The State of Israel, For All People Or a Jewish State?

Those who would like to see the state of Israel no longer the Jewish nation’s homeland but a state for all people, I have news for you. Israel is a refuge from all anti-Jew woes in the world. When you are in Ukraine, under Russian siege, it is good to be a Jew. If you flee the shelling, as a Jew, Israel will take you in with open arms.

However, if the Jew-haters became partners to the Land of Israel, as a state for all people, recent history would repeat itself. History showed that on the establishment of the state of Israel, in 1948, Arab and Muslim countries expelled the Jews who lived there for centuries.

The Arabs of Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and Fatah, tell us that they want to see the Jews of Israel in the sea. If they gained enough power, they could expel all the Jews from Israel, confiscate their property and if they had ultimate power, pogroms, the like of 1929, may take place. Jews could be murdered at their will, just as we have seen lately with Arab terrorism that takes its toll in Israel.

This could be the general picture of the land of Israel as a state for all people. The Arabs would import huge numbers of their Arab brethren into the country to become and maintain being the majority. The Jewish population would dilute to nothing.

My question to those Jews who want Israel a state for all people is: exactly where would you and your family like to be expelled to?

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Left-Right never meet – screen shot

Cleverly Mismanaged States

I often say the United States is cleverly mismanaged.

Well, Israel is also cleverly mismanaged.

Mismanaged State of Israel

The government has been cleverly mismanaged for years. It disregards sovereignty and acts according to pro-appeasement enemy policy.

The Attorney General (AG) and the Supreme Court justices cleverly mismanaged their way to a position that they are above the government that represents the people. They and their ideology and political agenda, not the law, rule the land.

The police force is cleverly mismanaged; it is pro Israel’s foe, anti-Jews.

The military has become politicized, which means cleverly mismanaged.

The media constantly incites for the country to be cleverly mismanaged.

Israel’s security apparatus is cleverly mismanaged and inept, unable to stop for once and for all the murderous Arab terror against Jews.

Israel’s cleverly mismanaged politics have made Israel a terror-infested state.

Israel has cleverly mismanaged the freedom of religion allowing the Muslims to use Temple Mount, where the Al Aqsa mosque is located. It is now a religious and political physical and mental-warfare tool against the Jewish population and the Jewish state.

It appears that Israel’s cleverly mismanaged policies are catching up with it and they are closing in on the country from all sides.

If Israel continues to be cleverly mismanaged, brushing all problems under the carpet, and creating failing policies, the Jewish state will see a total collapse.

The Oslo Accords

The day after the Oslo Accords were signed, the Arab side’s signor, terrorist Yasser Arafat, declared intifada on Israel. He totally ignored that the goal of the Accords was to achieve PEACE.

Intifada means a murderous rebellion or uprising, or a resistance. I said and I will say it again and again, the day the first Jew was murdered in the intifada, which Arafat declared while the ink was still wet on the false, worthless Accords that meant to lead to peace, they should have been nullified.

But no, Israel has put up with it and continues to put up with it along the ongoing intifada. They called the murdered Jews “victims of the peace process.” They called the terror launched on Israel “the peace process.” Jews were forced to erect high walls to separate those Arabs from the Jewish population in order to reduce the waves of terror. Israel was then called an “apartheid policy state.”

That all indicates the obvious; a cleverly mismanaged state that does not protect its citizens, exists in a chosen illusion.

Typical traffic flow on the state of Israel's highway
Typical traffic flow on Israel’s highway
The State of Israel, For All People Or a Jewish State? 2
Tel Aviv Park Tzameret W Tower and W Prime Tower-Wikimedia

The Good Life Jews Achieve in Israel Will Disappear

Good life births ingrates.

During the years 2003-2005, Benjamin Netanyahu served the people of Israel as their Finance Minister. During these years he reformed the socialist, failing economy to make it more like capitalistic America. He opened the economy to innovation and incentivization.

Israelis started to experience that good life; life became good. A trip overseas became standard. Dwellings modernized and each family was able to purchase a car or two. They used to say “America is now Israel.” The country’s economy was booming, and the standard of living rose high.

But the remnant socialists did not go away. They turned into the radical Left that hates to see their power and control fading away.

So what do those internal enemies of the people do? They do whatever and however they can to destroy the good life in the country. That is what we now see in Israel. The chaos by the ingrates and the internally anti-Jewish state Jews are running along the line of chaotically cleverly mismanaging the Jewish state.

Current protests in Israel - youtube screen shot
Current protests in Israel – youtube screen shot

The Protests

The protests we are witnessing in Israel, some of which have reached the chaos level, are an embarrassment to a nation that in order to survive must have solid national unity.

A nation that battles inside Islamic-Arab-terrorism trauma should not split either politically or emotionally. But it is doing just that right now.

There are two camps of Jews. One – the right wing coalition – cares for the future of the country, and the other – the chaotic Left – wants it ended.

The Israel of the Jews is not the favorite subject of many people around the world. So many forces are working against the Jewish state and against Jews. Israel and Jews are always the proverbial target of all the world’s afflictions.

Antisemitism is on the rise worldwide. Jews are a constant target. Jews are fleeing anti-Semitic France. American Jews are starting to eye immigrating to Israel because Antisemitism in what was the freest country on earth is now a scary phenomenon. For them and those like them, Israel must offer safe haven.

The Enemy of Your Enemy Is Your Friend

The latest Middle East worry is Iran going nuclear. Iran threatening to wipe the Jewish state off the map is the closest ever to having a nuclear device, a nuclear bomb that can wipe small Israel off the map. But Iran is now also the partner to Russian aggression in Eastern Europe. Nations’ axis is changing. The Europeans are now also worried about a nuclear Iran allied with expansionist Putin-Russia, linked to North Korea and to a certain degree, to China in their backyard.

The Europeans who are not the best friend of Israel see Israel as a bulwark against Iran. The Islamic-Arab Middle East countries, fearing nuclear Iran in their backyard as well, started a new trend with the Abraham Accords. They left their hostility for the Jewish state, Israel, behind, Now they are making strong militarily Israel their ally.

The United States is conducting hyperactive joint military forces training with Israel’s military for a good reason. Iran.

What we need now is to end the social split in Israel. A split that is based on lies, fearmongering, and outside forces. Those outside forces do not like Israel being led by a majority elected conservative-right wing government, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the helm.

The murderous terrorism trend that has escalated in the past few years in Israel must end. If Israel ends being a cleverly mismanaged state it will put an end to the terror it experiences; it will put an end to Iran’s threats; it will make its new axes stronger and the world more stable.

I suggest that the insurrection in the State of Israel must end here.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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