Mercy vs. Justice

The two great factors in law are justice and mercy. Justice is the price demanded for breaking the law. Mercy is what man needs to be forgiven for breaking the law.

Agency of man

How can man go wrong if there is no law to break? If there is no law for man to break, then there can be no punishment? What keeps men from doing whatever they want including violence and perversions? There would be no law and man would live worse than animals fighting and killing as they desired.

If there was no law then their must not be agency for man to choose between right or wrong. We would either be worse than animals or we would live in a world of fear because without agency we would live under a tyrant’s rule.

Man’s laws

Mans laws are not considered as moral laws in this day and age. Only a few of God’s commandment are now considered to be moral transgressions. The closest thing in man’s law to breaking one of God’s laws is “thou shall not kill” which is to murder. Stealing is another of the laws God commanded men not to break but most of the other laws of God are now lost in the rules of man’s law.

God’s Laws

To consider how God’s laws help man more than man’s laws help men. First we need to realize one import fact. If there were no laws form God then man’s laws would mean nothing.

God requires men to love him. This means one must know God. Can a person love another person without knowing them? For most people this is true but how many people love God and don’t know him or what he expects from His people.

Have no other God’s before me

No false gods. Can money or popularity be a false god? It is easy to follow a desire or great ambition. Many people search of wealth or fame. How many people go to Casino’s regularly to gamble to seek or acquire riches? How many people play the Lottery weekly hoping for the big jack pot, or just do anything to find popularity?

Make not idols

In this day what is considered idols? People, Money, Cars, homes, person of fame and fortunes, statues of others we admire or whorship; all of these can be false idols they are around us every day.

Take not the Lords name in vain

Do not use the name of the Lord in vain. Keep language simple and correct. The use of dirty words does nothing for the person… Dirty words offend God as well and other’s. His name is precious and should be respected in thought, name, and in spirit. There are disgusting words referring to sexual intercourse which even bring family members into the acts. Why do people, men and women, find it easy to use such language? .

The 7th day is Holy

The Sabbath day is to be Holy. Sunday was once, in this nation, a Holy Day. No one would go shopping or even hold open their stores for Sunday shoppers. If we as a nation would respect God’s day which is also our day to show our respect for others, we might not ever have a recessions.

Honor thy parents

Honor parents. Why, because they brought you into the world. Bill Cosby had this great thought,” I brought you into this world and I can take you out.” We know this is just a feeling parents might get when children rebel and in most situations it would never happen. Mother’s endure great physical discomfort to give birth to bring children into this world. Respect it.

Kill no man, murder

“Thou shall not Kill.” No killings or taking the blood of an innocent person. Taking the blood of the innocent is horrendous act that should require the life of those who kill; this is especially one of the commandments we still consider valid but fail to give correct judgment… People who take a life of another are stopping that person’s ability to decide what they will become and that is taking away a person’s agency. Agency is the greatest factor of this life.

No adultrey or Fornication

“Thou shalt not commit Adultery,” is a lost commandment in this day and age… This was once an important law considered on the list of our nations laws. Now it isn’t even considered during or for a divorce. People lower their family and marriage to the lowest level when they commit adultery. Pornography plays a great role in today’s immorality. Our nation calls it free speech or the right for free expression. What?

Take not that which is not your own

Thou shall not Steal. This is another rule we still punish for if they catch the person for more than several thefts or robberies. The amount of the theft or the money involved in the robbery should not be considered in punishment. A theft of a loaf of bread to feed a family is not the same as stealing money from a C-store. A person who steals little things and gets away with it might return for bigger items. Measure the need first and then the deed.

Gossip or falsehood hurt others

You shall not bear False witness. This one rule sustained in our court systems but it doesn’t end there. Gossip, about another person is false a witness even if the gossip is fact or fiction. When we talk about others we lower our own opinion of them in others eyes, and lower our opinion of ourselves.

Do not to covet

This leads to many problems in our society. Stealing, adultery, divorce, hate and envy and this list goes on and on. Look around and notice how people live, act, and envy others even television stars or those who provide entertainment in music on the stage, or rock and roll concerts. Seek good examples not poor ones.


No man can forgive the sins of another man. We might forgive a man for his trespasses but we cannot forgive him of breaking God’s laws. The only person who can forgive the breaking of God’s laws is God. If a man acquires a great debt and ignores to pay the bill, the result of his actions or lack thereof will bring him to court or into physical or spirtiual bondage.


Only God can forgive men of breaking his laws. If we truly repent and change, He will apply mercy to our wrong actions. He requires a broken heart and a contrite spirit. We must be willing to never sin again. Oh yes we do sin again but we must continue to find the contrite spirit to again change our ways. This is Mercy applied by a Loving God who allowed his Son to pay our debt with His sacrifice.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.