Is American Family Slowly Disappearing as Basic Unit of Society?

We live in a day in time that causes men’s hearts to fail and women to seek after the same burdens and the responsibilities, of a man, a father, the protector and provider for their families. What is happening to the men in this United States?

There should be a system of accountability for men who get married that would dedicate them by taking an oath to be the provider, protector and to be true and loyal to their wives and children.

There is a duty for men, which is so often over looked and forgotten by men, that could end many family problems if they could just live up to responsibilities of a husband and father.

Most women, unless they are single minded or just dislike the brotherhood of the male good old boy system, desire to have children and raise a family. There are always those who search another life style but for the most part they do very well as mothers.

Our basic unit of our society is the family and it is slowly disappearing. Man was born physically larger, more powerful, and has been given the skills to provide, protect, and defend their families.

Fathers should never use stringent corporal punishment to correct a child’s actions.. A thump on the head or a stern look, or maybe a swat on the rear could be useful but never physical abuse.

In this age of the degrading criticism of men in general, indicates the problem that men are failing as the patriarch’s, husbands, and fathers, in their homes.

Men are selling their integrity to satisfy the media, television programs and commercials which give the impression men are bumbling fools, and are sex starved bodies with little or no common sense.

Why is it that very few men see this connection, the networks of television are working hard to degrade the status of men in our nation? Now the government is taking another step and allowing women to fight battles in the military.

Not only do they degrade men but they degrade the role of women as well indicating to the world God’s plan for women is out dated..

This absolutely downgrades women and men see them more like another man than woman.

This sounds much like the Russians who were the socialists; stressing comrade loyalty and letting women fight their battles, working in factories, and leaving the state (government) to educate the children.

Now in Russia you see women trying to become the beautiful women of the world, and they think and act sexy and display their beauty as the standard of a free society.

The homes in America were bustling domains full of love and happiness; now maybe one in 100 is the old typical family. Children are finding life difficult and many are left to the schools and councilors to give life a direction. Former communist nations cannot look at the United States as the model of a free society.

Children are ignored by parents, and go to schools without nourishing food in their homes because the woman in the house is at work and there is no one home to nuture this family, which is often a single minded unit…

Schools need more food and more help to administer their new role and they are asking people in the school district to donate food, supplies and even clothing for the children in their schools.

They even send food home with the children because there is little to eat at home and no mom to watch what her children are doing.

Homes are broken up in almost record numbers setting a fast pace and a terrible price is being paid by the children and our future society. .When and how will end? It may never end and the incest, rape; homo sexuality will just escalate as time continues to tick away.

I have grand children and great grand children and their future is not bright nor will it be if these trends continue. The good laws set forth in God’s law to man (10 commandments) are ignored and most of the people grow up in darkness pertaining to the laws of God.

This is not Russia nor is it a third world country, yet. This is the land of the free and brave who have forgotten how to be good God fearing people. We ignore what is happening in our lives like we think it is going to go away.

The only way this will ever go away is if we make it go away. Sex is not a play thing nor is it used to gain happiness. Children are being destroyed not only with abortions but by the destroying agents called people who do not accept responsibility for their actions that affect our future generations.

The family is dwindling away and we think more about climate change than we think how to save the American Family. Al Gore, do you want to do a great work other than climate control and change? Stop your green peace campaigning on climate change and get people aware of the family death rate and how it can be cured.

If it isn’t solved we won’t be worth saving by fixing the climate. The grass will be green but who will be left to enjoy it?

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.