists leader Dr. Baburam Bhattarai as pro-Indian. Though he was born as Nepalese he is loyal towards India as he is obliged by his professor-SD Muni- the designer of RAW, who brain washed him for a long time.

He does not want to recognize the fact of the creator of Greater Nepal- The great King Prithvi Narayan Shah.

Similarly, he does not accept the contribution of King Tribhuvan and the sacrifice of four martyrs to end the autocratic rule of Rana regime in 1950 AD. He does not recognize Nepal’s national attire. He wants to replace Bikram Sambat era from Nepal- the Glorious Sovereign Era and he wants to impose to implement A.D. He wants to transform the nation into a Christian state from Hindu state. He has made use of the Maoist communists. His educational degree PH.D is the base for his treason. He does what the Indian intelligence agencies tell him to do. He tends to forget what he says and there is no consistency in his statements.

The suspicious Maoist Dr. Baburam Bhattarai surpasses the notoriety of late Nepali Congress leader Girija Prasad Koirala in being a traitor. It is a curse that such a naive, rackety, and obstinate person is born in Nepal mother’s lap. Baburam Bhattarai was known as one condemnable and worthless individual at a right time. After 2006, according to the hints of Block and RAW, Baburam Bhattarai, Nepali Congress leader Krishna Sitaula and some Madhesi attempted at the conspiracy to turn Nepal into another Fizi.

In the same year, although sad to note, 4 million citizenship certificates were distributed to Indian nationals on basis of birth. That is implicitly illegal. Traitor Baburam Bhattarai and Home Minister, the traitor- Bijaya Gachedar pushed to amend the interim constitution-2006 to provide birth certificates to those acquiring the citizenship on basis of birth in 2006.

His conspiratorial attitude was revealed when a bomb exploded at Tripureshwor killing people including a child five years ago. Baburam Bhattrai and another puppet of Indian intelligence wing and the then Home Minister Krishna Sitaula blamed the killing on the royal palace. However, the bombing had been carried out by their colleague Baban Singh. The same individual later was elected Constituent Assembly (CA) member from Rautahat. Similarly, in Feb.2012 a bomb exploded in front of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) in which three persons were killed and several injured. Through a police report Baburam Bhattarai has laid the blame on those calling themselves royalists supposedly attempting to spread terror.

Due to the traitors’ and corrupts regime, King Gyanendra’s increasing popularity has made them jealous. The traitors have produced a statement saying-‘King Gyanendra is actively participating in various religious rituals to obstruct the process of formulation of new constitution in this transitional period.’ Actually, the constitution will not be made from these leaders. They are draining the state coffer by deceiving the people in name of governance. Baburam Bhattarai became PM due to his lust for power.

Baburam Bhattarai had once said- ‘I will not remain in power if I fail to return the seized properties and carry out the management of the Maoist army within 45 days.’ Now he is saying- ‘What kind of person will part with power after gaining it. Yesterday Prachanda made a mistake by leaving the power, now such a mistake will not be repeated.’ So we can calculate ‘Crow are never the white for washing.’

Maoists resort to robbing banks and killing people. After coming to power they annulled the cases filed against them. What kind of cunning? It is to be noted that many cases are filed in Parbat district court against many crimes including bank robbery and killing against Baburam Bhattarai and Prachanda. The post of PM has been misused to secretly withdraw the cases of killing and seized properties. What can be more condemnable than this act of Baburam Bhattarai?

There are 30-40 traitors like Baburam Bhattarai’s caliber in Nepal-all most are Bahuns. Foreigners have made them their supporters and bred them to actuate Nepal’s retrogression process.

The fact is that the depraved mentality of the immortal individuals also falls from heaven to hell. Regardless of the number of uprising that has taken place in Nepal, all of them were spearheaded by foreign contractors than patriotic leaders. This is why the uprising and the effort at change has not taken complete shape. Instead of addressing the demands of the people these contractors were entrapped between parliamentary system and communism. These traitors went on to look for foreign activity and support, and plunged the nation into crisis and corruption. It is matter of grief that the PM Baburam Bhattarai is openly advocating this.

The biggest of all traitors, who is responsible for pushing Nepal towards this darkness, was the late Nepali Congress leader Girija. Among those who are still alive are PM Baburam Bhattarai and the incumbent Speaker of CA Subash Nemwang. These are the main players whom are responsible for this retrogression of Nepal. All sectors will rise against those who in name of politics deceive the nation.

After the Maoists came to power, the Maoist twisted their commitment and the people including the Maoist’s activists are also becoming furious. General Secretary of Maoist aligned Nepal Cultural munch, Maila Lama warns- ‘It would not be unusual if a dead body of Maoist leader is found lying in some alley or beside a big building. The commanders of people’s war, Prachanda and Baburam are betraying the nation and the people. If they conspire to only make their children’s future prosperous the families of martyrs, disappeared, injured and handicaps will not let them go so easily.’

The political parties are themselves revealing the facts that the incumbent CA, interim constitution, parliament and Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai led cabinet are foreign agendas. These criminals will not hesitate to sell this nation for money. Nationality is such a sensitive subject that it would be difficult to re-establish once it rolls down the slope. In the past Nepal was defended at the joint initiative of the King and people.

Now that thread of unity has snapped. To rescue this holy land from an imminent dark future all patriotic forces – Nepalese people, Nepal Army, the court and the chief organs of the state- must unite to commit themselves to serving the nation.