Maoist Party Fails to Preserve Nepal’s Values, Norms and Identity

In history, the creators are always remembered. The path for the creator of any nation can never be obstructed. But in Nepal, since 1990, the misrule and subsequent corruption under the leadership of Nepali Congress (NC) and UML led to the birth of the Maoist rebellion. When Girija Prasad Koirala became PM-1990, and Sher Bahadur Deuba as home minister, the Maoist insurgency became strong. Nepali people supported the Maoist rebellion because people were not getting any facility and justice.

So, the Maoists were succeeded to convince against the Girija regime. Because of India’s anti-Nepalese feeling the danger was looming over the sovereignty of the country. And then, why have the Maoists, after such destruction of infrastructures and material properties, joined hands with corrupts- the Nepali Congress and UML? The Maoist party must give an answer to this question to the Nepali people. After 2006 the Maoists became involved in the uprising with NC and UML that changed the then incumbent governance. Had Maoists’ rebelled joined with the Congress and UML to rob more from the state coffer than NC and UML? The Maoist party must answer to this question?

After 2006 Nepali people have not been able to live a single day in peace and happiness. The inflation, lack of basic needs, insecurity, theft, murder, robbery, kidnapping, and strikes among others have been stripping Nepali people of their prestige. Aren’t the Maoists too responsible for this? The people can point their finger at the Maoists on the basis of the account of the robbery, forced donation, and extortion racket that they had carried out. There are charges that the Maoist party is taking abundant financial support from Indian, American intelligence agencies, and European nations to transform Nepal into a Christian nation. The Maoist party should clear this point to the Nepalese people.

The goal of any political party is to uplift the living standard of the people by preserving the nation’s values, norms, and its identity. The Maoist party has time and again failed to heed towards that direction. In Nepal the issues of caste, language, religion, resources, and water are very sensitive. It ethnic division between the people will be an invitation for disintegration of the country. The Maoist party has fallen into a controversy by raising the issue of nation building. We have a question to the Maoists: Are secularism, ethnicity based federalism and republic are the issues to divide a small Nepal? It cannot be the agendas of NC and UML. These are the agendas of RAW and CIA for Christianity. The Maoists should make clear their stand with written statements but not verbally. Dr.Baburam Bhattarai (Since Aug. 29-2011-PM) is one the broker-formulator of these agenda and since 2005; he has been pleading these poisonous agendas.

Just 29 Aug 2011, the first anti-Hindu, Maoist leader, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai elected the Prime minister of Nepal by the support of Madeshi parties who are known as the power hunger and money-minded and the agents o RAW. This unholy four-point alliance will be the cause of downfall of Dr. Bhattarai.

Probably this is the biggest blunder made by him which will end the unity, dignity and prestige of the nation. Just from Sep 09, 2011, the Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai-led government has started to set up a new suicidal separate unit for ’30 million people bulk integration’ of Madhesi people in the army to destroy the norms and unity of Nepal army. The intention of the new PM-Dr. Bhattarai is exposing day by day which will be the cause of his downfall. The pro-Sikkim’s PM Lendub Dorje also joining the hands with the Indira’s government of India used to say that he was honest for the country’s prestige. But, Lendub hand-overed-1975 the sovereign Sikkim to India. So, if Dr. Bhattarai wants to be a good leader, he should remember the quotation-‘Cut your cot according to your cloth’.

It is noted point from the history that the Christian leader is more dangerous than Muslim in Nepal. From the Nepal’s unification-1768, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims were the contributor of greater-Nepal but Christians were chased out. In Nepal, Hindu people respect Muslim and Muslim regards Hindus. But, since the division of India and Pakistan 1947, Hindus and Muslims are blaming and attacking each other. Despite being a Hindu country, Nepal is the most liberal and tolerant non-secular country in the world, But the Christian brokers are involving in Nepal to destroy the Hindu’s identity in the name of the fake Christian imperialism by the help of money-minded Maoist who are Christians.

I think- there are so many problems that there will be no the consensus to complete the peace process and the writing of a constitution among the parties. Another major sticking point is how to integrate thousands of Maoist fighters housed in camps since the nation’s civil war ended in 2006. A proposal to integrate them into the Nepal Army will be failed because Nepal’s Army officers do not want integration of such Maoist’s -ism trained workers. He has declared to abolish the Nepalese National Dress. And then, he is thinking to abolish the national animal-COW and Nepalese national language.

Everybody is writing he is doing such anti-nationalist activities by the hint of RAW and Christian mission. If he will not think to stop the attacking on national identities it will be danger for him also. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, known as a qualified writer seems extremely controversial. So, I suggest him that he must think the future of Nepalese unity, peace and to keep intact the national identities.

I agree that there are supporters in the Maoist party advocating secularism and republic set up, in my opinion it has also some weight. Wouldn’t we be called a foreign broker if we shoulder the agenda that is on the interest of foreigners? Isn’t the increasing foreign activities driven by their sordid motive for federalism, secularism and republic directed to strip Nepal of its dignity? If the Maoists launch a campaign against these issues the foreigners will not remain here. So the pertinent question arises that should the task be to save Nepal or to let it drown by becoming a foreign broker. The Maoists must give the answer.

The Maoists must not forget that in the current scenario the bearer of the nationalist slogan will achieve victory. If the Maoist party is working under the influence of foreign direction to destroy Nepal then it will sag and sink under the pressure. If Nepal is to be developed, then Nepal’s natural resources must be mobilized; the nation’s cultural tradition and values preserved; Nepal’s invaluable natural resources must be utilized and mobilized, it will become one of the most prosperous nations in the world. There is need of a politically sensitive leadership that will uplift the Nepali people on an equal footing, a plan and dedication to achieve this goal. Why aren’t the political leaders and parties heeding these issues?

It is not possible to attain these works on ethnic basis.

This nation will perish if Hindu and Buddhist identity is lost and Christianization overtaken. Nepal consists of hundreds of rivers, fountains, mountains, hills and the plain region of Terai. This land is taken to be a gift of the nature’s bounty. India is expending everything to create a fissure between the regions of mountain, hills and Terai. Then, can we hand-over this beautiful nation to foreigners of culprit designs?

Due to misguided thoughts, Nepal, which is more prosperous than any nations of the world in terms of culture and nature, is sinking in a slough. During the destruction of Sikkim Lendup Dorje was enticed with the prospect of continuity of his sovereign position. Why have the Maoists fallen into such a trap of foreigners? Girija and Madhav Nepal with the prospect of becoming Nepal’s great leaders (? by the Maoists), they betrayed to the Nepali people. Why aren’t the Maoists answering? Despite the open border, cultural similarities, and the cordial relation existing between Nepali and Indian nationals we always feel a threat emanating from the Indian side as ‘Congress’s (I) designs. Why Maoists condoned such a conspicuous issue by falling into the Indian trap?

The defects seen today are the crimes committed by the Maoists. What kind of political system do they want? If they are seeking establishment of a People’s Republic then they should dig their grave yards. The communist leaders of the establishment faction have already carried communist ideology. Communism will disintegrate this nation. How many nations have been disintegrated by the imperialists in name of democracy? If the Maoists do not understand that to choose either Christianization or communism in Nepal is to destroy its identity, the country will slump like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sudan. In Nepal the Maoists are not sincere toward parliamentary democracy.

Since 1950, the Constituent Assembly (CA) has been the Indian agenda. The so-called CA, a ‘Pandora’s Box’, has opened. The Congress and UML, devoid of a firm ideology, became republicans to take the bigger share of the pie. They are without a firm direction whereas Maoists are without a home, or shelter. Talking in terms of the 1950 uprising if we evaluate the points of Delhi agreement and CA, which was being imposed, everything will be clear. For the security of His Majesty Tribhuvan, Royal Nepal Army was stationed at the gate of the royal palace, while the Panjab Army maintained a position inside the palace. Govindanarayan Singh was appointed the chief secretary of His Majesty-Tribhuwan of Nepal. As the chief secretary of the cabinet Murdeshwor, who was also an Indian national, was appointed. Nepal’s legal advisor was another Indian by the name Aangaar while Indian general Sharadanandan Singh was stationed at the then Royal Nepal Army’s headquarters.

The Tribhuvan Highway was constructed by the Indian army, and an Indian army check post was installed at Nepal’s northern border. We can make inference of the pressure of the Indian army, and the subsequent negligence towards Nepal’s sovereign existence. However, the communist political system in China was gaining height; in Nepal nationalist forces were becoming stronger. Seeing this India had to scupper any chances of CA election in view that it was more harmful to Nepali Congress and itself. B.P Koirala had also warned that CA election could disintegrate the nation. However, the miscreants do not even want to listen to such a memorable warning.

The day the Maoists fell into the web of the Indian intelligence; agreed to sign 12-point pact with Congress and UML, and then the Maoist had and has been ambushed. If the Maoist party is to abide by the direction given by Indian intelligence wing ‘RAW’, and tread the path of CA along with NC and UML it will be analogous to a snake catching a mole. ‘If a snake swallows a mole it will rot, if it throws up its eyes will be shut forever,’-(Tulasikrit Ramayan). As per the political analysis the Maoists’ situation corresponds to that of the snake. Why has such a situation occurred?

The Maoist must answer to the people whether or not it wants to tread the path that will save the nation. The Maoists have three options to come out of the current chaos. The first option is to become a Lendup by giving continuity to the current CA, and bearing the slur of being a traitor. The second option is to rebel against the conspiracy hatched by NC, UML and India, and hide its shame. The third option is to join hands with the royal institution by accepting everyone’s existence, and participate in the creation of ‘New Nepal’. The Maoist party has no other options. If the Maoists’ persists with murder, arrogance, terror it will fail. Yesterday, it was believed to be easy to dislodge the royal institution, and strip the state coffer.

However, in practicality it is not as easy as it is easy to utter ‘Republic’. The so-called advocates so-called Loktantra must understand the urgency with which foreigners are working to destroy Nepal. Foreigners have spent money to fuel the tension between regions of Terai, mountain and hill. The various castes and ethnic groups are pumped for ethnic autonomy, which is leading to a federal republic based on ethnicity. This will break Nepal into pieces. It is not that the Maoists are unaware of this fact.

The Maoists used to boast of being a nationalist force. Where is the Maoists’ nationalist mask? The Maoist party must answer to this question. Constitution will not be made through this CA. If the Maoist party is a true nationalist force then it must join hands with the royal institution, which has a history of fighting the imperialists, and adopt the policy of a safe landing. The alternative is to return to the 1990 Constitution to reach the point of solution.

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.