Iran Violates Nuclear Agreement With Ballistic Missile Test

It was only a few months ago that Obama was applauding the nuclear deal with Iran. The international community’s aim for the talks, which had gone on for years, was to prevent Iran creating nuclear weapons.

As part of the agreement, Iran could convert its deep Fordo plant into a science research center, cut back the Natanz plant and rebuuild the Arak reactor.

There are existing UN resolutions that ban Iran from testing ballistic missiles. A 2010 Security Council resolution was set in place until a more “valid” agreement with the six world powers is implemented. The resolution has not been repealed, so it is still in effect.

But that has never stopped Iran before.

As expected by many, Iran has wasted no time violating the nuclear deal. Critics of the deal said they did not trust Iran to stick to any agreement they made, because they have never stuck to any previous agreement.

Early this week, it was reported that Iran breached two U.N. Security Council resolutions. Iran did that by testing a new medium-range ballistic missile on 21st November, according to two anonymous U.S. officials. It was reported, and apparently verified, that one of the missiles traveled outside Iranian territory.

Fox News, citing “Western intelligence sources” reported that the ballistic missile test was held near Chabahar close to Iran’s border with Pakistan, back in November.

As critics expected, the Obama administration has kept this very quiet.

The nuclear deal with Iran, which has not actually been signed, was reached on July 14 this year. According to that deal, most of the economic sanctions previously imposed on Iran are to be lifted, in exchange for Iran curbing its nuclear program. A week later another agreement stipulated that “called upon” Iran to refrain from work on ballistic missiles for up to eight years.

In October, the US, Britain, France and Germany requested the Security Council take immediate action on a previous ballistic missile test, because Tehran’s actions violated U.N. sanctions.

The result has been what critics expected – no action at all.

So much for the much-vaunted nuclear deal.

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