Is It Jessica Ridgeway’s Body in Pattridge Park, Which is in Arvada, Colorado?

A barrage of data. Some of it false. Mass hysteria! Focus back on Arvada, Colorado. Is the body found at Pattridge Park in Arvada that of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway? Little Jessica never made it to Chelsea Park last Friday morning, where she was suppose to meet with friends to walk to school, Witt Elementary. ABC has sources confirming the body discovered at Pattridge Park is Jessica’s. My own naivete (in believing what I read in the news) will coax me into thinking it’s true!

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I erred yesterday in saying this mysterious ‘Candy Man’, we’ve been hearing so much about, was trolling Witt Elementary in the early part of September. Well, he could have been working this school, but the actual sightings of this creep, who was attempting to lure kids with the promise of candy (a commonly used scam of sexual predators, I heard about way back in the mid-1960s), were at Warder and Fitzmorris Elementary(s), which are located in Arvada. Eureka!

Now I’m connecting some dots! Jill McGranahan, Public Information Coordinator for the Arvada Police Department, conducted a phone interview with Nancy Grace last night, where she clarified these troubling incidents implicating this predator, who I’ve been calling the Candy Man, as someone who has been identified by witnesses, as caring out this scam of allurement of naive children with candy. The dates I heard for Warder and Fitzmorris are September 9th and September 12th, probably not too terribly long after school resumes, after the summer break.

So, we have a good sketch of this man and a description of his car, a four door sedan, royal blue in color, mid-nineties model, with dents on passenger side of rear door, and rear wheels are covered with skirts. We’re coming fairly close to identifying this predator, I should think. If Jessica Ridgeway’s body is the one found in Arvada yesterday, then the significance of this suspect, who was combing the grounds of elementary schools in Arvada, is suddenly and dramatically increased exponentially!

My instincts were right over the last few days, I’m a Sherlock bloodhound for sure, but I made some grievous mistakes, having been bombarded with too much data, and not enough time to sift the trough of falsehood, and leads that drive you up a tree of untruth and hopeless/helpless obfuscation. Well, I should say, I’m still there, you’re still there, ‘cuz we don’t know what really happened here, either with Jessica or with this phantom we’ll dub the Candy Man?

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It’s awful scary, though! Such as these sightings up in Maine with a light blue station wagon with Colorado tags. At least two witnesses swear up and down they saw Jessica in the back seat. Just about everyone in the United States would swear on their mother’s grave this was, in fact, the real Jessica Ridgeway (this would have to include myself). Now, I strongly suspect this is wrong! Jessica never left Colorado. The clusters of evidence in Arvada point back to these earlier incidents, involving a man relentlessly pursuing children in this area.

It doesn’t take a huge leap of faith to be convinced he simply drove up the road a ways and started practicing his unoriginal MO in Westminister, which is just 6 or 7 miles away from Arvada. I suspect he lives in Arvada, or very close to that area. I betcha he grew up there and has family there. I also am convinced he took on his pathos or disease right there. I’m not a professional criminal profiler, but I’ve studied enough cases to be an instructor in CP 101. Don’t need school for everything.