Looking for The Good in Life, Not The Bad

We live our lives from day to day and watch the news and maybe the sports reports but in most lives we do very little exciting. I know there are people who live life just for the exciting things they do and enjoy. But most, just the plain folks, do little other than wake up, go to work and return home every work day.

I also know in this economy many wish for this kind of day again. In this workaholic world wives also have jobs and their lives can be as boring or hectic as any ones job or experience. I know when I worked every day and sometimes for long hard hours it became almost a marathon but it wasn’t always boring.

Under most circumstances most people look for a better life or better way of life. Now in my golden years that seem more gray than golden, I find myself wishing for day’s gone bye… Life wasn’t that boring nor was it as hectic as I then thought I was experiencing.

Life plays with our minds. When we go through tough times it seems the worst experience we have or will ever endure. Then like a new day and all is well again, we continue down the road no worse for our experience and better for having gone through it.. Success and failure come and go and we endure most of life’s vicissitudes’ fairly well.

There are times when we struggle mightily with our trials and tribulations. Losing a friend or family member strains our endurance but in time we again rebound to some form of normality.

Life is and can be enjoyable to those who love life but to those who find life a drag maybe a change of attitude is necessary. I know how those who feel mentally or physically down will hate this expression but there is no better way to change our view than this, “Count Your Blessing.”

Look for the good in life, NOT THE BAD.

Just sit down and remind yourself of how much you really have in life and can count them as a blessing and have gratitude for what you have. Take just two minutes of time and sit down and write about the good in your life. Change your perspective of how you look at life and see a different view of who you really are in this life. Look for the good in life not the bad.

No one is unimportant. I don’t care who they are or what they do they are not unimportant. They are as important as anyone of us who live, breath, and walk and talk.

People drink, take drugs, live immoral lives, some may over eat, or try to just escape, or do what they think is fun, or they feel life owes them something more, or they hate who they are or have become, or they live and think they have failed there tests.

Faith is the fountain of water to a thristy soul.

I have noticed most people who stray from a possible good life lose faith in themselves and in God. Maybe they just can’t muster faith at a given time but that doesn’t mean they are unimportant or not worth our love and attention.

When we see a friend or family member begin to lose hope is when good friends and family members step forward and help. Has anyone ever watched a ship sink? There is no great feeling of despair than seeing a beautiful boat or ship sink into the deep and the lives of men lost trying to save it.

But how many died who were on the ship working to save it before it sunk.

Read the writings about WWII and the Battle of Midway and the Air Craft Carriers of Japan and the U.S. and how men tried so hard to save their ships.

Life is worth more than any ship and needs the same dedication given by the sailors of the Navy toward their beloved vessels.

Watch, listen, and understand when a person is depressed and take time to talk to them or walk an extra mile with one who needs a friend or help.

A Good Samaritan is worth more than their weight in gold. This type of love cannot be feigned or bought.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.