Koch Brothers Involve Themselves in Latino Vote

Democrats don’t have it all their own way with Latinos. A group backed by the Koch brothers, The LIBRE Initiative, undertakes outreach to Hispanics. The initiative is a mechanism for Republicans and conservatives to work with Latinos.

Some think this might worry Hillary Clinton.

According to The Washington Post, Latinos in need are receiving support and community services. This is helping to build relationships with people who are espousing conservative principles.

Nobody knows for sure, but it is suspected the Koch brothers might be behind it.

LIBRE’s executive director, Daniel Garza, told the Post, “Latino celebrities, unions and left-leaning community groups, engage directly with the Latino community. LIBRE has been operating since 2011 in a number of states, including Nevada, Florida, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona with $10 million from, guess who, Charles and David Koch.”


This might be the Republican counterattack to the Democrats, who have been trying to dominate the Latino vote. Various services have been set up by the Koch brothers, including driver’s license classes, tax preparation help, wellness checkups, scholarships, and food giveaways, the Post said.

LIBRE also holds events and they sponsor radio shows espousing conservative principles.

The nonpartisan group, with a right-leaning ideology has 50 employees in seven states. The employees include a number of former Republican staffers and operatives.

The pushback against the democrats appears to have started.

Democrats do not like this at all. The are complaining that the group doesn’t reveal to Latinos that there is a political bias.

It seems they don’t mind their own left-leaning bias, but if the bias is to the other side, it is a bad thing.

On the left side, the Latino Victory Fund is very concerned about LIBRE. They are organizing their own latino gathering in Washington D.C. next week to discuss how to counter what they say is misleading conservative propaganda, according to the Post.

It seems they wan to counter the right-side propaganda with a good dose of left-side propaganda.

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