Is Reconciliation of Missing Baby Lisa’s Mystery But a Stone’s Throw Away?

Evidence that doesn’t fit. Three cell phones missing. A weeping mother who looks entirely sincere. Surveillance footage of this same mom with a mystery man, buying a case of wine (along with baby items) at the Festival Foods Store. A failed polygraph test? A tampered window, too small to use as means of entry for an intruder (but it is possible). A staged crime scene? The thought enters your head.

The case of missing Baby Lisa Irwin from Kansas City is still not coming together. The last time she was (purportedly) seen was on Monday evening (October 4th), fairly late (10 PM), when her mother, Deborah Bradley, tucked her into bed in her nursery. When her father, Jeremy Irwin, returned home from work (around 2:30 AM), Baby Lisa was gone, the side window was left open, the front door was unlocked, and three family cell phones were missing.

baby lisa
Missing Baby Lisa looking out her window.

The parents have been cooperative with the police, as far as anyone can tell. Oh, there appeared to be a slight breach last weekend, but their cooperation returned. Apparently, the constant drilling from the cops was taking its toll on mom. And rumors of a failed polygraph test could use some clarification. Nonetheless, Deborah Bradley looks utterly innocent and forthright when she weeps before the news cameras. Mother Teresa and all of that!

This fails to explain why a Clay County grand jury has issued subpoenas to all the local network TV stations to get raw footage of interviews with mainly the parents, and anyone else who may know something, such as friends, neighbors, or relatives. You see where this is going. Maybe the parents tripped up in their accounts of the night in question (October 4th).

deborah bradley
Baby Lisa’s mother, Deborah Bradley, has been a perfect portrait of concern and righteous hysteria when in front of the TV cameras.

Maybe the story changes slightly. One little nuance of an inconsistency would unwind the yarn like a catly caper in the yard that’ll never be undone. Friendly mischief that won’t allow the yarn to return to its native spool in a pristine condition. Caught in a lie, as it would be! The problem is, some of the TV stations are not cooperating fully. That is, they have a policy on the books of not releasing raw footage of interviews.

Another curiosity is when Aunt Ashley Irwin (she is a sister of Jeremy Irwin) gave a poignant and revealing interview with ABC. The aunt was confident in her statements, and said quite frankly that there’s no way Deborah would ever do any harm to her Baby Lisa. Ashley also expressed how mortified Deborah was of the cops, in terms of her fear of imminent arrest. Her paranoia is understandable, but how so?

ashley irwin
Aunt Ashley Irwin had some most poignant comments for Good Morning America!

The narcissistic direction of these inward fears are revealing in a psychological sense, but don’t necessarily point to the mother’s guilt. Furthermore, the aunt was quick with her observation, that when the police can’t find any suspect that’s immediately handy, they’ll gravitate towards the usual suspects, which would obviously be the parents. Particularly, the mother. And it is true, there are still some wrinkles in her story.

Why was Deborah buying all this wine with a, as of yet, unidentified man, and on a Monday night no less? Did the police find any traces of this box of wine at their house on North Lister Avenue? And how could a baby kidnapper squeeze through that tiny side window, negotiate several rooms, then grab Baby Lisa, who was resting peacefully in her crib (which was adjacent to her mother’s room)?