Is US Afraid of Free Enterprise System?

Over the past 100 years this nation has adopted the attitude that makes real conservatives cringe. This attitude tells us that a little bit socialism is probably okay but in general we don’t support it as a standard for our nation.

This little bit is the real stinker because it is like saying the lady is a little bit pregnant and the truth shows up in nine months. A free nation flourishes on the free enterprise system of commerce.

We (Americans) have and enjoy a free enterprise system that is vilified by our socialistic media and politicians as they make it sound like the only thing a free enterprise system does is make the bosses wealthy, they call it Capitalism. They claim free enterprise is greed. (Comment from W. Ross Thatcher- Canada.)

Why are the liberal media and politicians afraid; and what is it they are afraid of?

They are afraid of the Free Enterprise system used and refined in this wonderful Nation. Free enterprise works because it is done by regular folks who want to be successful and happy.

This is why they are afraid because it makes liberal politicians feel insecure and the media with nothing to report that is negative because it works even for them.. Government gives money to various media’s each and every year (American Tax dollars) another dole which addicts even liberal journalists and politicians.

Free Enterprise is not a political party or a political option or a religion but it is very simple to understand.

This system allows you (Joe Bloe) to open a gas station, or a small farmers market or to be a farmer. Free enterprise means the right to be yourself and instead of working for a sordid boss. It allows a person success in small things and in large enterprises.

It will probably require long hours and hard work, which at times makes you wonder if you are happy. What you have or will eventually accomplish as a free enterprise participant is deserved and appreciated because you paid for it.

Free enterprise can be defined by this simple statement. It allows you (Regular person) to be your best self, win or lose.

A free man can own a grocery store, or a service station, or to have a job you don’t like and quit to go to a new better one, or maybe your profession isn’t motivated just for wealth, or class status but you enjoy what you do and you are part of our nation’s free enterprise system which employees 57% of this nations workers. (500 employees or smaller)

Religion understands self respect and integrity and declares idleness or being idle as (contained in Proverbs 19:15) slothfulness.

A free enterprise system gives you the chance to work, buy, sell and live where ever and however you desire to live and work.

Counterfeit Wisdom (socialism) is foolish people who seek for a way to control the freedoms of the people who live in a free society. These people attend universities and law schools to obtain power for their political philosophy.

They consciously conspire to over throw our free thinking society and establish a socialistic system which they claim will bring harmony, happiness, less stress and more strength in an ever shrinking world. (Remember Russia) They preach this doctrine procured from communism and preach it like a Sunday Preacher.

If you don’t agree with socialism, you understand as most American do, is that socialism is a bad habit that many are addicted to, and this habit enables people to be willing to have someone else support them. (Government dole)

This Counterfeit Wisdom is the economic government of a socialist nation. It supports large government and regulates the members of its government as the politicians become all mighty and their power comes from governments extensive regulations on the public which tells you how to live, eat, and how many children you can bring into this world.

If you desire to continue on this nation’s road of (Counterfeit Wisdom) socialism okay so just chill out and let it happen. But if you prefer the Free Enterprise system then take heed and begin by resisting with care the principles of socialism and carry the Banner of American Free Enterprise.

Vote for those who know what free enterprise does and will continue to support it for Citizen Joe Bloe, you the American citizens.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.