Iran- Solana Incentives: An Engineered ‘Cat and Mouse Game’?

“Iran reiterated on Tuesday that any demand to suspend uranium enrichment would cross its “red line,” after world powers offered Tehran incentives in return for halting the controversial nuclear work.”

“We have said several times that uranium enrichment is Iran’s red line and we must have this technology,” Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Reza Sheikh Attar said, quoted by the state IRNA news agency.” AFP

This statement is almost a deja vu which reflects a parallel to the letter written by the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini, at least two decades ago , reflecting his ardent desire for a “powerful war machine” that could over power other rivals;

This letter was written by Khomeini immediately after he received a “catastrophic” report by his Guards commanders that they will definitely lose in any war, with the military capability limitations of the Islamic state.

Ahmadinejad nuke revelations predetermined cat and mouse game to get the bomb.
Predetermined cat and mouse game to get the bomb.

“In the future 5 years, we will not have any victory. We might have a possibility to carry out destructive operations and carry out counter offensives through apparatus which we acquire within 5 years. If, by the end of 71 we have 350 brigades, 2500 tanks, 3000 cannons, 300 battle aircrafts and helicopters, and then the ability to build considerable amount of laser and nuclear weaponry, which is the necessity (FOR VICTORY) in that period of time, we could say that, God willing, we’ll be able to carry out an offensive, operation”

Reviewing facts only highlight a catastrophic mistake repeated over and over, by so called European “appeasers.” The same policy of appeasement which emboldened Hitler leaving millions dead and maimed and billions in ruin is proving wrong once again. This time how ever the “collateral damage” caused by appeasement will affect every one of us, world side instantaneously.

The Iranian regime is steadfast in acquiring the Bomb and portrays no sign implying the contrary. It began the project as early as 1981 and will not back down. As depicted in Khomeini’s letter to his commander in chief, the tyranny has no other option on the table other than a “killing machine “powerful enough” to keep the State afloat.

Press reaction of recent visit of Mr. Solana to Iran, was a combination of bitter mockery and a reflection of a predetermined decision to engineer a “cat and mouse game” that will provide the Mullahs enough time to realize their ambition.

– Jam e Jam media; “the package of the 5+1 does not open the way to a solution as it is still asking for the suspension of enrichment.”

– Kayhan: “The 5+1 package is once again an empty one,”

We might manage dodging facts and realities surrounding this issue, but we can not turn a blind eye to the painful and insulting comment by president Ahmadinejad who recently slammed the door on the EU by rejecting the packet of incentives. He very bluntly said Western pressure had failed to stop Iran’s nuclear program from advancing and that mullahs had “gained victory” and their “enemies” could not do a “damned thing.”

There is another antagonizing fact:

Illegal nuclear activities of Tehran had long been disclosed by the Iranian opposition (PMOI/MEK), but were neglected by policy makers.

Iranian president Ahmadinejad himself reiterated in an interview; “The nuclear issue in its new form began in the beginning of the summer of 2002, when the Monafeqin [the term used by the Iranian regime to describe the (PMOI/MEK), published a report on Natanz and Arak nuclear sites. The International Atomic Energy Agency got involved… and resolutions were adopted one after the other

On 24 February 2008 the same group (PMOI/MEK) announced in a press conference that Iranian regime’s nuclear weapons program has entered from “Readiness” to “Deployment” phase by establishing a center for command and control to obtain a nuclear bomb.

Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the NCRI revealed that a new center known as “Field for Expansion and Deployment of Advanced Technologies” has been setup since April 2007 in Lavizan-2 site to replace the old center which was established in 2004.

A brief look at some revelations organized by the Iranian opposition

14 August 2002:

The opposition exposed that a huge underground nuclear site is under construction near Natanz, while providing details of the site such as the exact address it disclosed the pretext under which this extensive project was under way; “It was to be portrayed as if the government was eradicating the desert for new habitation.”

The Iranian regime denied the information and delayed IAEA inspectors’ visits to the site. The site was finally inspected in 2003 and centrifuge machines were found at the site.

14 August 2002:

The NCRI, exposed a heavy water production plant in operation in the city of ARAK. Iranian authorities declined to respond until several days later, when it managed to remove some installations, rebuilt segments of the buildings of the site and removed the top layer soil of the plant. Iran stalled IAEA visit until alterations had finished. Later comparing satellite pictures proved the NCRI revelations as accurate.

20 February 2003:

The PMOI revealed a centre for testing centrifuge machines and repairing parts in Abali, which operated under the pretext of an Electrical company. Upon visiting the factory, IAEA inspectors found traces of highly enriched uranium.

15 May 2003

During the Khatami’s presidency, the Ministry of Defense formed a new biological weapons center to work on a biological bomb.

That was called Malek Ashtar University, based in Lavizan-Shian Technological Research Center. The Iranian regime razed the building saying that Tehran Municipality owned the property and decided to turn this military site into a park!

Considerable delay in the inspections allowed Tehran to raze the entire site and remove soil.


The nuclear site in Lashkar Abad, near Karaj was exposed. The name of the company that did the construction (the front company used), Nour Afza Gostar. Tehran first showed the IAEA a nearby site to prove the NCRI wrong; however, they eventually showed the IAEA the real site.

As the result of revelations and the final visit of the inspectors, Tehran had to stop operations at that site.

8 July 2003

The PMOI revealed centrifuge operations carries in Kolahdouz site where the Defense Industry Organization hid a number of containers related to the pilot facility in a warehouse about 2,000 square meters.

The site was visited by the IAEA on 5 October 2003. The September 2, 2005 report of the IAEA, states that “the Agency found no nuclear related activities at Kolahdouz.”

It turned out that by the time the inspections took place, the regime had moved the containers, and IAEA inspectors were taken to a similar area in the vicinity.

19 November 2003

The role of military units and the Revolutionary Guards in uranium enrichment was revealed, in which they had dedicated a several hundred million dollar budget for the project.

IAEA visit testified that a major portion of the centrifuge production is done by the Ministry of Defense, whereas Tehran had claimed that activities had a peaceful nature.

28 April 2004

NCRI exposed the dedication of 400 nuclear experts to the Military Industries, exposing the new Center for Readiness and New Defense Technology (Lavizan 2). Tehran refused to allow inspections of this site. It appeared that the equipment from the razed Lavizan site has been moved to this site.

10 September 2004

16 billion dollars was dedicated to nuclear technology, purchase and smuggling of Deuterium from Russia, details of the Atomic Energy Organizations’ front companies was exposed in a conference by the NCRI.

No action was taken to stop the smuggling of deuterium.

17 November 2004

PMOI exposed a new activity, Laser Enrichment at the Center for Readiness and New Defense Technology (Lavizan 2), the equipment from razed Lavizan site had been moved to this site for new operations.

2 December 2004

NCRI exposed Tehran’s program for long range missiles and production of nuclear and chemical warheads, at Hemmat Missile Industries.

3 February 2005

Details pertaining to Polonium 210, Beryllium and the names of the units and experts that were working on the project in Lavizan 2, as well as a front company, Majd Gostar were exposed by the NCRI.

24 March 2005

NCRI Exposed the laser enrichment center in a hidden tunnel in Parchin.

Tehran refused to allow complete inspection of the site.

9August 2005

NCRI revealed that the mullahs had produced some 4000 centrifuge machines installed in Natanz, without declaring them to the IAEA.

18 August 2005

It was revealed that the Mullahs had produced thousands of centrifuges in military industries, none of which have been declared to the IAEA.

The Agency did not react. IAEA spokesman mark Gwozdecky told Bloomberg News “We will follow up on all credible leads… “We are assessing this just as we do all information.”

25 August 2005

It was revealed that the regime had tried to smuggle Tritium from South Korea, a substance that could be used to boost nuclear explosions in atomic weapons.

The IAEA declined to comment but South Korea later confirmed Iran had attempted to acquire tritium.

25 August 2005

Meeting between Abdul Qadeer Khan, and commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in 1986 and 1987 in Tehran; was exposed, and later it was disclosed that Tehran was reengineering the nuclear capable cruise missile Kh-55 secretly obtained from Ukraine.

16 September 2005

NCRI revealed that Iran had built several tunnels, some in the military sites including Parchin, to hide its nuclear weapons program.

10 January 2006

Iranian Regime executed plans to start uranium enrichment at the Natanz site. This was revealed in press conference and denied by the Iranian authorities.


So far the NCRI has held at least 150 press conferences in relation to mullahs’ activities.

As clear as it may seem, much had been exposed and hardly taken seriously. This time, states of events have evolved into a new phase and developments would take a new velocity to be effected. Unfortunately any wrong step would have world wide consequences.

The big Qestion is: When will the world community have to pay for mistakes of appeasers?