Is NATO a Real Savior of Kosovo?

U.S. Ambassador Tracey Ann Jacobson in Pristina Warns Against Establishment of Serbian Republic in Kosovo!

I thank and agree with the US Ambassador, Tracey Ann Jacobson, because she’s absolutely right when warning that the state of Kosovo and the international community, should be careful not to ever allow the formation of the Serbian Republic in Kosovo.

About this eventual peril of establishing Serbian Republic in Kosovo, with my published writings over a decade, I have been warning the government of Kosovo, as well as international community.

However, despite such warnings, this danger is facing Kosovo and the international community. Serbs have emerged in local elections (December 3, 2013), after winning, Krstimir Pantic (Governor of North Kosovo), stated to Serbian mass media that in 9 Kosovo municipalities with Serbian majority, Serbs will never recognize the independent state of Kosovo but only Belgrade and Serbia. Such Serbian neocolonial political projections will come to expression after the formation of the Association of Serb Municipalities, which then will announce the referendum on the separation of Kosovo territory. Thus, it will happen, if persistent expression comes in preventive diplomacy of the United States, the European Union and NATO.

Such a political objective will be the outcome of the infamous Thaci – Dacic Agreement, concluded in Brussels on 19 April 2013 which isn’t any kind of normalization of relations of Serbia with Kosovo. This is just a Serbian political and diplomatic flirt and propaganda of Belgrade, nothing more or less. This danger of creating Serbian Republic ( Republika Srpska) has been proven and statements by Prime Minister Ivica Dacic and President Tomislav Nikolic and their minister Alexander Vulin after these local elections in Kosovo. Serbs won’t recognize the legal institutions of Republic of Kosovo but only Serbia because according to them and the Constitution of Serbia (2006 ) “Kosovo is a province of Serbia.” Although this is a big lie, Belgrade and Moscow are not giving up on Kosovo, considering it as the “legal territory” of Serbia.

This lie also was confirmed by the Russian ambassador in Belgrade, Alexander Chepurin who said “Kosovo is Serbia, NATO is an atavism.”

I would say the opposite, the undeniable truth that NATO is not any “atavism,” but the real savior of Kosovo and over 2 million Albanians of Kosovo from Serbian aggression and genocide of Slobodan Milosevic (1989-1999).

This is atavism and barbarism against unprotected Albanians and Kosovo, where Serbian military, paramilitary and police forces have massacred over 20 thousand innocent people (women, pregnant women, men, children and babies), over two thousand women have been raped, over 1800 people recorded as still missing. U.S. Ambassador Tracey Ann Jacobson’s warning should be taken very seriously as Kosovo authorities and the international community must not allow the establishment of the eventual Serbian Republic (Republika Srpska) in Kosovo. Otherwise, they would be faced with the partition of the territory of Kosovo from Serbia, which will be supported by Russia and its international allies.

Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.